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Intention is Everything

Robyn Openshaw - May 22, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

This is a photo of my son picking a sophomore named Tate off the ground to celebrate what happened last night at Utah’s legendary Gates Field where state high school playoffs are held.

Cade and Tate

Tate told Cade, “Last night I dreamed you hit a grand slam!” He reminded Cade over and over that day, telling him, “It’s gonna happen!”

And, with his team down in the 4th inning, two outs, and the bases loaded, Cade hit his first pitch way, way over the deepest part of the center field fence. His teammates heard the infielders swearing as they jogged past them rounding the bases.

Grand Slam in Game Three of the state finals, taking his team to a 13-10 win. Also shown here are two reporters interviewing him. One for the Deseret news, wrote THIS ARTICLE.  He asked, what was the pitch like that you hit? Cade quoted his favorite movie, The Sandlot: “Low and outside, just how I like it!”

being interviewed by a newspaper reporter

So I’ve been thinking. About the highs and lows of my son’s high school baseball career. Just weeks ago, I was sick and unable to sleep because my son was emotionally destroyed over a loss, and a small slump he was in. How I couldn’t rescue him from the hard things he has to go through in this life. Would I, if I could? It’s a really good thing I couldn’t, because those lows, and having to climb out of them, are what make him strong and charactered.

It’s scary to see your boy become a man and wonder if you’ve done everything you need to, if he has the right tools.

And I’ve been thinking, in my euphoria, how intention is everything. That cute sophomore, Tate, created an intention in my son that materialized into a Game Changer and possibly the most spectacular moment in my son’s life, given how high-stakes that game was.

being interviewed by newspaper reporter after grand slam state finals

I am going to create more positive intention in my life. Live from that spot. The low-lows will still come. I’ll stay there a shorter time. Tap the positives that come from expecting greatness, with more consistency.

For now, I’m grabbing my son’s white jersey to wear at Game Four at 11 a.m. today, where my boy is the starting pitcher. The moms decorate the bus and send the boys off with a bag of junk food. Last night I inoculated my boy against that, and for what faces him today, with a green smoothie AND a big glass of celery-beet-carrot juice. He knows the value of it and downed it willingly.

Thanks for indulging me in sharing this personal baseball story with you. We’ll be back to a cool video and All-Nutrition-All-The-Time around here tomorrow!

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7 thoughts on “Intention is Everything”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I SO needed to read that today, I have been in tears about my son having a tough time with our move to France. My heart wants to pick him up and run for the airport, back to the states. I appreciate the words “It’s a really good thing I couldn’t, because those lows, and having to climb out of them, are what make him strong and charactered.” I will try to view our situation from this view point. Thank you, Robin, you have taught me so much over the years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, this story is so inspirational. It’s at a spiritual level. These positive thoughts and statements have a huge impact on our lives, daily. If we could only remember this. Tate is very sensitive to this spiritual side. Yes, he had the dream. But, he also spoke the dream to Cade. He didn’t have to. He could have hesitated, doubted himself. The good in life is many times chosen by us. We see it, and speak it, and then act on it. The reward is a life full of blessings. Let’s all get with this positive thinking. Our sad world is in need of it, and we are the ones to share it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeay Mom!
    Letting those little boys grow to men sure is a hard thing to do for a mom. You do it like a rock star, and inspire me oh so much as I watch my own cubs grow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Robyn! That just brought me to tears thinking about what lies ahead with my 4 little ones! I just love you! And great job to you son and the great Mom you are!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can share your family with us anytime Robyn, highs and lows, grandslams and proms, whatever!
    Had goosebumps about the baseball game win and giggles about your sons innoculations the night before the goodies!
    Well then, my daughter dreamed i got skinny….think I will just hold onto that one!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, you indulge all you want! I’ve loved watching your kids grow up, being pumped full of solid, life-changing nutrition. I love reading about your love for them. You are a fantastic mom! Let us know if any scholarships happen!

  7. Robyn Openshaw says:

    You moms who responded to this blog entry…..thank you. There’s so much to tell you. Honestly, being a mom of teenagers breaking into adulthood seems to me to be all about STAYING THE COURSE. Just living every day trying to be tuned into what they need, apologizing when I mess it up, loving and forgiving and getting better. That’s all it is. Just like the nutrition piece: we keep trying. It’s not that we have to be perfect—it’s that we keep learning and trying and moving forward.

    I miss having little kids. Their problems were so much easier to help with. But I love teenagers, and this phase of life, too! I feel like all of us are grabbing life by the horns and living fully. I hope you do, too. Encourage your kids to live their dreams and live from abundance rather than fear. They learn it best by watching you DO IT.

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