{VIDEO} 3 Fats That Hurt, 3 Fats That Heal

“Fat-free” means “healthy,” right?

Actually…nothing could be further from the truth.  I’m still trying to undo the destructive psychology from the  fat-free obsession in the 80’s.

Remember how fat-free margarine became a “healthier” substitution for butter, and coconut oil got blacklisted?

Yes, there are unhealthy fats, but there are fats that heal you, too!  These healthy fats fight aging and fatigue, help manage your moods, and even control your weight.

Watch my video I just made to show you the difference!

[And here’s that link to the free Video Masterclass I mention at the end. Learn how to use food to heal your gut, stop inflammation, eliminate food addictions, and more–without breaking the bank or being a weirdo about eating, in social situations!]


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  1. Just a head’s up Robin. In minute 2:33, you say about Coconut Oil, to “replace it WITH any other oil 1/1″…. instead of “replace any other oil WITH coconut oil 1/1”. Most of us who watch this video are in the know and understand what you’re saying. My suggestion is to replace that part of the video, very confusing for someone trying out your suggestions for the first time.

  2. Hello
    I have 2 questions please: 1- is organic vegetables oil bad? 2- extra virgin coconut oil has a very strong and acquired taste and smell , what do you recommend? Thanks

    1. organic junk food is still junk food! that’s your first q. to the second q, when it tastes coconutty that’s because it’s really clean and fresh and cold pressed, which is best! i’d still rather see you using a more refined coconut oil (which will be more flavorless) than junky fats that are bad for you, though, if the smell/taste of the good stuff doesn’t resonate with you.

      1. i like cold pressed avocado oil, organic, we didn’t cover EVERY good oil, just an example from each healthy CLASS of oils. 🙂

      2. avocado oil is a very fragile fat, so i wonder about the supply chain, but it’s a very healthy fat! i’d rather eat it right out of the peel, myself, but it’s lovely in a salad dressing and good for you! i was just giving examples from healthy CLASSES of fats.

  3. Thank you so much. Didn’t know to buy Olive oil green. Thanks for teaching us and sharing your Knowledge. God Bless you and your family.

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