Eat Right For Your Blood Type {NEW VIDEO}

Have you ever heard about people feeling better because they “ate right for their blood type?”

In this video I talk about WHY they feel better—even though there’s no science behind eating a specific way for your blood type and it is rather a bunch of nonsense. Check it out, do you agree or not?

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  1. Tried this diet. While it did make some valid points, it is based on a perfect body system. I am Type A which meant I should be a vegetarian and eating soy. I was suffering from multiple allergies after the birth of my third child so I read the book and gave it a try. Not one to do anything halfway I tried the recipes including making miso. Over several weeks my allergies got worse. Had tissue mineral (hair) analysis done only to find I was zinc deficient and extremely high in copper (zinc antagonist). Soy is loaded with copper as are many other foods. Once I stopped the diet I started getting better. What was true for me was that I should eat chicken, turkey and fish and avoid pepper. Don’t believe everything you read. We are individual and no diet is good for everyone.

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