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How to NEVER Eat a GMO Food Again!

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 15, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

What is a GMO, and why should you take 3 minutes right now to get educated about it?

First of all, I’ve made you an easily printed card to cut out and put in your wallet, so you know what to avoid at the store. More than 95 percent of Americans don’t know what foods are genetically modified and why this issue is so critical to their health! And that’s how many of us are eating GMO ingredients every single week, too–95 percent of Americans!

Does that include you?

Genetically Modified Organisms are living organisms whose genetic material has been altered in a lab by what we refer to as the biotech industry. Unstable forms of a grain, a seed, or a vegetable have been sold to our farmers under the pretenses it will have better crop yield, which has turned out not to be true–but the “good thing and the bad thing” is that GMOs can withstand herbicide spraying, and, the seed itself will kill an insect trying to eat it!

More and more research is piling up about the harmful effects of GMOs

That may be a good thing for a farmer trying to make his work easier and make more money, but it’s terrible for the environment, and even worse for your health. Ten years ago, researchers were seeing warning signs that GMO foods were disrupting normal human immune function, especially harming the gut. Now, more and more evidence is piling up that the effects of fooling with Mother Nature are hurting us all.

Increasing evidence is linking GMO foods to the epidemics of gut issues, autoimmune issues, cancer, and obesity in human beings. The biotech industry, led by Monsanto and Dow Chemical, is pushing for more genetically modified crops and is very politically powerful and very wealthy. Their political action groups have outspent and defeated citizen initiatives all over the U.S., and have successfully gained the favor of Congress.

Now they’re even gaining traction in Europe, although all the countries of Europe, as well as Australia and Japan, have had restrictions or even outright bans on GMOs, for many years.

How does the biotech industry convince our legislators and administrators to roll over and let them take over?

Primarily, they convince lawmakers that they are solving the world’s hunger problems, even though they pay for the research they quote, and independent research is showing that their claims of higher yields are false.

So far, we are not making gains at stopping GMO foods from getting in our food supply. In fact, the biotech industry was successful at getting a law passed recently that allows manufacturers to NOT tell us their product is GMO. They have to tell us SOMEWHERE…but they can make you go to their website and dig, to find out. (Who is going to do that?)

I want you to have this wallet card so you have an easy reference, at any store, for what ingredients to avoid. You may not have linked your gut issues to eating invisibly genetically modified foods–but it’s an important consideration!

NON GMO Project Seal
Look for foods marked with this NON GMO Project Seal, to ensure you are buying food that has not been genetically modified. Click the logo to access the database of over 36,000 Verified products!

I love the Non-GMO Project, voluntary for a manufacturer, so that savvy buyers like YOU know what to buy. The more you and I become aware of what foods are genetically modified, and we look for this symbol, and buy these products and not GMO products, the more we are standing up for the environment, and the health of our children, and standing up against big biotech companies whose only motive is profits.

By the way, don’t assume that because something in Non-GMO, that it is also good for you! Just like with gluten free…..there’s non-GMO junk food, and there’s gluten-free junk food too! If it has lots of ingredients, if it has preservatives and ingredients you can’t pronounce, and if it’s in a package, it’s likely not particularly good for you, and it’s definitely not as good for you as a good, old-fashioned salad full of greens, vegetables, sprouts, and some kidney beans would be!

I make sure I spent 80 percent of my grocery budget in the produce section.

I’ve made you a free wallet card so you know what ingredients at your grocery store have been genetically modified. (p.s. If you bought it in the drive-thru? Chances are extremely high that you’re eating genetically modified food.)

And your wallet card shows you what packaged foods these gut-wrecking ingredients hide out in, that you won’t know, from the ingredient list! It’s not like the ingredient list says, “GMO beet sugar.”

Some of your produce is GMO, at this point, and your beef cattle have been feed GMO alfalfa–so it’s important that you print this wallet card, just stick it in your purse for when you’re grocery shopping. Pretty soon, you’ll have it all memorized, and you can teach others about how to stay away from the GMOs!

I believe this war will be won first at the consumer level, with our buying habits. Not at the legislative or bureaucratic level. Big industries (dairy, meat, processed food, pharma, and biotech) with interests counter to your health interests, have far too much influence with the people running the government.

I’m not saying we should give up, there, and I’ve given a lot of my own money to the anti-GMO fight, for one thing because I want farmers to be able to grow seeds that reproduce!

Use, save and store heirloom (non-gmo) seeds
Please store and use heirloom seeds, which is doing your part to preserve non-GMO seeds!

Monsanto has been stomping out any farmer who stands up to them, because they want to own the world’s seed supply, so that seeds don’t reproduce (like they’re supposed to, and have for thousands of years), and everyone has to buy their seeds from Monsanto. (Please store and use heirloom seeds, which is doing your part to preserve non-GMO seeds.)

(Sometimes when I write this blog, I feel like I’m trapped in a sci-fi movie. Who knew, getting that English degree 30 years ago, I’d use it to write pleas to thousands of people to stop buying seeds from an evil billion-dollar empire who wants to control all the crops of the world? The world we live in can be surreal, so we need to be involved and aware, and vote with your dollars!)

Sixty countries have banned or limited GMO imports, but the U.S. Government has bought into the claims of the “research” presented to them, and guess what, Monsanto paid for (and cherry-picked) the research.

So, it’s up to you and me to educate ourselves, and stop buying animal foods fed GMO plants, and stop buying gene-spliced vegetables and grains, and packaged foods containing corn, soy, beet sugar, and other Frankenfoods.

Answer: If it’s organic, it’s also non-GMO. An organic farmer can’t plant GMO seeds, and an organic packaged product can’t have any GMO ingredient. However, a product can be Non-GMO but non-organic or conventional (sprayed produce).

By the way, feel free to print this wallet card for friends who are trying to make healthier buying decisions. It’s free, and I want to spread the word, so thanks for supporting GreenSmoothieGirl, and grab your freebie for your next trip to the grocery store or natural products store.

Join me in never buying GMOs. Save your health, save the planet.

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34 thoughts on “How to NEVER Eat a GMO Food Again!”

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  1. Shelley Snow says:

    The other issue that may have a tremendous effect on our ability to try to circumvent the proliferation of GMO’s is the TPP trade agreement being pushed by President Obama. This trade act is plenty egregious but could set up our country and other countries to be forced into using GMO products and seeds. And if Big Chemical is denied “access to anticipated profits” these counties can be sued. We need further information on this. I believe we are in for the fight of our lives and we will be working against paid politicians who do the bidding of their big donors.

    1. Joel says:

      Even if Obama had not signed the DARK Act, the TPP will be lights out. It appears these were his two major assignments when put in office: promulgate GMOs here and globally and get the TPP and TTIP ratified. “We’ll let you look good in other areas of distraction like gun violence, racism, gay rights, abortion and releasing non-violent prisoners. Just get the TPP passed. It will preempt everything.”

  2. Tracy says:

    Interesting post, which I can agree with on many counts, however, it would be very helpful to site the “researchers” and “increasing evidence” that are referred to in the article. Specifics would be appreciated over generalizations. A reference to the studies that are being generalized would help with further personal investigation into the subject. Thank you.

    1. Tessa Hill says:

      I would suggest doing your own research on this topic, starting with the book (or documentary) called, “Genetic Roulette” which clearly lays out much of the research and studies. The intense increase in food allergies in this country also correlate direct with the introduction of GMO’s in our food supply. Coincidence? You can decide after doing your research. To your exceptional health!

    2. Jessica says:

      You’re going to have to do some of your own homework. This is a helpful article, not a thesis. I studied GMO products, their effects and yields and influences on consumers as well as the eco system for a good 6 months before I made up my mind. It is very difficult at times to distinguish which studies were paid for by those who stand to profit from GMO products vs truly independent studies. Given the severity of the issue, I encourage everyone who still has questions to buckle down and do your homework. Just be certain you are reading unfunded studies by scientists not bought out by big AG. It’s worth your time.

    3. Diane says:

      The information is out there. Do a bit of research for yourself so that you can get ALL the information and how it was done. It’s a backdoor way to control food sources and doesn’t increase the yield. If you can’t get non GMO seeds to grow your own food then they have you where they want you.

  3. Debra says:

    I can’t print your wallet card, the info does not stay on the screen. It flashes and then is blank.

    1. Robyn says:

      Debra, can you tell us anything about the problem you’re having, We want to troubleshoot whatever it is….what’s your device, browser, etc? thank you!

    2. I’ve tried several times to print out the free wallet card and the only thing that happens is the offer comes up for the $14.95 cards.

  4. Elena says:

    It’s never been really proven that GMO is bad for human consumption. I believe this is our future if we want to survive. If I could get GMO vegetables seeds, I would be the first in line. Try to grow anything in Florida. It’s very frustrating! Your plants either get some diseases, or get eaten by insects, or dye from 24 hours high temperatures, or develop fungus when it starts to rain constantly. Please, tell me where I can buy GMO seeds or plants!

    1. Max says:

      Poor Elena! Please do a little more homework & you will see that there is, indeed, a great deal of proof that GMO’s are exceeding harmful to your health! AND you can also find more than a few totally natural, organic methods to eliminate the bugs & blight that have been successfully challenging your own gardening efforts! If you do not follow through with this, you inevitably face a future of continually increasing physical & mental pain, unbelievably exorbitant medical costs, & you may not “DYE”, but you will DIE prematurely! My heartfelt prayer for you, anyone you are caring for, is that you open your eyes & ears & heart to let in the Light!!!

      1. Max says:

        …….OR precious Elena, was your post just a tongue-in-cheek joke?!?

      2. Liesa says:

        I think she meant to say “non-GMO”.

    2. Greg says:

      You’ve got Monsanto written accross your forehead.

    3. Susan says:

      That is not what GMO does. The majority of GM seeds are engineered to withstand Roundup. The plants do not die when the weeds are sprayed. You need to talk to your local nurseries and ask for hybrids that are adapted to your climate, or find seeds from local growers who have grown plants there for years. Start with the Farmers’ Market. Roundup is bad because it kills the bacteria in your gut. It is not the solution to the world’s problems. What would help are more sustainable farming practices, putting back nutrients into the soil naturally. There is also a tremendous amount of waste and farmers are paid to let land lie fallow to inflate prices. The whole system could be overhauled. But then Monsanto and Bayer would not be making so much money.

  5. Good Day!
    Thank you very much for the information and the print out card to shop with. I will be sharing today on all my social media…

  6. Sixty countries have banned or limited GMO imports, but the U.S. Government has bought into the claims of the “research” presented to them, and guess what, Monsanto paid for (and cherry-picked) the research.

    1. Joel says:

      Tracy, You are implying you’ve missed all of the thousands of studies, blogs, reports, films, recordings and podcasts, etc. that have been compiled, produced and shared, many freely, in the last 10 years on the non-need for mutated food plants, coupled with the adverse effects of creating unpredictable proteins, all the while marinating in glyphosate and degrading our gut bacteria and mother’s milk? You just woke up today and wonder what all the fuss is about. Can you spell d-i-s-i-n-g-e-n-u-o-u-s?

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m with Tracy. Can you share a list of sources to help bolster these claims?

    1. Robyn says:

      Yes. If I write a book or academic report I will go to all that extra effort. This is an opinion blog and a tremendous effort as it is as a public service. For sure there are white papers out there with a great deal of documentation.

    2. Joel says:

      I heard that question over 10 years ago. To ask it now is a serious insult to the intelligence of most here I imagine. It definitely is to me in August 2016, and won’t be wasting any more time reacting to transparent trolls.

    3. Joel says:

      See Tessa Hill’s reply above. And mine.

  8. Nancy says:

    What about popcorn that says organic? I buy it from in a bulk bin that says organic. Do you think it is all organic?

  9. Jane says:

    Thank you, Robyn, for your passion to educate all about the poisoning of our food supply by Monsanto. If you want proof that it does cause harm, I am the proof. Gut issues for years, I have now been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. The only food I can consume now must be organic, which is almost impossible to find in this country. Not to mention, the cost of organic food really hurts the pocket. Please continue to spread the word .

    1. Stephanie says:

      Where do you live?

  10. Elizabeth Warner says:

    Yes, you are correct. Please alert pet patents to Dog Naturally on Google and as a magazine. Non holistic vets, in ignorance or not, make their money from vaccinations and pet food like Hills (rimes with kills). And commercial pet food is junk food rather than a breed appropriate food. Workers. In the processing plant become ill and the recalls because of toxicity and gmo,,s are rampant. I have never seen a cat to hunt a soyb or the latest filler….peas.. Dry and not balanced. convenience means bills at the vet.

    Do not expect to be welcomed with open arms.. I did a documentary presentation on GMO,s at an OLLI university …….my DVDS disappeared and I found that Monsanto sponsors many university departments Such the vet school,,,, grants and all curriculum in the sciences. So the RX in offices and clinics is hard wired in. I lost my hallowed spot. I also switched to a holistic vet when advised that my cat should eat only Hills and get radiation and chemo……..She had eaten a bad lizard and her thyroid was also slightly elevated. Through a raw diet, bone broth, herbs and homeopathy, she has added another life and is doing great. When I called to tell the original office that, thinking they would be thrilled that she was better and admitting I had not used the Hills, the office manager ranted that I was killing my cat etc etc. They do what they believe, but you have to stand tall for the natural way. Not always easy.
    You are doing great to sound the human gut alarm and use food as the natural healer.Add the four footed as well.


    1. Robyn says:

      wow, interesting, thank you Elizabeth! sad. (i have two pets)

  11. Carrie says:

    I have tried multiple times to get the Wallet card, I am being sent the Green Smoothies recipes instead. HELP! 🙂

    1. Robyn says:

      Carrie, I’m reporting this to our webmaster….can you describe the problem to thank you!! We want to get you the freebies you ASKED FOR.

  12. Liesa says:

    Liesa Lynch
    Chandler, Az

  13. coco grace says:

    Hi there ! I can’t access the the No GMO card either / Do you think you could post it ? I would take a photo of it 🙂

    1. Kristen Clark says:

      Me too.

  14. Jelena says:

    Why does some organic and non gmo products still have gmo ingredients in it. How do I trust what is truly clean.
    I have noticed in the organic and non gmo labeled food some gmo ingredients that were on your wallet card list. I mean 90 % of it has at least one gmo ingredient from the list.
    Since it’s organic and non gmo labeled it should be good right?

  15. Daryl says:

    Can’t access the card

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