Heard a fun tip for using chia seed from an attendee of my class last night:

Tell the kids they’re “sprinkles” and they’ll put them on everything. Have a shaker full, to use them on cereal, treats, soup, anything.

I love stuff like that.

Chia is extremely high in protein and iron, an incredible and well rounded nutritional profile. And it FILLS YOU UP (drink lots of water with it), which causes you to want less food. Awesome food for weight loss.

Do you have any fun tips like that, for getting good food in your kids?

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  1. do we need to grind the chia seeds or flax seeds before use as there is no way that even most of them would be chewed to release their full value… what does every one think?

  2. when my boys were a little younger I’d put some liquid chlorophyll in water and called it “Hulk Juice” and they’d swear they got bigger muscles! It’s a great alcalizer

  3. Green Smoothies are called Dragons at my sister’s house. Green dragons are the regular and Red dragons have berries. My kids heard about that and wanted to have Dragons too instead of green smoothies.

  4. hey we’ve been doing chia spinkles all week- also do it with Flax meal as “sprinkles” a quick lunch has been applesauce with chia sprinkles–my son thinks it’s awesome since he doesn’t get normal ones ever.

    ummm calling food fun names. pesto pasta is Kung Fu pasta (he named it because it’s green)- I’ll think of more later–it’s late.

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