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Groundbreaking Green Smoothie Research: Be a Part of It

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 21, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I want you guys to be thinking about something.

In about two days, I will have an interactive  questionnaire posted on GSG.   Be thinking about what the changes are you have experienced as a result of drinking GS regularly.   The questionnaire will automatically generate tabulations for me to use as research, to be published in The Green Smoothie Rx (or The Green Smoothie Diet . . . depending on the day,  based on my  conversations with the publisher).   (Any opinions on that, the title controversy?)

Be thinking about whether you’ve evangelized, teaching others about this easy, 10-minute step to get 1000% more raw plant food in the daily diet than most Americans are getting.

Be thinking about your chronic conditions or diseases that may have improved as a result of drinking GS.   I cannot and will not make claims about the curative effects, but I can certainly report testimonials and reports from my research.

Thus far, the only GS research out there is Boutenko’s Roseburg Study of only 30 people for 30 days!   I hope to get 1,000 responses (which will be less than 1/3 of my mailing list), so be prepared to be part of this.   At the end of the questionnaire, you’re asked to optionally write a GS testimonial, which will be published with part or all of your name, whatever you choose to give.   (You’re also asked optionally for a 12 Steps to Whole Foods testimonial.)

I am ESPECIALLY INTERESTED in the testimonials of mothers of children!   (But, everyone’s input is highly encouraged and valued.)   I want only those who have been drinking at least a pint, at least three times  a week, for at least a month.

Watch for an upcoming blog and be thinking about even the minor things you may not have noticed since you started drinking kale, collards, and chard after a lifetime of “greens deprivation.”   Thanks in advance for participating!

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29 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Green Smoothie Research: Be a Part of It”

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Great idea on putting together a study, unfortunately I can’t participate because my husband and I just started drinking green smoothies. I was wondering if you might know why my stomach gets upset before I even finish my green smoothies? I don’t do anything different from your recipe, and my husband doesn’t get the same upset stomach that I do.

  2. http:// says:

    Britta, sure you can participate–it’ll be on the site for quite a while, so just wait until you’ve been doing it 30 days and THEN take the questionnaire.

    I read the nausea thing as a detoxing side effect in the small Boutenko study (that a few people do experience that, and others experience diarrhea, headaches, or skin breakouts as their bodies begin to use materials from GS to clean out and begin rebuilding). The organs of elimination can get overwhelmed! But cleansing reactions usually don’t last longer than two weeks. Try eating something else WITH your green smoothies. I usually have mine while working here at the computer, with a handful or two of almonds.

    Another person I read about said that she noticed that if she drank GS when feeling stressed out, it made her nauseous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That would be awesome if you can get that many responses from people who are actually doing this. It seems that people get so fired up about things, but as for actually following through. . . that’s a different story! I need to jump back on the greensmoothie bandwagon myself.

  4. I am so looking forward to the questionnaire. Plus I am a mommy of two small toddlers that also partake in the GS.

    Cheers, Laura

  5. Yeah, I’ll do the questionnaire. By the way I like the title “Green Smoothie Diet” better than the Rx one because when I hear Rx I immediately think of hospitals, prescriptions, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies. And then I turn and run the opposite direction! I do know what the point is, that green smoothies are better than any drugs you take…but still it is the immediate response when someone sees the title that makes the most difference. That is just my opinion though. Maybe other people would think differently.

    I don’t exactly know what all the book is, but I’d be most likely to pick up a book that promises life changing experience on the cover, and not just a quick fix- so “diet” kind of has that connotation. So who knows, maybe someone would be wondering how Rx tied into green smoothies if that was the title. Oh well I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  6. http:// says:

    Haha, my thoughts exactly about Ulysses Press’s decision on Green Smoothie Rx (I don’t much like it). And Diet . . . sigh. I don’t want to write a diet book. But the publisher, of course, says, THEY SELL! Yes, they do. ‘Nuff said.

    In The Food Revolution, John Robbins details his outright battle with his publisher over them making his earlier book title “Diet For A New America.”

    We purists in nutrition HAAAAAATE the word “diet.” But what are you gonna do.

    Speaking of this, if anyone has a DIFFERENT title to propose altogether, BRING IT ON!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Super idea re the study.

    I would not call the book with anything like *diet* in the title. It makes me cringe. This is a lifestyle and life long progress/journey. And for those who just want to dabble, then that is what it is.

    Re feeling nauseous, how about chewing the smoothies rather than swigging them down. It is not a drink, but a liquid salad. And yes, depending what your previous food intake was like, maybe your digestive cant handle so much green. Stay with it! It only gets better.

    I would not want to be without my litre smoothie mason jar. Love it.

    As to testimonial, not sure if it is due to going raw or just smoothies, but my hyperthyroid meds have gone down from 3 per day, 2 months later to 2 per day, 2-3 months later to 1. The doctor saw that my blood work results were not compromised, and suggested that I might want to go off them completely. I almost fell off my chair. Gasp … was that the doctor speaking? I am now on half a pill per day – my choice!!! This is after being on PTU meds for 15 (yes fifteen) years. I started drinking green smoothies about 6 months ago, and going 90% raw (I do cheat from time to time), here are my results above. Amazing.

    I have also learnt not to evangelize but to show by example. Tons of energy and a different approach to problems and opportunities. Also more in tune with that quiet still voice.

  8. http:// says:

    I am going to respond to your comment here, Hal, which is VERY EXCITING, in this blog tomorrow. Stand by.

  9. I LOVE the title Green Smoothie Rx. Made me think of alternatives to prescriptions, take responsibilty and nutriton is important. “Diet” makes me think of another fad diet. I LOVE the RX and I find myself prescribing green smoothies. Don’t use diet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info and encouragement! I will definately continue to drink the green smoothies and give it some time to clear out the discomfort. I thought I had a pretty good diet before hand but, wow, I sure guess I didn’t. 🙂

    “The Green Smootie Challenge” isn’t the best title but I guess at least is doesn’t have “diet” in it. Just a thought 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Just barely got recommended to the and it is all new and exciting. Just getting caught up on the information is making me excited.

    I have always done smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables and try to give them to my husband but they give him bad heartburn. Do you have a suggestion on what I can put in the smoothie to help him drink it better?

    Again so excited to just put good food into my families body.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I, myself, don’t like the word “Diet”. That is something to break and not stay on. How about “The Green Smoothie Revolution” or I like “The Green Smoothie Challenge” & I do like “The Green Smoothie RX” for the same reasons as Denise does. How about “The Green Smoothie Way of Life”, “Green Smoothies for Good Health”? Diet is such a nasty word with negative connotations!

  13. What about the Green Smoothie Solution? Heck, anything other than “diet”, shudder.

  14. I agree about the “d” word. I really like Leslee’s suggestion “The Green Smoothie Revolution”.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I like the Green Smoothie Rx but what about The Green Smoothie Remedy

  16. I just want to say that the article about junk food was a great article!Im in middle school myself .

  17. Anonymous says:

    I agree—don’t do diet–I would never pick up that diet—sounds like another fad–like the “banana diet”=== (thankfully I already know about green smoothie girl–without the book) i also really like the RX—it doesn’t sound like it’s medical becuase it is “green smoothie” before- i think there could be alternative titles we haven’t thought of. I understand about the publisher–but you want a lifetime audience—not people looking for a new DIET–you’d get a weird crowd I’d think (of course more sales–but take your pick–changing more peoples lives long term–or selling lots of diet books)–of course the publisher would probably pick the last one–I sure vote to change lives!

    where do we leave our GS story? here or a new blog?! thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    How about The Green Smoothie Miracle? The Green Smoothie Health Drink?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The title is a tough one.

    Diet says NO Way to Me but to the people out their it might attract their attention.

    Green Revolution is good but it the name of Victoria’s Boutenko’s new book.

    Green Smoothie Challenge is good but is taken by a group from Australia (I think) I remember it spread throught the raw food e-lines and they have a website of greensmoothiechallenge dot com.

    I like the other poster’s suggestions of Green Smoothie Solution but unfortunately the publisher seems to know what sells and anything with the word diet seems to fly off the bookshelf.

  20. Anonymous says:


    How about Green Smoothie Revolution,or Green Smoothie Makeover or Power your life with Green Smoothie. Love your site.


  21. Anonymous says:

    We have been drinking green smoothies since October and both my husband and I are addicted to them! When I had my youngest child in November my hemoglobin test they take before they release you, came back the highest they have ever seen for a woman who just gave birth! I attribute it to my green smoothies and though my son still wakes up every three hours I am able to keep up with my 3 children without naps.

    Robyn – do you want the children to be drinking at least a pint a day? I am doing good to get them to drink 1 cup a day (they are 2.5 and 5)!

  22. http:// says:

    Yes, 1 cup a day is great for little ones! A pint is a good goal to work towards as they get older.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Denise about the Rx because it kind of grabs you and also may attract those with serious problems looking for alternatives. And it may also come to the attention of those who are used to taking lots and lots of Rx’s for all of their ills. So in a way they’d stumble upon this amazing book with life changing info without even realizing it. How awesome would that be. I am so excited to buy this book. Green Smoothies have been amazing for our family. My 20 month old daughter has been consuming them since she was 9 months old. Before that she exclusively nursed, so I’m looking forward to giving you the “mother and child” testimony! I’m so thankful for you and and the work you do.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kristen McNabb–do you mind me asking how you introduced them to her? did you make sure she was okay eating all the ingredients seperately and THEN do the whole bit together?

    My 2 1/2 year old LOVES his green smoothies — I am looking forward to writing about our family too! if i forget he’ll remind me in the day– looking forward to my 7 1/2 mo old to have them sometime in the next year (not sure when- she has allergies)

  25. http:// says:

    You could test her on bananas, and when you know she tolerates them well, make a smoothie from spinach, banana, and water. Then you’ve isolated just spinach. After two weeks of just that, add collards. Etc.

  26. Anonymous says:

    good idea!! what a great idea! wow–thanks.. I’m afraid to try bananas becuase she broke out in hives to avacado and I think they are similar somehow–but I will try it!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Here are some titles that would “grab” me:

    The Green Smoothie Breakthrough

    Undiet Your Diet with Green Smoothies

    The Miracle of Greens

    Green Smoothie Miracle

    Green Smoothies for Optimum Health

    Get Green to Achieve Optimum Health

    1 (pint) A Day Keeps Diseases/Fat/Sickness/Toxins (…etc….) Away

    I dunno…..maybe not adding in the word “smoothie” in the title would make more people grab the book and thumb through it and create more excitement to buy it. Maybe the word smoothie would make people think it’s a liquid type diet. Altho, I do like The Green Smoothie Rx too 🙂

    Does the word “smoothie” appeal to the male population? I can think of the guys I know who term the word “smoothie” as a frilly, girly drink.

    Sorry for the rambling 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    Count me in. My kids drink green smoothie EVERY day now because of YOU.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been drinking GS’s for about 1 month addicted to them but I guess I thought I would be seeing/feeling more benefits. Maybe I’m trying to rush things. I been alternating spinach,kale,collards using about 50-60% greens and then fresh & frozen fruit. Not sure if my ratio is off but I’m not able to lose weight. Should I cut down on the fruit? I also started adding and rotating hemp protein,kelp, maca, ground chia seeds. My Dh complains as I force him to take them to work maybe I need to use more fruit in his. Still learning. I will be buying some vitamineral green soon from you! Thanks for all the info.

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