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Can You Avoid Fillings and Regenerate Your Teeth?

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 07, 2014 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Amanda teeth

Amanda Beutler and son Olin

Last Thursday night, I spoke to nearly 200 of my friends in Boise. Afterwards, signing books and talking with people, a beautiful woman named Amanda Beutler got to the front of the line and was crying before she even started speaking. At first, all she could say was, “Thank you.” She gave me a hug, took a few breaths, and told me this story that has had me jumping out of my skin with excitement, wanting to share it, ever since.

18 months before we met, she had taken her 6-year old son, Olin, to his first-ever dentist visit, to find that he had 6 cavities! The dentist insisted that she make an appointment at a hospital to put Olin under anesthesia for the surgery! She was uncomfortable with this and asked the dentist to wait.

She had the thought: “If the human body can heal, why can’t teeth?” What a genius question. An important question. As with cancer (where virtually everyone we know just follows Standard of Care, chemo / radiation), we don’t really KNOW what regeneration the teeth can experience, because nearly 100% of us just get the filling in our teeth. As someone who has recently been paying the price for the tons of sugar I ate in the earlier decades of my life, I have studied this issue in-depth, as I’ve paid a steep price for my metal fillings, later removed and replaced, and eventual failure of those teeth and materials. A filling is not the same thing as natural tooth dentin, no matter what material you use.

Biological dentists use non-toxic, or more accurately, less-toxic materials. (Traditional dentists use amalgam fillings with heavy metals, root canals that are possibly the scariest and most toxic medical procedure in modern Standard of Care, and toxic crown and implant materials containing heavy metals known to cause auto-immune conditions.) Biological dentists use different procedures and materials.

But every time we drill and fill teeth, we take those teeth closer to inevitable death. I have always wondered, is there another way? If so, how would we know? It would take someone opting out of that accepted system and doing something radically different. It would take a hero. Or heroine.

Amanda is an amazing mother. She spent three months researching intensively. She found, started feeding Olin green smoothies daily, and began implementing my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program in earnest. She wasn’t dabbling in it–she was implementing it in a very committed way.


As I have done, Amanda studied the voluminous, compelling work of Dr. Weston A. Price, DMD. He believed that cavities could be healed after researching indigenous people, all over the world, who displayed no tooth decay. He compared these results to people in developed nations eating a processed diet.

Six months after implementing her self-designed protocol after studying the work of Dr. Price and GreenSmoothieGirl, Amanda and Olin returned to the dentist. He examined Olin’s mouth and turned to Amanda, completely baffled, and asked her how his cavities could be gone–filled in with hard, healthy dentin, in no need of fillings. He called his colleague in to see. All six of them were healed.

Dr.Weston Price

Dr.Weston Price

Amanda’s answer was, “Green smoothies!” She wrote me later to share this photo I’d asked for, and said, “Thank you so much, Robyn, for everything! You have helped to significantly change my family’s well-being!”

Amanda, let me thank you. I have wondered the same thing, myself: “If the human body can heal, can’t teeth repair themselves?” I think you are a heroine–going against the grain, and doing hard things, making sacrifices, to bless your little son’s life.

Little did you know you have now helped many others. I am ecstatic to share this story and try these things myself, with new confidence and hope. Very frankly, I want essential oil producers to share your story too, and I plan to share this with them!

Thank you for being brave and being a pioneer. Thank you for telling me what you did–I am so inspired!

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7 thoughts on “Can You Avoid Fillings and Regenerate Your Teeth?”

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  1. dan says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, but what I have read is very interesting, especially from bert. I’m wondering what can be done about really crooked teeth? Can diet straighten them?

    1. bert says:

      This is an important subject, especially for mothers. As a society, we are cruel to our wives and mothers, because for some reason not our own, we insist that they produce the “perfect child” — with “perfect teeth” and — perfect personality and etc. The pressure that we put on women, to produce the perfect child is just plain cruel. The entire medical profession is based on this system intense pressure to be and to produce perfection, as per Cosmopolitan magazine, or Madwoman magazine, or whatever. This pressure of perfection is completely false, and it is slowly destroying our women and our mothers.

      I don’t know how old you are but you must have had a good mother. She kept you away from the lies of the dentists who tried to promise her that, if only her child had a nicer smile … (which by horrendous violence only he can create, since smiles by nature are obviously incomplete) then he’d be more popular and get more money, or sex or whatever.

      My grandmother died as 102. She had crookedest teeth you ever saw. And the nicest happiest most radiant smile you ever saw. And GET THIS — and when she died at age 102, cooking her own meals, she died with ALL 32 of her so-called crooked still in her mouth. They were long, but they were still strong. Boy oh boy, given my dental problems now, all of which were caused by solely by bad DENTISTS, do I ever envy her. I don’t know if she ever went to a dentist, but I suspect she healed her teeth naturally, since if they received a wound from the occasional piece of sand in a salad, etc. She lived by the ocean, which atmosphere includes lots of ozone, which the teeth also love. Ozone is known to cure dental infections as well.

      As for finding a way to allow the bone structure of your face and jaw to complete their natural desire and flesh out, bone broth soups made from grass fed animals (that is REALLY important), made by your loving wife for you and your children, … and if she can pressure cook the bones then they become soft enough that you and your kids can eat them for snacks, and gentle rebounding with meditation focus increased blood flow into the jaws and the teeth. NEVER let a dentist use epinephrin. Of all the places in your body, your teeth and your brain have the highest density of blood flow per cubic centimeter of capillary mat and ground plane. Hmmm.

      Georges Lakhovsky was doing work on restoring DNA (some say he is the one who first discovered it). He used something called a Multiwave Oscillator. He restored the DNA in plants, and pets, farm animals and humans, and successfully cured cancers in each at 95%). He was killed in NYC, run over by a limousine owned by a millionaire. Immediately after that, machines using his ideas on the electrical nature of DNA were removed from US hospitals.

    2. Cindy Bower says:

      Hi Dan, Most crooked teeth are caused by a tooth sized, arch length discrepancy which is often a result of the various combined genetic factors from different mouth and teeth sizes of parents and other ancestors. I have seen some patients who are able to keep their crooked teeth clean enough to avoid periodontal disease, but many people with extremely crooked teeth aren’t able to keep them clean enough and the result is the tissue and bone damage caused by the collecting microorganisms. That is the largest cause of tooth loss in adults … gum disease.

      A big concern with crooked teeth is the bite. When the upper and lower jaw come together incorrectly or differently than the body is designed to work, it can cause headaches and permanent damage to the temporal mandibular joint which doesn’t always manifest itself until patients are older. A healthy diet is good for the whole body and good for the teeth and the supporting bone no matter how straight or crooked the teeth are. As far as diet straightening teeth, I’ve never seen it.

      I can say that some teeth are crooked because of the advanced gum disease with bone loss that allows the teeth to become loose and move around more. Also, when teeth are pulled and not replaced, other teeth begin shifting which complicates the function of eating and the tipped teeth become harder to clean and more likely to get gum disease. It is like a domino effect in the mouth.

      I hope you are not a smoker and that you have excellent brushing and flossing. Earlier comments about not allowing dental hygienists to clean the teeth could actually allow inflammation in the mouth to continue destroying tissue and bone, jeopardizing the longevity of teeth in the mouth. I hope you will look at both sides of this question which is really important to consider in order to keep your teeth for a lifetime. At this time there is an absence of evidence that teeth can be straightened without moving them but who knows what the future might bring.

    3. bert says:

      Dan — a second opinion might help. Sometimes people who talk about how flawed your parent’s and grandparent’s DNA was actually believe they know what they are talking about. DNA is environmental. Pottenger’s cats. How can one generation of good diet prove all this “perfect knowledge” about absolute DNA etc is bunk? Be careful going to someone who has a financial conflict of interest, while he or she is forming an opinion as to what you “need to do.” If you have serious gum disease, give MMS and CDS a try for jut 1 week, before risking potentially irreversible medical harm by a “hero” who’s got conflict of interest. In my own case, a loose tooth, so loose it was flopping, reseated and the gums totally tightened up. You have to find the dietary cause. If you have bleeding gums, NEVER let anyone, probe your “pockets!” First of all, they claim their instruments are “perfectly and absolutely clean.” That’s completely impossible. Second, say they “determine” that a pocket is 6mm or 9mm. So what? Compared to what you already know, it’s just more USELESS information. There are so many things to try, BEFORE going off to get advice from someone who’s got a financial ax to grind, and lots of debts to pay, while he’s forming “his” opinion about “your” teeth. Lookup “pulling and coconut oil.” Or, with a mortar and pestle, grind a pinch of real seasalt into a dust. Tap some it on your finger tip, and rub it into the gums with olive oil — not at the gum line but way down (way or up) into gums where the roots of the teeth are. The salt will increase the blood flow. If you’ve got pinched mouth, you may also have pinched blood flow. In that case NEVER let a dentist use novacaine. I believe ALL versions contains epinephrin or its synthetic equivalents. They are designed to cause the capillary mat collapse in the tooth. The capillar mat is the bio-electrical ground plane of the tooth. Sometimes it’s thought of as dead and dumb, i.e. as “pulp.” It’s actually a very dense very important capillar mat, with a very high blood flow per unit volume. If you are still having problems, I would get a second opinion from a homeopathic German or Swedish or Russian or Indian doctor.

  2. jenny says:

    Just found this post and thread, and find it hopeful as it was just recommended that my 2 year old daughter, be put under general anesthesia, and a root canal done, finishing with a silver cap on a top back molar that has a big dark hole. There are other tooth issues, too, but not as serious as this one. The other teeth I think can be healed naturally, but I am not too sure about the big dark hole, as the dentist says it is close to the root/nerve. I am devastated, as we take pride in our teeth, and healthful ways, but constant long duration nursing day and night, and a few bad habits of organic juice lollipops, and organic gummy bunnies might have contributed to this sad disaster. I have implemented strict eating procedures, (less snacking) and very little to no sugar, and lots of brushing after eating. I am ordering the doTerra birch oil, and the Blue Ice high vitamin butter/cod liver oil, earth paste, and xylitol mints for after some snacks where we can’t brush. Trying to figure out a way to either brush with baking soda, or rinse with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide, as this was recommended to kill bacteria. I am definitely going to be adding more greens to our smoothies, that we make every few days, and may start making them everyday. My question to all of you is with these procedures in place, and following a healthy whole food diet, how long does it take to regenerate/remineralize tooth enamel? I want to give this some time, but not so much time that it harms her worse or causes a tooth infection on the molar they are recommending a root canal… So sad, and she’s only 2 years old.

  3. Linda says:

    I know this is an older blog post, but I’ve been reading through it all. We have more changes to implement in our family to address problems with tooth decay. I definitely attribute a wider dental arch in some of my children to improved nutrition and Dr. Price’s work. I do feel that cod liver oil has been of great benefit, but the following article gives me some caution about using fermented cod liver oil. Admittedly, it is an extreme case as the dose was so high, but it still bears reading.

  4. Naomi says:

    I have four back molars with caps. At least two had root canals. What can be done to remove them and then what?
    I don’t know where to begin.

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