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Can a Green Smoothie Change Your Life?

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 10, 2014 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


Sergei Boutenko

Sergei Boutenko has done what I believe is the third-ever green smoothie study. The first was done by his mother, with 30 participants in Roseburg, Oregon. The second was done by yours truly, published in The Green Smoothies Diet, and I had 175 participants in my survey. Now Sergei Boutenko has made a documentary about putting 10 extreme athletes, eating a standard diet, on a quart of green smoothie daily with amazing results. Although he charges you $7.95 to watch it, you can read about the results and basics of the experiment here, plus watch a trailer for Sergei’s documentary:

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  1. Anne M says:

    I started drinking green smoothies a few weeks ago for my rheumatologist and I am lowering my steroids and my knee is straightening day by day. I do not put a lot of fruit and I rotate my greens. I cannot believe the results, I lowered my insulin and take very little.I also go on the stationery bicycle for 30 minutes or more daily.

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