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Triple Doubles and Green Smoothies

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 02, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Here's a photo of Tennyson and his green smoothie today. Could eating 20+ servings of vegetables and fruits daily be a factor in his Triple Double last week? (No, that's not McDonald's latest offering. In basketball, it's the rare feat of earning double digits in three different categories. Saturday Ten had 11 assists and steals, 12 points, and 10 rebounds.)

My 17-y.o. son Kincade told me today that he was talking to his friend's mom. He told her, "Most people's moms? When their kid leaves, she says, 'Love you! Be safe! Have a good day!' MY mom? She calls out, '"Did you drink your green smoothie?'"

I laughed but was a little indignant. I said, "Hey, I do better than that! I say, "Did you drink your green smoothie? LOVE YOU!'"

Ah, my legacy as the health-food-nut mom.

Kincade often rates the smoothie. His assessment today: "Solid effort, Mom!"

Yesterday I took cookies into Tennyson's classroom for his "half-birthday." I am a founder of Ten's charter school, so it's a small place and we all know each other. So every member of the administration and teachers in the hallway, on the way to the 5th grade classroom, stopped me to say, "What does GreenSmoothieGirl make for classroom treats?"

It was peanut butter cookies, from Ch. 11 of 12 Steps. Coconut oil (with some applesauce substituted for it, avoids the cookies being crumbly), home-ground whole-wheat flour, natural peanut butter, unrefined salt (and less of it than a traditional recipe calls for), unrefined coconut sugar, organic free range eggs, no-aluminum baking powder.

Ten said they were a big hit.

When you earn the label of the earthy-crunchy mom, make sure you don't blow it and let people down! They're going to expect good things from you. (I could never show my face again if I took donuts into that school. Not that I would anyway!)


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8 thoughts on “Triple Doubles and Green Smoothies”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read your article about the dangers of soy products; very interesting! My sprouting mix has soybeans in it; should I take them out? Also, what do you think about edamame?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s so adorable and it looks like he’s really enjoying the green smoothie. I’d love to know what’s in the “solid effort” green smoothie! Each day I make something different and some are definitely better than others!

    I’m happy to report that I received my 12-step goody package last week. It’s a very good value for the money, I must say. I was able to advance to chapter 3, since I’ve already been drinking green smoothies for breakfast and toting a huge salad to work everyday for lunch for the past month. So now I’m on Chapter 3, learning all about coconut oil, which I have yet to try. As I embark on my “oil change”, can you tell me how much oil one should ingest in one day? If I put a tablespoon of flax oil in my greensmoothie, should I not have EVOO on my salad and/or coconut oil in another recipe at suppertime? I’m also hoping to lose a few pounds, so I’d appreciate your advice on how much oil is beneficial without causing weight gain or other negative effects. Thanks, Robyn.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Kathy from JIMMER’S HOME TOWN, I am about to do an interview with Jimmer’s aunt, next weekend, who owns a speed-sports web site. Jimmer is a CELEBRITY here!

      Don’t artifically beef up your oils intake unless you’re (a) serious about eliminating OTHER fats you may have been eating, or (b) need to gain weight. Not that you’ll gain weight from a little coconut oil use, but 1-2 Tbsp. is okay. Oh, I just read that you’d like to lose a few pounds. Use minimal salad dressings with EVOO, and 1 Tbsp. of flax OR coconut oil in your smoothie, not both. Keep your unprocessed oils to no more than 2 Tbsp. a day if you’re trying to lose a bit of weight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of eating 20+ servings of fruits and veggies, check out this new movie:

    It’s a new documentary about a whole foods diet. You’ll see Dr. Colin Campbell and others if you watch the youtube clip at the bottom of the page. Good stuff!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great picture. I still can’t get my two youngest boys (4 and 7) to drink my version of the green smoothie (actually brown after blending in a cup or more of wild blueberries) let alone a smoothie that’s actually green like ten is drinking. I make a full Vita-Mix batch and save some for the next day. I read somewhere (I think Chef Teton’s blog) that you can put a couple of drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (I’m assuming Food Grade H2O2 and probably a diluted solution) in each quart jar to keep them fresher and better tasting for the next day. Have you ever heard of this? Any thoughts?

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey:) i have 4 boys and my husband is type one diabetic. we are a whole food mostly plant based diet. i just got a vitamix for christmas. we make smoothies every morning. i would love to know what is in your little boys smoothie-always looking for more idea’s! i love hearing my 6yr old yell to his brothers “Its smoothie time!” “mom what color is it going to be today?” so sweet!

    thx for sharing!


    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Sorry, I don’t remember! Probably a bag of random frozen greens from last summer’s garden (could be half a dozen things), plus fresh spinach. And bananas, apples, frozen strawberries.

  6. Hi Robyn,

    One year ago this week I purchased my Blendtec through your site. I absolutely love it! Best investment for our health I could have made. I agree the Blendtec is the most important and favorite appliance in my kitchen!

    It is so much fun to see my children drink their greens, sprouts along with other great ingredients to get the day started right and know what real veggies and fruits are!

    What an encouraging picture. My children and I love your videos and it’s awesome to see Tennyson always with a green smoothie in his mouth. We love it!

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