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Let me help your kids with an incentive to drink their green smoothies!

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 26, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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On to today’s subject—I have an idea to help you get your kids to beg you for green smoothies!

Recently a work associate of mine, Jared, sent his wife and 9-year old daughter, Kennedy, to my lecture in Salem. He immediately wrote me and said, I’m on a business trip, but Kennedy called me to tell me she was very excited and had made her first green smoothie.

I told him to give Kennedy a challenge: if she drinks a green smoothie every day for 2 months, and then writes me an email about her experience, and sends a photo of herself with a green-smoothie mustache, I’ll talk about how AWESOME she is on facebook (23,000 people on my two pages), send a newsletter about it (80,000+ people) and put it on the blog (10,000 people daily and many more over time).

We’ll make her famous. (Famous for a 9-year old, anyway.)

Do you need something to incentivize your child to drink green smoothies? I make the same offer to you! Have your child drink them every day for a month and write us—we’ll immortalize him or her! (Plus, I just love to hear from kids! We get the cutest letters sometimes.) It’s not a contest—we’ll feature EVERY child who wants to do this; just have them write

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5 thoughts on “Let me help your kids with an incentive to drink their green smoothies!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn, I have been drinking green smoothies for almost two months now, thanks to my friend telling me about your website. (And I have become quite the evangelist in the process btw.) Anyway, I began an herbal detox at the same time I started the smoothies and shortly thereafter felt GREAT! (And lost 13 pounds so far in the process!) Now some of the aches and pains have returned. I am wondering if it is too soon to do another herbal detox? How often is ok? I read that it is important to rotate your greens on another website because of oxalic acid build up (a person can get symptoms of poisoning if not.) What is your take on this? Thanks so much for being there for us….so grateful for this renewal of my health!!!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Hi Patty! I hear this “oxalic acid causing poisoning / buildup” that gets passed around on the internet, but I’ve yet to see anyone provide any actual evidence of it? I think it’s a great idea for many reasons to rotate and use a wide variety of greens—just like most animals in the wild do. (Zebras eat only 7 grasses.) But I don’t worry about this and eat spinach virtually every day of my life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a sweet offer! You are too great! =) I wonder if this will work on a four year old….hhmmm….it’s worth a try! I am just starting to juice and really start living more raw. I am excited for you up coming class in Sandy, UT. Unfortunately, we have two of our kids Birthdays that day, but not until 3 oclock. I know the class starts at ten, but how long is it? Can I make it? I also came across a product recently called Protandim. Its a nutraceutical and ABC Primetime did an investigative report on it (you can watch it at any thoughts?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Chrissy, it’ll be over at 12. We are about to announce that we’re moving it to JUST off the freeway in Lehi. (Found out Southtowne requires us to use their caterer—we want to make our own food, not sure any caterer can handle what we do!) You will get an announcement.

      Have read about Protandim a few times. Don’t have personal experience to say much about it, certainly is getting a lot of attention.

  3. Hi Robyn

    I just discovered your blog and site and I feel that my kids would love to meet yours as they are less successful in convincing their friends to try their green smoothie.

    We have been on daily green smoothies for over three months now and even if we have always had a super healthy diet based on greens in salad at every meal, we all felt a difference in our energy level. I even wrote an article on my blog on how it changed our taste for sugar.

    Thanks also the the health issues of my eldest one my kids have always eaten healthy, and being French, I also belong to the “old school” of parenting. I confirm that there is not arguments nor begging at the dinner table where one meal is prepared for everybody and salad eaten first. In fact my kids now prefer raw vegetables than cooked ones. I do get complaints from my two picky ones when I make a green smoothie that they don’t like but they still drink it. And I have come to the point now that I make a smoothie with whatever I have at hand, and some combos are better than others.

    I also confirm physical and academic performance that I link to their overall energy level.

    The only problem we face is the fact that my kids find that they eat too weird for their friends and they feel uncomfortable inviting them over. When we do though, I always end up making organic quinoa pasta with my own fresh pesto sauce. It is a bit boring and I would love to know how you deal with that.

    Your blog and site are great! I like Mercola on many levels but fully agree with what you say in your article Mercola versus Campbell. I also disagree with Peter D’Adamo theories and I believe just like you, that there is such a big difference between raw milk and pasteurized milk for instance that dairy does not mean much anymore if you don’t specify. And we could do that with basically everything we eat.

    I will keep reading you.

    Thank you!

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