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What’s the Best Diet in the World?

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 08, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

One of the most freeing things I’ve ever done is to STOP DIETING. Over 20 years ago.

Like you, I’ve been subjected to a barrage of media touting every new diet. The diet business is BIG business. Like, more-than-$1-billion-a-year big. And there have to be NEW fads to feed the machine.

I’m passionate about reminding you to use your critical thinking skills in judging all the food fads out there because too many people are suffering, and even dying, following really bad food and diet advice.

My videos lately have been about diet fads, including this new one, which might be the most important one I’ve done lately.

What are diet fads? It’s where somebody glamorizes a specific food or group of foods, convinces you that it’s the best and only way to lose weight, and, of course, sells you a book and some products in the meantime.

Now, they may totally drink their own Kool-Aid. They probably think that eating X in copious amounts is THE reason they lost 50 pounds. But, remember this, if it’s the only thing you remember here . . . it’s never just one thing when it comes to health improvement or weight loss.

People who “go on a diet” almost always start exercising, too. They begin to do their emotional work. In short, they turn over a new leaf. And lots of good stuff starts happening.

If you ate an orange every day while you lost that 50 pounds, you might be tempted to tell your friends that they should go on the Orange Diet. Are they served, then, by eating 6 oranges and drinking nothing but orange juice, for a year?

What if we stick to what we KNOW about diet, what’s been extensively studied and works for millions of people? In this video, I share with you what the healthiest, most long-living, happiest, and ideal-weight populations of the world are eating. I hope you enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Diet in the World?”

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  1. John Schumacher says:

    Excellent video Robyn!

    What is also interesting is the emotional and spiritual motivation/reasons for eating: Sometimes people eat too much because they are trying to fill up both their stomach AND their heart (visualize this idea… someone’s heart is empty, so they eat and eat to feel “filled up” – when they would be more balanced with a heart/spiritual practice AND a SELF-compassionate “practice” of healthy eating.)

    The Spiritual side of eating is this: YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE, a sacred creation, an “earthen vessel”. You body is a physical “Temple” into which you may invite the Light and Presence of a loving, radiant, compassionate, totally-accepting Creator. This Divine energy “teaches the heart within and our emotions to eat as an act of self-compassion to ourselves, out of a loving desire to create a healthy and vibrant Temple for the Light and the Loving Presence of the Divine, within our very own heart and body.

    It is said: “The Kingdom of God is within you” and through a practice of stillness and RECEIVING Divine compassion and Light into one’s heart, You will “fill your heart up first” …and then fill your stomach. You learn by experiencing joy and serenity and total loving-kindness, a new self-compassion and desire to eat that evolves to where eating becomes a sacred act. No more diet as an act of deprivation, but eating the best possible nutrition as an act of self-care – care of your very own Living Temple – the living miracle that is your body.

    “Spiritual nutrition” is obtained in a daily practice (even just 20 minutes) – we eat daily, drink water daily, of course we will find wellness if we fill our hearts – daily – as well. If we remember to recharge our cell phones each day, why neglect to RECEIVE, recharge and replenish our own heart and mind with spiritual energy? The benefits are life-changing. Radiant living, radiant energy, and radiant bodies.

    Thanks again for all your videos and sharing your wisdom!

  2. I was just listening to a recording on the Blue Zones this morning!!! So very interesting 🙂

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