raw food diet: why not raw meat?

Talking more about the raw food diet here.Most raw foodists don’t eat animal protein (supermodel Carol Alt is an exception).See my book review here of The China Study https://greensmoothiegirl.com/reviews.html or read the book for why.I won’t go into detail, since I often talk about that huge study in great detail on this site.

But also, while carnivores have high hydrochloric acid concentrations–so they can digest unchewed meat–humans don’t.We put a tremendous strain on our ability to digest, particularly on our kidneys and liver, when we eat meat, even raw.The uric acid in the meat has to be neutralized, causing our body to struggle to find enough alkalinity and ultimately robbing calcium from the bones.Plus meats are high in phosphorus, leading to more bone loss.

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  1. Your statement seems to imply that a person can still be considered a raw foodist while eating other stuff. Carol Alt is not a raw foodist, even if she eats some raw vegetables and fruits occasionnaly, like most Americans and Canadians. She’s not even a vegatarian or a vegan. A raw foodist eats only living foods which have energy and life. Thus any food which is cooked, boiled, pasteurized or processed are not consumed by raw foodists. Meat, pastas, canned foods and so many more stomach fillers are all dead with no vibrations. Either you are raw or not but can’t be a raw foodist and eat meat, etc…

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