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Dressing Your Truth

Robyn Openshaw - Sep 20, 2010 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Local author Carol Tuttle contacted me several months ago. She's author of four books, including "Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile" and "Remembering Wholeness."

She asked me to meet her for lunch. She said she knew exactly what I am in her typing system to help you choose clothes, hair, and makeup to "dress your truth."

I direct you to this because I believe this program allows you to live more truthfully, more grounded in your energy, personality, and unique way of operating in the world. It's about far more than shopping-and-makeup (which are NOT generally interests of mine, and I explain why in my interview).

I let Carol's team do a makeover on me! Check my interview out where I don't quite seem myself:

Check out Carol's program and sign up HERE

Not only did I arrive dressed completely as a Type 2 (I'm Type 3), but you won't know me, I was so nervous! (Losing all control and letting a team of people cut and color my hair, put makeup on me, and dress me–in a word, SCARY!) In the initial interview–not only am I jittery, but I didn't sleep well in anticipation, so I have bags under my eyes!

And here's my makeover:

Check out Carol's program and sign up HERE–I think you'll enjoy it! In fact, you might get LOST in the web site, watching the transformation of many women "discovering their truth."

Also, I'll be on her radio show tonight, Sept. 20, at 7 p.m., talking about wholeness in nutrition and health–and wholeness in Carol's world of truth, beauty, and fashion!

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6 thoughts on “Dressing Your Truth”

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    It’s been a while since your post and I don’t know if you will even see this, but I want to THANK you for doing the Dress Your Truth makeover!

    Since you were BRAVE enough to put yourself out there, I did it too and feel amazingly FREE! (Type 1) I feel freed from all of the preconceived ideas of how everyone else thought I should look and behave, and freed from the daily wardrobe confusion, or wasting money on items that don’t quite work when I shop.

    Don’t feel selfish because this program could actually save us all LOTS of money and waste because it teaches us what works and what doesn’t. I think this will cut down a great deal on wasted purchases.

    You look beautiful, by the way, both before and after. Don’t listen to all of those negative comments…I am amazed at how free people seem to feel to criticize. Just do what makes YOU feel comfortable, and you’ll look amazing!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration and hard work. May God bless you and your family!

    Julie Ann Perry

  2. I finally posted on how my mother styled me. I look forword to learning more from DYT.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why there were so many negative comments, I liked the after much better you looked younger and fresher and you were more comfortable in the look.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are beautiful, period. Now, since you had the courage to have a makeover and be filmed, I’ll say that I do LOVE your makeover. You didn’t put anything on that “made” you beautiful, which is what women are typically taught to do. I really think your makeover brought out even more of your beauty! I particularly LOVE your hair! I love your work as the Green Smoothie Girl and I actually find that you showing your hair as it is naturally suits you AND your work! It is gorgeous! I actually don’t know what you normally wear, so I don’t have an image of Robyn…what I see is a beautiful woman in both the before and after, but the after colors, clothes, hair, accessories…simple, natural, and BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Ashley says:

    Funny, I see you way more as a 2/3 your energy is very slow, downward, and still but not type 4 enough to be completely still. You know yourself the best though. 🙂

    1. Ashley says:

      Of course I totally trust Carol and you might be more 3/4 which is part of that slower still movement too. so it’d be interesting to know what your secondary type are. So glad you connected with her, she’s amazing!

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