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What I Did About My Skin Cancer

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 28, 2015 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

A skin cancer treatment no dermatologist will tell you about!

I was in a TV studio last week filming a segment about green smoothies, and the ladies who did the segment before me were dermatologists along with a company selling skincare products. When I told them this story . . . well, let’s just say I received the Look of Death. “Disapproval” would be a word far too mild.

They were less than pleased that I didn’t think spraying yourself with chemicals was helpful to your health. (This video talks about what kind of sunscreen I DO use if I have to be out too long.)

Disclaimer: please consult with a trusted healthcare professional before you make any decisions for yourself. I do not give health care advice. This is my story and I do not suggest you do what I did. It’s not for everyone. You should, however, know your options, the pros and cons.

To Your Health!

Robyn Openshaw

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31 thoughts on “What I Did About My Skin Cancer”

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  1. Jan Henriksen says:

    Still have not found where to get this salve?

  2. Marie says:

    I would also like to know where to order the Black Salve and Sangre de Drago!

    1. The product is called Cansema and she purchases it from Brazil.

  3. elaina says:

    We did find it on the internet, and used it about a year ago. You can go to and look up Black Salve with DMSO. That’s the stuff I use. They have an after care product that they suggest you get to go with it; we did, and had great luck with it. FYI: what we found is that if you put it on something that is not cancerous, nothing happens. If it is, it will start a reaction.

    1. kristine says:

      Thank you Elaina – this is so helpful!

    2. Jan Henriksen says:

      Is this where Robyn orders hers?

      1. The product is called Cansema and she purchases it from Brazil.

  4. mshilaryd says:

    I did some additional looking around. There is a lot of bad press out there about black salve. Please check it out before you try this stuff. sample:

    [–]Hapax_Legoman 826 points 1 year ago
    It’s worth mentioning whenever this comes up that so-called “black salve” is not something you should put on your skin. It’s what’s called an escharotic; that is, it’s a chemical that destroys tissue to the point where the body sloughs it off.
    The active ingredient in “black salve” is nothing more complicated than zinc chloride, a powerful corrosive that destroys skin and underlying tissues if left in contact.
    If you have a wart, go see a doctor. Do not purchase or use “black salve.” It will only make the problem worse.

    1. Jacky Manchester says:

      I think you have been listening to scare tactics. I have used black salve many times and yes, it burns off the lesion and sometimes leaves a scar, but you are healed. I have used the products from best on earth and they are good. I do not hesitate to use the black salve even thought it hurts, and burns and may cause a scar. I know that when the lesion is gone, its gone and won’t come back. I have the spots to prove it. I am 78 yrs old and am not afraid of this product. I am afraid of doctors.
      And also regarding warts: I have been told by those who have done this, that putting duct tape over the wart and leaving it there for a time, the when you remove the tape, the wart comes too, and without any pain or scarring.

      1. Robyn says:

        Jacky, thanks for weighing in. We got some hate mail, from people inside the medical profession who apparently didn’t WATCH my video that specifically says I am recommending NOTHING, just stating what **I** did about my own skin cancer. Which I should have the right to share. THOUSANDS have used black salve, for many, many years. I got a scab on my leg, twice, in the past year, and have a scar from both. So if you have skin cancer, ANY treatment that removes it has the potential for scarring. Of course it does. But it’s not witch doctor stuff and it’s not illegal and it’s not unethical to point out that the medical profession was UNABLE to get rid of my cancer with their cancer-CAUSING treatments, and black salve got rid of it for good, in my case without scarring.

        1. Ellie says:

          Robyn, where are instructions on how to use the dragon’s blood on a cansema treated new wound (the eschaR hung on for 4 weeks and just finally came off yesterday).I tried mixing a few drops with a wonderful homeopathic cream: emuaidMAX, but it burned a little. I don’t mind the slight burning but I don’t want to do anything to irritate or delay healing. It’s on my forehead. How did you use the Sangre de grado? Thank you,

          1. Greg Caton says:

            For uses and protocols for Sangre de Drago, see :

  5. Charlotte says:

    It would have been nice to see some close-ups of the areas of your face you’ve treated.

    1. Robyn says:

      Charlotte, I had that thought and then I was a bit shy. Two of my pre-cancers had JUST fallen out and they are still healing. It’s been 2 weeks since I filmed that and they continue to look better and better. Time will tell if there’s any scarring. If so, it certainly won’t be disfiguring. None of my other precancers have come back or scarred after using the black salve, followed by dragon’s blood (and now I also use vitamin e oil).

  6. Steven griffin says:

    Thanks Robyn! I’ve been successfully using the black salve for my pre cancer (actinic keratosis) for about 2 years. I put the paste on before bed and leave it for as long as I can stand it – about 6 hours at night. It only burns when it is near cancer cells but when it does it burns me like crazy. So the burn tells me it’s finding the cancer which is worth it. After I’ve taken all I can stand, I clean it off using colloidal silver and spray colloidal silver repeatedly for several days. Within a week all of the dead cancer scabs fall off and within a few weeks there are no scars and nothing but nice new skin. I’m good as long as I don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight which I like to do. So I repeat the process about every 6 months. Great video! Keep up the great work!

    1. Robyn says:

      Good to know there’s another way that doesn’t involve leaving the black salve on for days, like I have done, following the directions Cansema posts on their website. That seems more doable. My stinging is very, very mild. Maybe because my pre-cancers have been very superficial, I don’t know. It’s never been very painful, just slight stinging for a couple of hours at most, on my worst one.

    2. Cindy May says:

      Steven or Robyn, could you help me figure out what to do? I put the black salve on, and cleaned it off with hydrogen peroxide 24 hours later. The results for me were crazy and interesting. In each spot I had what felt like a small pebble under my skin. (arms and legs). After the salve being on for just 24 hours on that one bump, the bump popped open with cancer (white), and about a dozen other white bumps popped up too–places at the surface that the salve hadn’t touched. They were all within a 1 to 2″ radius of the initial bump. It seemed to me they had come from a root system of some sort, so I applied the salve another 24 hours topically over the whole area of where the bumps were. More appeared the next morning, and I took the salve off and haven’t reapplied black salve since then.

      I read on this site: that you’re supposed to start applying the after-care cream (not Sandre de Drago–but still natural) immediately after you take the salve off. I had had some questions about Robyn’s videos–just detail questions–and so I googled and found that site and figured I was doing the right thing to be applying the Sangre de Drago and Vitamin E after I took the salve off.

      Well, I’m about a week out now, and they’ve been scabbing over nicely until yesterday. A day or so ago I put bandages on the two largest areas. Nothing has fallen out yet, and it seemed they might be better covered. Yesterday when I removed the bandage to apply the SdD, the top layer of scabbing pulled off, but then the open wound area was visible and it was white gooey–cancer I think.

      I just watched Robyn’s video again, and saw one of my new questions answered–that the Sangre de Drago shouldn’t be applied until after the cancer falls out.

      Given where I am, I’m hoping one of you has time to comment on what you might do from here. I’ve had 2 spots of basal cell on my face and arm before–treated by dermatologist–and I am not going back to dermatologist for this. Many reasons, but if you feel you should advise me to possibly go to an MD or a dermatologist, I’m not going 😉

      I’m thinking I should take the bandages off (??really not sure on this part) and let the scabbing form again and when the cancer falls out, then I should start applying the SdD. However, Robyn said she left the areas covered with bandages until the cancer fell out, and then started applying the SdD and Vitamin E.

      The other half of me says to leave everything covered until all the stuff falls out. Then remove the bandages. If there’s still white goo at that point, then I can re-apply the black salve and start from square one on that spot. Last week everything was white. This week, most everything is scabbed over, so no white showing. Black dot formed in middle of most.

      I’m sorry to make a short simple video so complicated. I hope one of you can help direct me.


  7. Breeanna says:

    Having worked in a surgical skin cancer clinic for years at the Huntsman Cancer Institute this is so alarming that you are advertisingthe use of black salve for diagnosed skin cancer treatment. I have seen dozens of patients who come in years later after using black salve and have skin cancers that continued to grow under the surface of this skin. Sadly I have had to witness many people lose their nose, eyelids, ears, large areas of tissue that could have been excised with a much smaller area in the beginning but instead were treated by black salve which only took care of the surface concern. In terms of a precancer or actinic keratosis maybe it would do the same as liquid nitrogen, ED&C or efudex cream but black salve is not adequate treatment for any diagnosed skin cancer. Any American Academy of Dermatology physician or fellowship trained MOHS surgeon would agree. If an individual has a skin cancer in a critical location they need to be treated with MOHS surgery which is a skin sparing procedure in which the tissue is tested while the patient waits or at least a simple excision. MOHS sugery is the only way to get the the highest cure rate for a basal cell, squamous cell skin cancer. Melanoma skin cancers always require surgerical treatment and possibly more depending on the depth of the melanoma. Please do not promote or spread misinformation about black salve or treatment of diagnosed skin cancers.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Breeanna,

      I agree that the M.D.’s, who are ONLY trained in chemos/radiation/surgery, would denigrate all other approaches. However, you can see HORRIFYING videos all over YouTube of the “topical chemotherapy” for skin cancer. Weigh that against the photo of the girl on the internet whose skin cancer fell out of her nose, leaving a hole. That is the devastation of SKIN CANCER, because any way you treat it, the treatment is potentially disfiguring.

      I would invite you to listen to my video all the way through since I repeatedly state I am not promoting and that I am not suggesting anyone else do what I did. I do, however, think people should know that they have options. MOHS surgery is NOT the only way to “get the highest cure rate” because the medical monopoly is not ever going to study a non-patentable natural substance that people have used millions of times effectively for skin cancer.

      Nor did I spread any misinformation. My family has used it for 3 generations, and I will use it again, as I have additional pre-cancers. Cutting, burning, and poisoning is not MY choice, and choices should be available, despite the medical monopoly.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Great video and info! I’ve seen you while you were wearing your band-aids/treating your cancer, and after, and I didn’t see or notice any scarring on your face. I may have to give this a try!

  9. Michelle Higginbotham says:

    Hi Robyn. So glad you got the word out about black salves. I have extensively used them for both melanomas and less serious cancers. I usually use Two Feathers ointment, which is a Native American formula with no caustic ingredients. I even use it internally, as cancers are systemic and what shows up on the skin is often only what’s visible.
    The man who makes and sells Two Feathers recommends spraying the area with colloidal silver after the eschar falls out.
    One more idea – I read somewhere a while back that coconut oil is an effective sunscreen. Not sure if that is true. I have used it a few times and I did not get badly burned, but then I don’t usually remain in the sun more than a couple of hours anyway.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Michelle, I considered that product as well, and it seemed interesting. I think Two Feathers gets away with selling it because of the unique ability for Native Americans to have some protection from the law. I have read that about coconut oil as well, and have tried it and it seemed to be a very mild sunscreen for me, at least. but it makes no sense since it’s a main ingredient in tanning LOTION meant to accelerate tanning!

    2. Sherry says:

      As far as natural sunscreen you can use Helichrysum E.O. and Sandalwood E.O. and mix with a lotion that is healthy for your skin. I am a redhead and when I use this, I have no problem with burning. I am getting better at covering myself when I am out all day with my husband, but you still get exposure on your face and hands, and this does the trick (I just read about the Sandalwood also being a natural sunscreen and have not gotten to use it in my lotion, but the Helichrysum works great!)

  10. Linda Carrington says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Robyn! This one made me laugh, as well as informing me. I’m getting some for Greg… his poor head is always getting burned and spotted and cut or burned. Good to “see” you! Hope all is well.
    – Linda Carrington

  11. Pat says:

    Wondering if you looked at or considered Curaderm, an eggplant extract, that has been recommended to me as another alternative treatment/cure?

    1. Robyn says:

      Pat, I haven’t tried it.

  12. Pat Lee says:

    I am so thrilled to hear about the black salve. I have a girlfriend that has had cancerous cells removed on her nose and forehead several times and the scarring is so bad they now want to fix the scarring with reconstructive surgery…Seems like it would have been much easier to use the black salve once. I have only been to the dermatologist once time and since then my cancer has spread rapidly on my skin… No thanks. Black Salve here I come.

  13. Loreen Bury says:

    what is the difference between an age spot or skin cancer? Are they one in the same?

    1. Greg Caton says:

      They are quite different.
      Age spots are benign and non-reactive when escharotics are applied.
      Skin cancers are malignant and react to escharotics. See :

  14. I have read some amazing stories about cancer “falling out or off” of people as they injest totally natural real food and leave all fake stuff behind. I have not heard about these products but am grateful you shared this information. I grew up in AZ with massive sunburns, nothing yet that has come back at me, but I will be ready now with these products.

  15. mamallama100 says:

    I’m so thankful to have found GSG! I first learned of GSG through “Chris Beat Cancer”. I’m excited to read through your other topics. I had skin cancer several years ago, and had seen so many doctors, which were clueless to what I had. This makes you lose your faith in them. I had been given so many horror stories from these doctors about what I had, and none of them were the same. Long story short, I did try several different “natural” salves, which I believe were working. I was ridiculed by others telling me that natural cures weren’t going to take care of the problem. I ended up getting it cut out, and it was smaller than it had been when I was first diagnosed with it. I firmly believe in natural cures, and I applaud you for helping others see that there are other means of treating oneself. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading more of your informative articles. 😉

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