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the raw food diet and swine flu

Robyn Openshaw - Jul 25, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I hope you’re undertaking a raw food diet while it’s in season?This is the time of year your body wants to cleanse.If you do, you have much lower risk of getting ill this winter, because you’ll be going into that higher-risk time much cleaner and stronger.And that’s important as we face Round 2 of the swine flu possibly this fall.

My friend and tenant, Jean, who lives in my basement and with whom I spend a lot of time, had the swine flu and is still recovering two weeks later.She had to cancel an airline trip, she missed a lot of work, and she coughed for two hours every night.My 15-year old son had it, too.For him (a daily green smoothie drinker), it lasted two days, and besides fever and chills at night, he was up doing his summer school work during the day and rafted the Provo River with us the third day.(We used no drugs to treat his illness.We did use Vitamin C, and colloidal silver.)

My children have been in California for a week with their father and his fiancé, at the family reunion.My other three children were exposed to swine flu and I’m not there with my remedies.I can’t even reach them, as they are camping in the mountains.If I didn’t know that before they went to the reunion (where the traditional Standard American Diet will prevail), they had excellent nutrition, I’d be panicked.Every single time they go to their dad’s family reunions, they puke their guts up because they’re not used to eating like that. When your body says, “NO THANKS!” it’s not a sign of weakness–it’s a sign of strength! I’ll keep you posted on whether or not that happened this time.

I have told you before that eating a clean diet and drinking lots of alkaline water is the best prevention for the swine flu.It’s not that you can’t possibly catch any virus.It’s that your immune system isn’t constantly fighting and weakened by toxic fuel, so it’ll be much more likely to serve you well when you need it.

Are you considering a higher commitment to a raw food diet?Now’s the time!

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9 thoughts on “the raw food diet and swine flu”

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  1. I’m upping my raw foods, as I do every summer, but even 23 weeks into pregnancy, I cannot stomach a daily green smoothie! I’m lucky if I can tolerate 1 or 2 a week. I can stomach a huge green salad every day, though. I’m praying all the green smoothies I had before pregnancy are helping some.

  2. I feel that same way if I eat something that isn’t so wholesome! It is great that your kids are learning it so early! You’re awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck, Robyn with your kids.

    I have been off sodas of any kind for two weeks now and although I’ve missed them, I’ve been firm with myself. Tonight, however, my husband poured himself a cola at a relative’s house and I have to admit that I couldn’t help taking a sip , and guess what—it tasted yucky! I can’t imagine that I ever thought it was good! No problem now saying “no” to those bad drinks.

    We are still having a green smoothie every day and I’m actually enjoying it. I make sure that I add a banana and an avocado which makes it a real treat. I look forward to it.

    Keep up the good work, Robyn and thanks again for all this wonderful information which is helping to change our lives for the better. Hopefully all of us sipping green smoothies will be able to fight off the swine flu when it returns. Good luck everyone. Keep drinking.

  4. I’m just thinking that it’s mid-winter here and all I’ve had this whole year was one cold. Eating healthy helps!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want to eat raw foods a lot more, I am just lacking the information I need. I should buy a recipe book, or something.

  6. Anonymous says:


    I was keeping up with the Happy Foody blog (Sara Janssen), and she was 100% (I think) raw and a huge green smoothie fan before pregnancy. She had to go back to cooked foods and could not stomach any green smoothies during pregnancy. I would love to find out an explanation for this.

  7. http:// says:

    I cannot tell a lie.

    When I was pregnant with my BOYS (with the girls it was easier), I could. not. stomach. greens. Salads, smoothies . . . I just dreaded it.

    And I love greens in “real life!”

    The first pregnancy, I just skipped them altogether. I suffered, my little boy suffered, and I gained 65 lbs. It was awful. With the last one, seven years later, I ***forced*** myself to eat salads and smoothies to get the greens in. I gained much less weight and he was born and stayed very healthy. I wish I had a better answer. It was hard.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Why would our bodies do this?

    Do you think it’s an evolutionary response to help avoid possibly poisonous plants during the important gestational time?

    Do you think it’s a response due to several previous generations of bad eating?

    If it’s either of those, I fully support forcing our way past it.

    Or do you think it’s something else that might have some benefit/reason? A huge part of the GSG way of life is learning to listen to your body.

    I honor your experience, but 2 pregnancies isn’t exactly a full-blown study, you know 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    there’s a possible reason for this – physiological changes during pregnancy. the same type that cause indigestion, heartburn etc.

    See, while the baby grows inside, all organs are “pushed” upwards, including the stomach – which leaves less room for digestive fluid – therefore, less ability to digest foods. That would make sense with greens as there’s plenty of cellulose to break down (the plants’ cell membranes). Maybe that’s the culprit. I don’t know.

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