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Why I Love Young Moms

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jul 03, 2015

When I put GreenSmoothieGirl.com up in 2007, I was a married mother of 4 young kids. The oldest was 13, and the youngest was 6. Life changes, and sometimes it feels it’s at the speed of light. Parents often say to each other, “Where does the time go?” The purpose of the site was to share my story of switching from the Standard American Diet to a whole-foods diet. I wanted to share the good news of the powerful changes in my life. I hope my story and what I’ve learned have been of value to other parents. Young moms don’t know the power they have. This video is my love letter to you, now that I’m an older mother of adults and teens.

Robyn Openshaw

Posted in: Parenting

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