can you drink too much? (GS that is)

Q:Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: can you drink too much green smoothie?What time of day should I drink it?

A:I never have had “too much,” even when I want to “cleanse” a bit and have not much else but green smoothies for a week or more.You can go too fast for comfort at first (and suffer a cleansing reaction when your organs of elimination get overwhelmed).

Google “green smoothie experiment” to read, if it’s still there, about a woman who started over 500 lbs. and had nothing else for 5 months but green smoothies–and lost over 100 lbs.!

You’ll get bored before you get malnourished.

Drink it whenever you want–doesn’t matter.For me that’s lunch or late afternoon snack, often both.I frankly don’t WANT a green smoothie for breakfast or dinner.But lots of people are different, and I hear of people doing it for breakfast more often than anything else.

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