storing GS in the fridge and vegetarians in rotten health

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, how long can you keep your green smoothie in the fridge?   I’m single and don’t want to make it every day.   Does it lose nutrition and therefore is it pointless to store it?

Answer: You can keep in in the fridge, at the most, for 48 hours.   After that it tastes a little funky.   Just shake it up well before you drink it.   My cute cousin Quinn made her dad, a truck driver, enough for five days.   I didn’t want to be a naysayer because she so enthusiastically wanted to improve his nutrition on the road, but, well, as compliant as Alan is, he just couldn’t drink what she made after two days.

Yeah, it loses nutrition, but you have to value your time, so I’m a fan of your making it every two days.    Even if it oxidizes somewhat in the jar in your fridge, the fiber is going nowhere and lots of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients ARE still available a day or so later.   It’s still a million times better than whatever else you might choose to eat.

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Why should I be a vegetarian? I know  some who are in terrible health.

Answer: It’s a logical fallacy to say A is true, and B seems somehow related and  is true;  therefore, A causes B.   I know junk-food vegetarians, too.   Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you don’t eat a whole lotta Coke, white bread, and Ding Dongs.   😉

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