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  1. This was very funny, but I have to look at it from the stranger’s point of view. If I were handed a groady looking quart jar filled with what appears to be lawn mower mulch and were expected to sample it with a used straw caked with green slime, I would decline too! Maybe you could get a large colorful mug with the words “GREEN SMOOTHIE” on it, but that doesn’t show the actual contents, and hand them a fresh straw with which to sample it. I believe tasting before seeing is the trick. Only one member of my family has actually embraced Green Smoothies besides me and it is my four year old granddaughter whose favorite color happens to be green!

  2. This is so funny! It is so ironic to me that what these people should be afraid of is what they are eating- NOT the green smoothie!! It has taken some time, but I have converted most of my family! Yay! Thanks for making me a believer! 🙂

  3. Lol too funny Robyn. Love it. I agree, I think the first guy you approached was more worried about germs and looking like “business as usual” playing his role at work. I bet the kids would have all tried it if their parents allowed.

    Maybe they thought it was some Candid camera joke and something awful was going to be inside the jar besides spinach and collards. Can’t wait to share this video. I tell everyone about green smoothies and they look at my mason jar and cringe too. I’m healthier than I have been in years so that’s okay with me. 🙂 I bet they would all try it if they were to be paid huh?

  4. That was a wonderful morning adventure! Thank you for sharing! I don’t think I would have partaken out of someone’s jar, but I do drink green smoothies and I juice my veggies a lot. It’s too bad you couldn’t set up a table in the airport and have people watch you put it together but I know that wouldn’t be allowed. People’s reactions are so funny! But honestly, I wonder what they thought you had in mind before they saw it? !!! Keep up the mission! Take it to a park sometime. Or a mall. 🙂

  5. That was SO funny, Robyn and Kristen! Good for you in being “out there” with your passion for green smoothies! Gotta have a sense of humor! 😉 Love the mission.

  6. That was funny! Omgoodness. My husband is a police officer and would be looking at the smoothie like you’re trying to poison/drug him or me. He drinks green smoothies – but not from a stranger. I bet if you set up a little “lemonade” stand with free samples, disposable cups and such you would have more success. However, totally funny video.

    1. Ah, but Melissa—it wouldn’t have been so fun if I didn’t try to get them to drink out of my big ol’ jar! But okay, maybe I’ll try that next time!

  7. This gave me a great giggle this morning! Have to admit, had I never heard of or tasted a green smoothie before, I probably would have said “no” as well if you had come up to me in an airport! Love your blog and videos and I’m spreading the word.

  8. I love this video! I hope you do more of these! It got me laughing and thinking. I do the same thing when i’m out somewhere all day, I bring my green smoothie & offer tastes to people. They think i’m nuts and won’t touch it! It’s really funny to see people’s reactions. Keep up the great work that you do!

  9. I think I will show this to my dad over our trip this next week… I am in charge of breakfast one day and all there will be to eat is a green smoothie! That means I will have 12 new people trying a green smoothie–wish me luck! If all else fails, maybe this will be a good way to determine if I will ever be asked to be in charge of a breakfast ever again! or if they will put me in charge of them from here on out–yeah right!

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