green smoothies the best way to lose weight EVER

850 of you, my friends, are going strong on the detox, and I hope you’re enjoying the rewards of it and not suffering from too many “overloaded systems” issues! I had a meeting at BlendTec this week and stopped into their Customer Support to meet a half-dozen employees who are doing the detox. I saw a lot of green smoothies and print-outs of the Meal Plan and Journal. They were having a good experience and I’m proud of them.

In addition to the detox benefits, green smoothies are the best way to lose weight! Check out my video:

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    I just wanna to say that doing green smoothies is better than ANY diet pill out there! I set a goal to loose 10 lbs. in two weeks,and have lost 7 in 3 days! I’ve only been drinking green smoothies and exercising daily and I feel GREAT. Thanks for all the info you give =) I still have 20 more to go but,I love that it’s cheap and easy to do.


  2. After doing some “green smoothie” reading and research, I’ve read that the greens you eat should be rotated. How do you handle that?

    1. Just get a wide variety and don’t fret about it too much. Some animals (like zebras) eat only about 9 foods–beware some of the “experts” out there making claims they can’t back up.

  3. Hey Robyn – Just wondering if there is a way for us to share your blogs and videos to Facebook and the like….would love an easy way to show my friends this information.

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