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Raw food weight loss

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 28, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Raw food promotes weight loss in people who need to lose, and weight gain in people who are severely underweight from malnourishment.   Remember that unless you’re being excessive with nuts and seeds, raw food inherently is lower in fat and starch, which are what lead to weight gain.

To lose weight, following are a few ideas.   Put celery in your green smoothie.   It takes more calories to eat a stalk than you actually GET from it, so it’s bulk, to clean you out, bulk to fill you up, and great nutrition that actually nourishes the thyroid, which regulates metabolism.

Use cayenne, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon, too, to stimulate metabolism as you eat delicious raw food toward weight loss.   And don’t forget lemon juice in your water–it’s a great natural diuretic.

I got this great message on facebook recently from a Canadian reader named Karen.   She said she found when googling 12 Steps for a friend in Alcoholic’s Anonymous!   As random as that seems, she called finding GSG “fate.”   She’s made some very significant dietary changes based on what she’s learned thus far, and has lost over 20 pounds.   She wondered if drinking a pint of green smoothie a day is enough.

Answer:   It’s enough for a wonderful first step!   Your body, mind, and spirit will tell you when it’s not enough any more, so listen to those cues and don’t stop your progress now.   My guess is you’ll want more sooner, rather than later.   Boutenko’s Roseburg study asked participants if they wanted to continue with their quart of green smoothie daily, and the vast majority said they wanted MORE, if anything.   I often drink THREE pints a day, though a quart is my average.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ? have you ever thought about exactly what regimen youd adhere to if you found out you had cancer, or your child or somebody close to you that would listen to you? i know it would be similar but even purer. my 18 yr old daughters 19 yr old boyfriend just found out he has a cancerous tumor in his back and possibly spots on his lungs and she asked me what he should eat. what would you eat, EXACTLY, if you dont mind sharing?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure where to pose a question, so I hope you find this Robyn! Though I try to get all the nutrients my body needs through whole foods, I feel like I am failing miserably. One of the main reasons is because I am still not fully educated on exactly WHAT and HOW MUCH my body needs and WHERE I can get it. My husband and I are planning to have another child and I want to provide all those nutrients to my baby and not be depleted myself. I feel like I have to resort to a prenatal (I know you don’t really recommend vitamins). Would you recommend a prenatal (is there one better than another), or is there a good book on basic nutrition and how to get it through whole foods?

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