take the poll–contribute to OFFICIAL GREEN SMOOTHIE RESEARCH!

Here it is, the official questionnaire, which will tabulate responses and be reported in my upcoming book.   Please take the poll now if you’ve been doing green smoothies for 30 days or longer.   If not, come back when you have!

Answer these questions completely honestly, thoroughly if possible, and THANK YOU in advance for helping advance nutrition science, GSG-style!   I will use your testimonials on the site, in my book, and to encourage others!   I’ll even post some here, LOVE YOU GUYS.


p.s. Sorry I went off the grid for a few days–made a last-minute decisions to run to San Diego for a couple of days while I didn’t have my kids.   Sunny, fun, hiking, relaxing, watching movies, and . . . of course . . . taught my friends there how to make green smoothies, including 10-year old twin boys, who ran around in circles outside yelling, “MY EYESIGHT IS BETTER, MY EYESIGHT IS BETTER!”   I love how literal kids are.

Then I came home and made a pink smoothie for breakfast.   Problem is, I “lent” my ex my BlendTec several months ago and all I’ve had is my VitaMix.   The stupid thing came on for 30 seconds and died.   Permanently.   For no reason.   So I took the blenderful of strawberries and beets and carrots and stuff over to my ex-husband’s house, to see if I could dump it in his BlendTec and get my breakfast that way . . . but he wasn’t home.   When I called him, he informed me that he recalls things differently than I do and the BlendTec is HIS.   Permanently.

Not worth the conflict.   I went to the gym, still hauling around my unblended container full of pink smoothie.   Really hungry now.   After 50 minutes on the Stairmaster, I couldn’t take it any more.    I drove over to BlendTec, all sweaty, walked in and  said, “PLEASE GIVE ME A NEW MACHINE, AND FAST!” and handed over my credit card.

That’s at least the 7th time something has gone wrong with my VitaMix.   Pretty lame when you have to have two machines because it breaks so often.   Does a great job when it works, just wish it always worked.   I’m happy I just got myself another BlendTec.

BUY BLENDTEC.   It’s pretty telling, don’t you think,  that the ONLY thing my  former husband  and I have had conflict over, property-wise, is that BLENDER!

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted everyone to know I have had a Vita mix for almost 3 years, I use it all the time and it has never broke. I love it.

  2. I love hearing these stories about the Blendtec — sorry about the conflict about it but it is funny … I also tell people they don’t *need* a Blendtec, but when push comes to shove — oh am I spoiled. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Blendtec and SO glad I found out about it here before thinking I needed a Vitamix!

  3. Does anyone have a BlendTec EZ Blender? My husband got me one of these, not knowing there was a difference between that and the Total. Sometimes it doesn’t completely blend the beet or the dates. Do I need to chop things finer first?

  4. Yes, in San Diego, to teach Curt and his boys to make green smoothies, we went to Walmart and he got a $60 Black & Decker blender, to use until his BlendTec could arrive in the mail. I was SO frustrated trying to use that piece of #$*!. I am SPOILED. Nothing compares to 3 hp.

  5. That’s too funny Robyn! I too can’t wait to be able to purchase a Blendtec but Jenny is right don’t let that stop you! I have a $65.00 GE Walmart Blender with great horsepower. Just blend a little at at time. I figure it’s better than nothing until I can upgrade. I thnk I would have a panick attack if it broke and I was without my Green Smoothie.

  6. Robyn:

    I have filled out the questionnaire. I will be interested in what others have to say about their improvements. And thank you for making it available to us.

  7. i have a vita mix and it works great for me but looking at the blendtec i kind of like the way the mixer is shaped.

    eventually i would like to try the blendtec

  8. Those of you out there who are waiting until you can afford a Blendtec (like me), don’t let that stop you from making smoothies. I get really great smoothies from using a food processor!

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