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4 Huge Vitamin D Studies Show Harm, or No Benefit

Robyn Openshaw - Updated: March 18, 2024 - - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Tens of thousands of people profit from telling you to take Vitamin D pills, in North America.

You should know that the 25,D test your doctor may order in your labs each year does not give you any relevant or complete picture of your overall Vitamin D status.

Not without doing a 125,D lab test as well, which nobody’s practitioner orders.

So getting a 25,D test is like trying to measure the amount of olive you have, by counting the number of olives you have in a jar in the fridge and calling it your total olive storage …

… even though you also have jars of olives in your pantry and cases of olives in your cold storage in the basement.

The two compounds found in Vitamin D pills are identical to the active ingredient in rat poison, which kills a small animal in a week or so, due to rapid depletion of the calcium channels in the rat.

It will also make your dog or cat very sick, if she eats the rat poison.

Probably due to all the public awareness, now rat poison is made sometimes with cholecalciferol, or “Vitamin D”--

– but also sometimes Warfarin, a drug humans are prescribed against blood clotting. Either way, they kill the rat, and they’ll make your dog or cat very sick if they eat it.

I don’t know the effect on calcium in the human body, of people taking daily Vitamin D pills, since nobody is doing that research.

But we do have epidemic levels of osteoporosis and osteopenia, and don’t take my word for any of this, check out the medical journal articles I’ve compiled for you, related to (a) how the sausage is made, the sausage meaning those “vitamin” pills everyone thinks they need; (b) what it will do to your dog, if she eats rat poison that is the same thing that’s in your “Vitamin D”; and (c) any of the studies I’ll link you to, showing harm from taking even the recommended daily dose.

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I know there are meta-studies showing positive effects of higher Vitamin D levels, but they look to me to be highly manipulated, and not related to actually taking the pills.

The studies showing a benefit are curating studies that show higher levels of D in the blood as being correlated to better outcomes, but this may be because when you’re sick with various illnesses, you tend to deplete your Vitamin D reserves.

And most analysis leaves out the studies showing harm—plus, the studies showing benefit don’t explore causation versus correlation, which is incredibly important. The studies I’m about to tell you about link TAKING VITAMIN D PILL–to actual harm.

Now people who take Vitamin D pills get very defensive—because if they take it, they want it to be a good thing. But, where have we seen this before? Where our friends who got a certain pharmaceutical product don’t want to hear about it, when it turns out that product was harmful?

I don’t have some product to sell you instead. I do not believe Vitamin D is best obtained from a pharmaceutical product or a pill bottle.

I believe from my research that at least 99% of us have plenty of natural cholecalciferol our bodies make; I believe that the hype around mass deficiency is false; and I believe that you don’t have to be obsessive about sunbathing to get enough of it. All of that from the actual evidence, not just me making it up.

Further, I believe it’s contradictory to logic, and Nature, and the evidence, to think that you have to have a pharmaceutical product made from the grease of sheep’s wool, to have optimal levels of Vitamin D, or the very powerful secosteroid hormone known as cholecalciferol.

Be sure to check out my sources, regarding how cholecalciferol is made, and regarding the studies nobody tells you about regarding health risks, regarding what rat poison is made out of, and regarding what happens to your pet if she eats cholecalciferol.

I also link you to meta analyses, which are the studies that survey many other published studies, on what the effect is of taking Vitamin D. While many people who believe taking this supplement (which is actually a drug) has positive evidence behind it, I found in PubMed:

A review of 22 breast cancer studies showing HIGHER breast cancer incidence in those who supplement with Vitamin D and those who have higher overall Vitamin D status.

A review of 3,930 studies showing no difference for bone fractures, for people taking Vitamin D.

A review of 52 studies showing no difference in all-cause mortality for those taking Vitamin D.

A review of 10 cancer studies showing slightly lower death from cancer, but no difference in how many were diagnosed with cancer, in the group taking Vitamin D.

If you can dispute any of this, please show me the study that actually investigates Vitamin D levels as CAUSATIVE, rather than CORRELATED, to any disease state.

It appears to me that when you have high inflammation in the body, you also tend to have low D levels—but, taking Vitamin D pills doesn’t do anything good for your inflammation.

Photograph of Robyn Openshaw, founder of Green Smoothie GirlRobyn Openshaw, MSW, is the bestselling author of The Green Smoothies Diet, 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and 2017’s #1 Amazon Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller, Vibe. Learn more about how to make the journey painless, from the nutrient-scarce Standard American Diet, to a whole-foods diet, in her free video masterclass 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.

4 Huge Vitamin D Studies Show Harm, or No Benefit

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