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You Can Lose Weight and Save Money Too?

Robyn Openshaw - May 06, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

So many people think that to lose weight they have to spend a lot of money.

And there are certainly ways to spend a lot in that process. It’s a mega-billion-dollar industry, and there are plenty of people lining up to take your hard-earned paycheck!

But today, I wanted to share with you a few tips about how you can keep your money in your wallet while losing weight, pretty painlessly. (The advice I’m giving you is cheap, too. With this and $0.25, you can buy a phone call!)

But, all joking aside, in my early years (just like you, maybe) I tried lots of diets and going to diet centers and all that. Then I learned how to lose it and keep it off in inexpensive, healthy ways.

As I mention in this video, I also want to share with you the story of Lee and Kristen and how their family of four was able to save money in healthcare costs by switching over to a daily green smoothie in place of sugar and processed food. Check it out. It is so inspiring!

And while on the subject of losing weight and saving money with green smoothies, check out this other story from Mike who dramatically decreased his cholesterol levels by choosing green smoothies and fitness over statin drugs.

Give us your best bits on YouTube or the blog if you’ve lost weight and it was SUPER CHEAP to do so. We’re especially applauding you if you used principles of good health, rather than gimmicks, and if you KEPT IT OFF!

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  1. That’s a great review. On balancing losing weight and saving money concentrating on health is the most essential.

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