8 Foods You Think Are Healthy But They Aren’t!

It’s easy to assume that a food is good for you if it is advertised as health-promoting, or is sold in a health food store.  Turns out that a lot of the foods marketed to us for YEARS as “healthy,” are long on hype and short on facts.

Check out my video above about 8 foods you may think are “healthy” but the evidence shows they AREN’T.

How many of these do YOU eat on a regular basis? If your answer is ZERO, you get 100 GreenSmoothieGirl points! 100 more if you drink your quart of green smoothie every day!

And about food #8:  I’d love to send you a FREE printable chart ranking the good, bad, and ugly of sugar substitutes. You’ll learn which ones to avoid, which ones to use, and exactly how to use them.  Get it here–my gift to you!

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    1. hi rebecca, i don’t know that brand….but if the ingredients say organic stevia, you should be fine. Truvia is molecularly altered, not the natural plant.

    1. yes. we do the discount to offset…..but the sad thing is, we’ve all been given so much processed, fillered, genetically modified, reductionist food and supplements that when someone makes something really QUALITY it does seem expensive. it’s super expensive to be sick too. hope you can give them a try.

  1. Love what you said about soy – I know so many people who eat a ton of soy products thinking that they are being so healthy! I have to admit – I am a bit of a sucker for yoghurt… but only the unsweetened kind! I never eat the flavoured stuff, only plain, unsweetened yoghurt 🙂

    1. Soy is misunderstood and unfairly maligned when one knows what soy is good. I have been using a particular soy protein powder which is water-washed, not alcohol washed, for nearly 4 decades and I am the healthiest person I know. The benefit of soy for breast health is considerable. If you want another view of soy, let me know so I can provide you with the research I have.

  2. I’m back and I love all this wonderful information. that will help me achieve my ideal weight. Looking forward in teaching these wonderful GSGlife classes along with doterra. yay!, ?Thank you for all yoiur hard work, Teresa

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