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Nutrition is Usually a Gradual Process of Changes and Improvement!

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 09, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I think it’s important you know how gradual my health changes were. Because I don’t want you to be discouraged if you like how you feel eating whole foods, but your problems didn’t disappear overnight.

I’ve written about 21 health problems I had in my 20’s that have all gone the way of the Dodo.

Aren’t people supposed to develop more and more health problems the older they get? We’ve come to think of this as normal and inevitable. I have a tennis teammate, Gloria, who will NOT divulge her age. She has a beautiful little body that any 30-year old would love to have, she eats right, and she’s never been overweight in her life. But her daughter plays with us and is 52! That puts Gloria well into her 70’s, and I’m telling you, she is an excellent tennis player, runs as fast as we do, and doesn’t have joint problems!

So, you might start drinking green smoothies and even though you’ve read the crazy-awesome testimonials people send to me on this site, you aren’t at your ideal weight with all health conditions gone.

Me neither. I started making serious changes at 28 years old, but they were gradual and hit-or-miss for quite a while. Two steps forward, one step back. I was 100% about it for my little boy, whose health crisis was desperate, but I was still addicted to some processed foods and didn’t quite give up animal products. I gradually read more, implemented more, conquered my addictions more—but not overnight. My behavior lagged behind my education. I was frustrated by that, mad at myself, sometimes.

I was diagnosed with 20/20 vision when I was 40—that was the last degenerative condition to completely resolve. That and insomnia, which resolved when I started taking amazing fulvic acid (now in the form of GreenSmoothieGirl Ultimate Minerals)—love the minerals, the chelating ability, the detoxifying ability, the power in that product. My eyesight was completely restored after 12 years of an increasingly whole-foods, plant-based diet.

All the other problems disappeared much faster than that—some were virtually overnight. Quick to disappear were all my hypoglycemia and eczema. (Seasonal allergies took quite a few years and happened when I started eating raw local honey.)

The migraines ended when I completely gave up artificial sweetener and caffeine.   Circulation problems (cold hands and feet) went away when I started to get medium-chain fatty acids in the form of coconut oil in my diet and on my skin. The weight problem went away when I quit eating sugar every day.

I quit getting sick when I stopped eating sugar every day and started eating probiotic (cultured) foods. My energy returned, more and more—what I ended up with is something I wouldn’t have had the vision to hope for. I have tons of energy, every day, from early till late.

But let me say this, and it’s important: green smoothies alone would not have been enough for me. I would have been still overweight—but just less so, and healthier.

More commitment is needed, more than just green smoothies. Take more steps!

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19 thoughts on “Nutrition is Usually a Gradual Process of Changes and Improvement!”

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  1. Sue says:

    Thanks for this Robyn (and for your insight on the vegetarianism and my son). I think that so much of our society demands quick fixes, now and without much effort. We want the miracle cure all with very little or no effort on our part. Personally, I lhave been learning that the true miracle lies in wanting to change and making the decision and committment to put forth the effort to change. Only then can we have the power to take the steps necessary, to go against the norm of society, (even family and friends at times) to not give up or give in and to be grateful for the journey and the progress. It does take time and effort and often the results may not seem as ideal or as quick as we would like, but the overall overhaul of a better body, mind, and spirit is so worth the effort and wait. Thanks for being a great guide and teacher helping me in my journey.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s amazing Robyn and nice to hear as I tend to get impatient and want all the results much faster at times. Sometimes we may even forget nagging symptoms or conditions we had and suddenly say “hey I haven’t noticed this or that lately”. That’s exactly what happened with the awful allergies I had most of my life. Between the green smoothies and local honey they have been GONE and what a nice blessing that has been. I used to dread the swollen puffy eyes, runny nose and what new med to pick up but no more! I started taking fulvic minerals back in June and between the minerals, and infrared sauna I sleep better than I ever have in my life. Cleaning up my diet has really helped with energy and eliminating almost all the bad cravings. The newest thing I have just realized is that if I do not go to the sauna for an entire week or longer my low back pain and elbows start hurting me. The back has been an ongoing old injury they say appears to be a degenerative disc but I sware those saunas really help. If anyone has any other advice what to do for this type of injury I would love to hear it. We have really tried to add about 8-10 new things a year to our new health regime and boy has it helped. I just have to keep at it so it becomes a habit like water and green smoothies. I would love to have 20/20 eyesight. I’ve unfortunately had very poor eyesight all of my life with astigmatism but I’m trying to follow close in your footstep so I’m crossing my fingers. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Robyn, you probably know about this blog, but I stumbled across it and I I KNEW you would LOVE it! It’s called This lady lives in copenhagen and she eats an almost raw diet and has fantastic recipes and goes over different foods and why they are good for etc. Just thought some people would like to read it…. honestly, I find it just as inspiring as your stuff that you write.

    One question though, if eating clean, what do suggest if training for a marathon? keep everything the same?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, can you please discuss Liquid Light in a future post. It was a privilege seeing you in Mesa.

    For my 60th birthday my kids gave me a trip to Mesa to visit my cousin. It was pure serendipity that you were there at the same time. Sometimes I think of myself as an experiment–I start the day with a green smoothie and follow a plant based based whole foods diet. Since longevity is rampant in my family, even with a SAD, I’m hoping to reach my 90’s with contagious vitality and good health. Keep spreading your message.

  5. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for this post Robyn! This is a great reminder to me to be patient in the process of transformation. Patiently changing my taste buds and patiently RE-generating my cells (rather than DE-generating them). It always seems easier to make a change when there’s hope in ourselves. Not being perfect right at the start is inevitable in any life change. Love your 12 Step Book. I need to implement some of those steps again. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. ArtSea says:

    Thank you Robyn! I’ve been following your blog now for mmm.. Maybe a year? And have marked many a posts “starred” on my mobil rss reader. But this post today took me by the shoulders and gently shook me. You described me today. Take out the “eczema” part and insert “acne” and you described me perfectly. I’m 28 and yet my 50+ year old neighbors are running circles around me! As I type this I have a dual-ear aches that I’ve had pretty consistently for about a month now despite my natural remedies that usually work. You are truly an inspiration and today’s post told me that yes, yes some day I CAN be like you! Your beautiful & vibrant and put so much good energy out into the world! I want to be like that. I know now what my gut has been telling me is right… I need to be more committed, devoted & focused! Thank you for that boost of confidence today, I needed that.

  7. Slimdp1 says:

    Hey Robyn! Just seeing if I can get past this captcha thingy, lol.


  8. Slimdp1 says:

    Ok, it worked that time so I’ll try it again. I started the GSs on Nov.1st, 2011. I make about 60-70 oz. at a time, drink some and refrigerate some for the next day. Trying to get at least a quart or more a day. Still using my $15.00 B&D blender. I wanna make sure that I stick with the program before investing in the Blendtec. Only serious problem I have is shortness of breath and have had some bouts of angina, ( I think). Had a stress test in 2010 and they wanted to do an angiogram, but I declined. We’ll see how it goes; things are better since I have been walking some and eating so much healthier, ( including the GSs).

    I’m glad you posted the blog on being patient. I have been reading the China Study, and also a book by Bruce Fife on the coconut cures. Very good reading and helpful to keep myself motivated to perserveer. Knowledge gives us hope, and hope leads us to act on that knowledge.

    I turned 62 in August 2011, never had any really serious health problems, but with about 47 years of smoking and sedentary lifestyle I am beginning to feel the effects. I have cut way back on my smoking along with changing my diet and walking. Hoping to get in better shape and a little at a time completely cross over to a whole foods-plant based diet. Can’t believe that I just ate stalk of broccoli for a snack, lol. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all your help. It feels more like you are really just one of us; and you come across as very honest and compassionate and have a servants heart, ( if I might say without all the BS! ).

    Well, thanks again and I will be in touch from time to time. I come to your blog anytime I get on the pc, love the success stories and the new information available here, and we trust your recommendations as to what products are best or better. Ok, let me see if I can get past this CAPTCHA Code. LOL Hope it doesn’t erase everything that I typed on here.
    Shalom for now

  9. Gentry says:

    Robyn, This makes me feel better as I am getting overwhelmed with all that I am learning and the changes I want to make for me and my family. We are working on green smoothies everyday and cultured foods. I tried making the rejuvelac and it didn’t go so well. We are doing kefir instead. Do you use milk kefir or water kefir? With all that we are learning about dairy, I think I want to buy water kefir grains. What do you suggest? I am also interested in the Lotus that you sell on your site. I have heard that they can be finicky. Is yours working well and do you use it? I want to feed my infant more raw foods, so thought that might be something good to have. A million thanks for all the research you are doing about cancer. I am so interested in this and preventing it in my family. Thanks for sharing what you learned from Dr. Lodi. Amazing!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m grateful for this post. I completely understand the “behavior lagging behind my education” because that is exactly what I am going through. The Lymphoma is in remission now and hope that transitioning to a more raw, vegetarian diet will help keep me there. I know, you would think that I could do it perfectly with the cancer monster looming over my head, but I am human and still working my way slowly toward where I need to be. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you in Layton, Ut, on January 20th.

    I must say that the green smoothies, the rejuvelac, and other changes that I have made have made my recovery go oh so much better. I was struggling with regaining my energy until I got on the green smoothie band wagon. The change in my energy was dramatic. My skin is so much improved. The chemo left the skin on my face feeling like sandpaper and now it has returned to its former smooth texture. The skin tags that I had all over my neck are getting smaller and some are gone. I have two warts on my hands that are getting smaller. If I kept looking I’m sure I would find other little things that are gone that I don’t even realize.

    My husband has been drinking about four pints a week of the green smoothies and he has noticed an increase in his energy.

    Warm thanks to you Robyn!

  11. mgm says:

    It is a journey. I bought a beet. It sat in my fridge for three weeks – laughing at me whenever I opened the fridge. I just can’t do it. I’m downing more greens in a week now than I used to eat all year – no joke. But there is something about the idea of a beet. But I’ll get there. One day I’ll buy a beet and actually drink it. I just need a little more time…

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      mgm, you are a treasure. You always make me laugh. Get the beet out of your fridge and hug it. Maybe the day after, you’ll be ready to eat it. It’s yummy. Wherever Kristin and I go, we find Whole Foods and buy steamed beets in different iterations. All of them are good. One of my favorite foods on the planet. You will be amazed.

  12. Ty says:

    I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

    1. GSG Support says:

      Thanks Ty – appreciate your kind comment and I’m GLAD my information resonates with you! Be well!

  13. mgm says:

    Oh, Robyn – I wish you could have seen the exchange I had with the cashier at Ralphs when I bought that thing. She stops checking, looks at me and says ‘A beet? You’re buying A beet? What one earth are you going to do with ONE beet?’ I said ‘Put it in a smoothie’ but it was really more like a question than a statement, and the look on her face was one of – what’s a word for being skeptical and horrified at the same time? So I launched into this little schpiell about how great green smoothies are, and she said, ‘Well, you just come back and tell me how that went.’ I haven’t been able to go through her line since – it’ll blow my whole GS testimony!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Don’t be ashamed. The clerk will like you more if you tell her that you didn’t have the courage to eat that beet. Seriously, though, I would like to hear from you when you blend or juice your first beet. Think of it as a blood transfusion!

  14. Shell says:

    Please tell me how it can help improve your eyesight,
    Thank you

    1. GSG Support says:

      It absolutely can help our eyes and so much more. When we boost our nutrition with whole foods, there really are not any limits to what our bodies can finally do in terms of healing! Consider joining us for the 26 Day Detox in January 2018 to rid our bodies of toxins building and interference that keep us from assimilating nutrition.

    2. GSG Support says:

      Hi Shell – I love your question! SO much of our health is centered around the food we give it! We have to nourish with whole foods – leafy greens are super excellent for eye health. Here’s a great link that will give you FREE access to our Detox Masterclass, and after you give it a viewing/listen, I would love for you to consider joining us in January 2018 for a huge detox party! We will help you discover the exact foods for your best health! https://greensmoothiegirl.local/detoxsecrets

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