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10 Amazing Treatments By Europe’s Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can’t Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Aug 16, 2018 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Studying biological medicine all over the world, I learned some fascinating things. I was researching what Medicine is doing, around the world, to treat cancer—outside of chemotherapy and radiation. Is it working? Can they prove it? I went to 19 clinics and interviewed over 25 doctors, some of whom are very famous. I looked at all their diagnostics and treatments.

Biological Medicine in Europe and the U.S.

In this article:


The U.S. vs Europe

The first thing I learned: in the United States, we might be great at Emergency Medicine, but other parts of the world are far more progressive, in what is highly effective, but non-toxic, in most of the other areas of medicine.

Europeans are researching, publishing, and deploying great strategies that few American doctors know about or use.

Spa Treatments vs Medical Tests

Second, at many of the clinics I visited and researched around the world, spa treatments and fairly useless diagnostics stand-in for true medical tests and treatments.

(Why? An ionic foot bath costs them $79. A hyperbaric ozone chamber costs at least $20,000.)

Search for the Best Medical Clinics

I found no more than 4 or 5 of the 10 most powerful medical treatments in the world of functional medicine, which I’m about to describe to you, at most of the clinics. Usually fewer.

At the best of the 19 clinics I researched, they have 9 of the 10 treatments, and I’m working with them to get the 10th!

Seek a Biological Medicine Clinic in Europe

If you have a significant diagnosis, consider European biological medicine, if you’re willing to travel for a 3-week inpatient stay.

Biological medicine is the older, more sophisticated counterpart to newer American “functional medicine,” if you are looking for alternatives to the exclusively drugs-and-surgery approach of 99% of U.S. medical doctors.

After all, drugs may blunt symptoms, but they don’t resolve the underlying problems. Identifying and resolving the cause of your illness is the specialty of functional medicine doctors (or “biological” medicine in Western Europe).

2 Questions to Ask Clinics You’re Considering

If you’re thinking of spending significantly, such as treatment of cancer, neurodegenerative disease, serious autoimmune conditions, etc., ask the clinic questions about two major issues.

1. What Diet Does The Clinic Provide?

What diet they serve, and recommend? What treatments do they provide? Let me give a little more detail about both issues.

Find out what the diet is they serve—or whether you have to fend for yourself, for food, offsite. A detoxifying diet, during your inpatient stay, is 100% mandatory, in my opinion. And a handful of clinics offer this.

One Biological Medicine Clinic in the United States offers only “juice feasting,” and while I think a cancer patient drinking nothing but alkalizing vegetable juices is a good idea for many, it won’t work for a Stage IV patient in cachexia, and many others just won’t do it.

Another clinic I really like in the U.S. (but ruled out due to the $10k/week price tag) serves the Wigmore diet: you’re drinking wheatgrass shots, and eating sprouts and greens and vegetables, three meals a day. That’s it. Very powerfully healing, but again—some people just won’t do it.

Some Clinics Lack a Healthy, Detoxifying Diet

But far more troubling were the several clinics I visited who had invested in expensive hyperthermia and other treatments but served cafeteria food: salt shakers on the table, and fried foods and sugary desserts on the buffet. This is not an appropriate food for people trying to get well. Enough said.

Not having a detoxifying diet, while you’re paying the money for an inpatient stay, would be a non-starter for me, if I were diagnosed with a major disease, or if I were looking for the perfect place for someone I love.

Is a Three-Meal-A-Day Healthy Diet Provided?

What I want to see in diet provided, in the perfect world, is a delicious, beautifully prepared, three-meals-a-day diet, made for you. Exclusively healing, plant-based, organic foods and superfoods—some cooked, many raw—and no dairy, processed food, or meat. (Part of the cause of most disease, in the first place.)

(Could such a place exist? It does, in just one of the 19 clinics I researched. In fact, a Michelin-rated chef has worked there, full time, for 15 years. It’s amazing what he does with baked fennel, salads, soups, and even the occasional fruit-based treat.)

2. How Much Does the Clinic Invest in Their Equipment?

Second, please find out how many of the following expensive technologies the clinic has invested in because they are possibly the most evidence-based treatments in functional medicine.

10 Modalities to Look for in a Medical Clinic

These are the 10 diagnostic and treatment modalities I would want, in the “perfect” clinic.

1. Darkfield Live Blood Analysis

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis | Amazing Treatments By Europe's Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can't Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis: An expert M.D. reviews a drop of your live blood under a high-powered microscope.

An expert M.D. reviews a drop of your live blood under a high-powered microscope, telling you the health of your white and red blood cells, whether you have parasites or high acidity, and how well your immune system is functioning!

The Swiss Mountain Clinic

I looked high and low for a highly skilled M.D. to do this work for me, locally. I found a couple of non-credentialed practitioners and even had them evaluate my blood. None better, though, than Drs. Friderike and Petra Wiechel, M.D. at the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly known as Paracelsus Al Ronc)  in the Northern Swiss Alps.

After looking at your blood, the doctors in Switzerland put you on a protocol of many of the treatments below, plus a very clean diet, and other treatments not on this list. If you stay for at least two weeks, they will also do this Darkfield blood analysis at the end of your stay. You see remarkable, visual changes in your blood at the end of a 3-week stay for serious and chronic illnesses, indicating an improvement in your overall, systemic health.

2. Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT)

A hyperbaric chamber is a sealed, pressurized chamber that delivers 100% oxygen to patients, and is used in a variety of healing protocols.

Insurance Coverage for HBOT

The larger version of this, which may cost over $100,000, is found in hospitals in the U.S., but your insurance won’t pay for it, except in a few medical diagnoses, such as diabetic ulcers, non-healing infections, carbon monoxide poisoning, or burn treatment, which is what hospitals use it for, very effectively.

Home-Based HBOT

A still-expensive (but less so) version of the hyperbaric chamber is used in some of the best functional medical clinics that can afford to invest. Some home units are priced at about $5,000, but you must have medical supervision to use oxygen with it (due to the potential for fire), and I feel if you cannot use oxygen during the treatment, with pressurization alone, you are not getting the full effect of this powerful treatment.

Benefits of a Hyperbaric Chamber

Hundreds of published studies show that it that can dramatically speed healing and slow aging and is an effective treatment for post-surgery healing, sports injury, gangrene and ulcers, cellulitis (necrotizing, or flesh-eating infections) and other infections, burns including radiation damage, and cancer. Some evidence shows that the treatment can be helpful for Lyme, Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS, as well as stroke patients, TBI (traumatic brain injury), and heart disease.

Holistic Clinics Specializing in HBOT

One caveat I want to mention. A lot of clinics nationwide have this treatment and nothing else. Strip malls are even opening hyperbaric treatments, much like you can go to a hydrotherapy clinic for 3-6 colon flushes in the course of a couple of weeks—with nothing else offered.

These clinics can lead a patient new to the holistic approach to healing to think that they can employ just one treatment, and expect it to “cure” their disease. The sales people sell these services well, but remember, “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Benefits of Being an In-Patient

This may be something you try, at home, and there’s nothing wrong with the “a la carte” approach. However, I think that adjunctive to a very healing diet at an excellent inpatient clinic, and going home to continue your cleansing diet, a variety of other tests and treatments that you can receive from skilled medical staff who have your test results to consult, is a far more comprehensive approach that yields strong outcomes.

Remember that in functional medicine, “it’s never just one thing.” Unlike the chemo and radiation approach, where virtually everyone with Diagnosis X receives Chemo Y, there are a variety of things you can be doing, all at once, in a 3-week (or more) stay, that will eliminate a lot of toxic chemical load that caused or contributed to your diagnosis in the first place.

3. Ozone Treatment

Ozone Treatment | Amazing Treatments By Europe's Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can't Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Ozone Treatment: Blood leaves and is ozonated….the nurse spends about 30 seconds shaking ozone into your blood—and then she reverses the flow, and returns the ozonated blood to your arm.

I have seen several versions of this treatment in many clinics worldwide. Ozone is oxygen, but with a third oxygen atom, so it’s O3. While some variants of ozone can be toxic, pure O3 is what lightning creates, cleansing the atmosphere. It is used in hundreds of applications to kill parasites and pathogens.

Ozone Treatment in the U.S.

In one U.S. clinic I visited, a primitive protocol (in my opinion marginally therapeutic at best), the Columbia-trained M.D. stuck a large needle in the patient’s hip, shook up about 10 ml in the syringe with O3, and injected it back into the hip.

Ozone Treatment in Switzerland

The most sophisticated method, which I found in the same Swiss clinic with the Michelin-rated-chef serving the food:

With just a pinprick via a needle in your arm, blood leaves and is ozonated: the nurse spends about 30 seconds shaking ozone into your blood—and then she reverses the flow, and returns the ozonated blood to your arm.

Rinse and repeat: in one hour, this process is repeated 10 times before the needle is removed. No more traumatic than a nutrient infusion.

Each time, while a pint of your blood is in the container, you have a powerful killer of cancer cells, parasites, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria, on contact.

This method appears to treat far more of your blood, likely all of it—and you feel the difference. Most patients feel highly energized by the oxygenation of their blood, which helps alkalize, as well as defeating pathogens, mold, mycotoxins, and more.

4. Full-Body Hyperthermia

In Germany, even standard hospitals use this “induced fever” treatment as an adjunct to chemotherapy, to increase its effectiveness, and optimize the patient’s healing process. In Europe, it is covered by insurance for cancer patients.

Alternative to Chemo

Alternative to Chemo | 10 Amazing Treatments By Europe's Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can't Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Robyn receiving a full-body hyperthermia treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc

Many “traditional Western Medicine” medical journals in Europe have published studies showing improved outcomes with full-body hyperthermia as a cancer adjunct. And other practitioners and patients who opt out of chemotherapy also find this treatment very helpful in their healing.

European Clinics Experience

As a preventative, I have done it three times, in the Swiss Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc, as well as in German clinics. The entire treatment takes about 4-5 hours, and you are monitored by a rectal thermometer to increase your core body temperature to 102-104 degrees. The goal is that your temperature stays high, for a few hours, to give the immune system time to work.

(I was amazed that even after the heat was turned off, my fever continued for a couple of hours.)

The Human Fever 101

We all know that human cells are optimized at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but most don’t realize that immune cells are actually in “high gear” and optimized at 104 degrees.

(This is why it’s better to let a fever run, even as high as 104 degrees, when you are ill, rather than taking Tylenol to stop that process. The fever is doing important work to “burn out” the viral or bacterial infection. It is extremely rare for a fever to exceed 104 degrees, and when the body goes to fevers at 105+, it is due to other factors being out of control.)

About the Treatment

The treatment mobilizes white blood cells and “killer T cells,” and is powerful in killing mutated cancer cells and tumors, as well as killing pathogenic bacteria and viruses, mold spores, and all other aberrant cells.

You are artificially inducing a fever, which most adults get only rarely, and it’s a great preventative, too.

Better Than Infrared Saunas

Preventative medicine is not a specialty of the American system, but at a functional medicine clinic leveraging this powerful treatment modality, hyperthermia goes beyond what can be achieved in an infrared sauna. You are connected to IV fluids to keep you hydrated and replace lost electrolytes and minerals throughout the process.

5. Nutrient Infusions

An IV of Vitamin C, selenium, and other minerals is immune system-mobilizing and an important strategy to address deficiencies quickly, during your healing process.

IV Vitamin C

Your functional medicine practitioner will often use IV Vitamin C because it is so well documented to mobilize cancer-fighting immune cells. (It is now even covered by many insurance companies, for a variety of uses, especially for cancer.)

Selenium for Cancer Prevention

Selenium is also effective in combating cancer cells. (Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with cancer, technically, we all “have” cancer. The average human body produced 50,000 mutated cells per day. Getting on top of this, with healing strategies, then, before cancer gets out of control, is a great idea!)

Importance of Zinc

Zinc is the mineral most often depleted in American patients going to the Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc. This is probably due to zinc being in high demand by an organism under stress.

IV Treatment for Lacking Nutrients

Testing prior to your IV treatments will indicate what nutrients you are low in, and the IV will deliver an infusion of those nutrients in a 60- to 90-minute treatment, while you lie on a comfortable bed looking at the window at the beautiful Swiss Alps.

6. Liver Hyperthermia

Sonogram technology heats the liver to help it detoxify rapidly and effectively, during the period you stay at the clinic eating only clean, organic plant foods, and doing other treatments to clear toxins out, quickly and painlessly. This form of biological therapy coaxes the body to heal naturally on its own, ideal for people looking for non-invasive treatments.

Full-Body Hyperthermia Vs. Liver Hyperthermia

Full-body hyperthermia, the 4- to 5-hour treatment inside an expensive machine, heats the entire body, while the practitioner monitors your rectal temperature and delivers IV fluids, but this localized liver hyperthermia takes only 20-30 minutes and acts directly on that organ, alone.

7. Oligoscan and Heavy Metal Chelation

A new technology, the Oligoscan, is painless, involving no needles or lab tests, and accurately tells you the levels of all the toxic heavy metals in your body.

Testing for Heavy Metals

The biological medicine practitioner will test several points on the palm of your hand, and print a detailed bar chart showing whether each heavy metal is in the green (low), yellow (potential problem), or red (dangerous) zone.

The test also tells you the levels of all your minerals, identifying deficiencies, and it indicates how blocked your detoxification pathways are.

Chelation of Heavy Metals from the Body

Your practitioner can then address the specific heavy metals you may have been exposed to, which are found in the “yellow” and “red” zones, to “chelate” them from your body. Much like a nutrient infusion, where minerals and vitamins you are deficient in are added to your IV, “chelator” agents like STMP or EDTA are added to your IV. These agents have a known affinity for specific heavy metals and can bind to them, allowing you to release them safely in your urine.

Because chelating agents also bind to, and remove, many of the helpful minerals from your body, your practitioner will give you supplements to replace lost minerals.

Urine Challenge Test

When Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc invested in the Oligoscan, they told me that first, they used the “gold standard” for heavy metals testing, and found that this urine challenge test corresponded very closely to the results of the Oligoscan, when they used both tests with the same patient.

8. Liver Flush

Liver Flush | Amazing Treatments By Europe's Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can't Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Robyn receiving a Liver Flush treatment at the Swiss Mountain Clinic

After a week of detoxing, at a clinic providing your food, you are well prepped for a protocol used by hundreds of functional medicine doctors all over the world.

A week of eating light, high-fiber, plant-based meals, with no alcohol, dairy products, or refined foods, and after your colon hydrotherapy (see below), you are ready for a Liver and Gallbladder Flush. The procedure often causes people who have previously eaten acidic foods and taken prescription medications, which have the same effect, to pass dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of small, greenish kidney stones, without pain.

Gallstones Prevention

Even people with no gallbladder can do this, because crystalline structures form in the liver, as well as the gallbladder, leading to the risk of later “kidney stones” or “gallstones” that can be tremendously painful.

Liquifying the Stool Before the Flush

Your biological medicine doctor will have you skip dinner, and then drink a small amount of olive oil, chased by fresh grapefruit or lemon juice. Some practitioners have you take Epsom salts dissolved in water, which are not actually a salt (like table salt), at all. The purpose of this treatment is to liquify stool prior to and during the flush.

Overnight Liver Detox

Then, you lie down for the night, covering your liver with a hot water bottle. During the night, or the next morning, you will painlessly eliminate many, sometimes hundreds, of gallstones from both gallbladder and liver, in your stool.

9. Acupuncture and Neural Therapy

Pain can be alleviated with an experienced practitioner’s manipulation of the energetic pathways of the body, or meridians, and neural therapy that moves “stuck” energies in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. This treatment can break up scarring on the body that blocks the movement of energy and can contribute to disease states.

Paracelsus Clinic Testimonials

At the Swiss Mountain Clinic, Dr. Petra Wiechel, MD is well known to be a genius at neural therapy, involving small needles and a variety of superficially injected substances. While this treatment is not always a primary healing strategy, it can be, when there are blockages in healing processes and energetic pathways. And, every year when I visit the clinic, I always see her alleviate pain, for patients suffering from a migraine, back pain, and other issues.

10. Hydrotherapy and Coffee Enemas

If you’ve never experienced “hydrotherapy,” you may be nervous about it. You needn’t be. This is an at-home treatment you can do, yourself, as you undertake a detoxification process.

But when you have one of the sophisticated systems, at your disposal, that a clinic has invested in, you can get far more thorough irrigation of your colon.

Home Colonic vs Professional Colonic

A home colonic will get water up into 1/3 to ½ of the lowest part of your bowel, the descending third of the transverse colon. (The transverse colon goes up, over, and down, in three parts: ascending, transverse, and descending. A professional colonic, especially after you’ve done one or two, can get all the way through the ascending colon, all three parts. That’s assuming you don’t have distensions, sagging pockets in your colon, or significant blockage.)

Past the Transverse Colon

Above the transverse colon, you have additional parts of the digestive tract, including the small intestine, and no colonic will get water into the small intestine, until and unless you’ve done quite a few of the treatments, over a few weeks’ time—and even then, only if you are eating only clean foods and eliminating well. Remember, the gastrointestinal tract of a human being is 30’ to 35’ long.

Why is Hydrotherapy Important?

The water in the colonic is to eliminate waste, first, and then hydrate, to help loosen hardened stool, and then finally, to get water higher up in the colon for more of the same. Some hydrotherapy uses ozonated water, which kills parasites.

Do it Yourself or with a Hydrotherapist

Some clinics use “open systems,” which allow you to use all the equipment by yourself in the room, seeing the waste leave through glass tubing, and without any anxiety caused by having the professional help you.

Most clinics, however, will have a trained hydrotherapist help you through each step of the process, from painlessly inserting the lubed tubing into the rectum, to guiding you through stages of filling the colon with water and eliminating it.

The Coffee Enema

A final stage, utilized in the Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc, and many others worldwide, is to insert 1-2 cups of organic coffee into the rectum. The “coffee enema” or “coffee implant” may seem a strange practice, for someone who has never heard of this. However, it is powerful in the treatment of cancer, and for anyone in a detoxification process. Let me explain.

Max Gerson, MD, pioneered this practice, first helping thousands of migraine sufferers eliminate their headaches, in Nazi Germany. After he fled to the U.S., he helped thousands of cancer patients get well, with his famous protocols, one part of which is the coffee enema.

Coffee And Tumor Tissue

Cancer patients treated holistically around the world use coffee in this manner to quickly eliminate tumor tissue that their other treatments have been rapidly breaking down. (This way, the byproducts of malignancies being killed don’t flood the eliminating pathways and jeopardize the patient’s safety.)

Quick Detoxification

The caffeine in the colon is quickly absorbed, via the hemorrhoidal vein, up to the liver and kidneys. The bile ducts dilate quickly, dumping bile and toxins into the colon, where you can immediately expel them. Since the liver recirculates the entire blood supply every four minutes, this treatment is powerfully detoxifying, even if you hold the coffee in, for only four minutes! (But, you should try to hold it in, for 10-15 minutes.)

Home Detox with Water Enema

The GreenSmoothieGirl 26-Day Home Detox recommends this practice, at home (be sure to use a water enema first, to clear debris from the colon and expel all the water), daily, for a “Level 2” (more experienced or adventurous) detoxer.

Hydrotherapy in Clinics

At a clinic, though, you can do this treatment under supervision, and with the far superior hydrotherapy system and equipment. Some clinics have cancer patients in an active process of breaking down a great deal of malignancy do it every four hours!

Producing the Master Antioxidant

The coffee enema process results in a feeling many patients report as “euphoria,” and it’s not just from the caffeine. The process also causes the liver to produce 800 percent more glutathione (the “master antioxidant”), causing not only a positive mood but also disappearing pain or a headache. (The treatment is often used for pain relief.)

More About Coffee Enema

A couple of notes, related to common questions about the coffee enema:

1. Not the Same as Drinking Coffee

One, drinking a cup of joe does not have the same effects as placing it directly where immediately uptake for medicinal effect in the liver and kidneys is possible.

2. Practice Hydrotherapy Only Occasionally

Two, because the water from hydrotherapy goes up only about 18” into the 35-foot digestive tract, it can wash out those all-important living organisms called “probiotics” from the colon–while this is a consideration, it is not a big issue. Because it is invasive, unless you are a cancer or a headache (or chronic pain) sufferer, most functional medicine doctors do not recommend making hydrotherapy or coffee enemas habitual. Breaking up “catarrhal mucoid plaque” in the colon is a great way to increase throughput and the health of your GI tract, but the end goal is a pink, highly peristaltic colon that functions well on its own, not needing a long-term “crutch.”

The best use of hydrotherapy and the adjunctive coffee enema is in an occasional (once or twice a year) detoxification process, or for treatment of a specific issue. Your practitioner will probably give you a probiotic to take, after a course of hydrotherapy.

More Treatments at the Swiss Mountain Clinic

These are by no means all the treatments at the Swiss Mountain Clinic, nor do they scratch the surface of the treatments and tests you may find in Europe’s clinics of biological medicine, and the best of American clinics of functional medicine.

However, I think these are among the most powerful, research-based, and effective treatments.

Diagnostic and Treatment Methods I Would Want For Loved Ones | Amazing Treatments By Europe's Biological Medicine Doctors (You Can't Get From Your U.S. Medical Doctor)

Do you have more questions about the Swiss Mountain Clinic or biological medicine? Mention them in the comments section below.

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robyn wearing purple—Robyn Openshaw is an author of 15 titles and a cancer and nutrition researcher.

About Robyn Openshaw

From 2009 to 2011, she traveled to 19 clinics around the world and studied holistic, functional, and biological medicine, especially as practiced for the treatment of cancer. You may learn more about her favorite clinic from her research, the Paracelsus Clinic Al Ronc, here.

Disclosure: This post may contain Affiliate links that help support the GSG mission without costing you extra. I recommend only companies and products that I use myself.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on January 29, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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  1. Susan Staner says:

    Good read; thanks.

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    Although it is very difficult to find a doctor in the US that will administer the above treatments …things like the coffee enema, ozone, rife…even the darkfield microscopy can be done at home. Costly…but well worth it to help with chronic diseases like Lyme and co-infections. Took me from bedridden for almost 3 years to functional…great article that more need to study on and invest in …

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    Best work you have ever done

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    All very interesting and the spa you talk about with wheat grass and sprouts and salads and hydrotherapy for $10,000 a week sounds like it is a fancy version of Optimum Health Institute in San Diego which offers exactly all that plus lectures which are very educational for only $1500 a week. I think it’s an amazing place. I have been 3 times and come out feeling so alive and clear that perhaps you can look into it and see if you agree?

    1. Becky says:

      Yes, I have been there too! Please check this place out, Robyn. They also have one in Austin,Texas. It may be an alternative to those who cannot afford the “al Ronc”. They offer: hydrotherapy, massage, chiropractor, classes to educate & learn to cook at home, music, exercise, etc. Many terminally ill have gone to this clinic and had great healing success!

      1. Joy says:

        Pls give me the name of wellness clinic in Austin, TX you mentioned. I’m looking for a clinic near our home for my husband who has Parkinson’s. Thank you.

        1. Becky says:

          Optimum Health Institute, Austin, TX 800-588-0809 It is an awesome, healing place.

    2. Robyn says:

      Yes optimum health institute doesn’t have medical care or most of the treatments in my review here and wouldn’t let me visit when I asked and was on a worldwide tour….. BUT it’s a great place to eat a detoxifying diet and clean up your lifestyle and while it is very 2 star it’s also very affordable. My grandmother went there when she had cancer. Then she came home and provided that Gerson diet for herself.

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      Awesome idea!

  10. Penelope says:

    That place is so expensive!! Why try to make it unreachable for cancer patients that aren’t able to spend 1000 euros per day! Crazy

    1. Robyn says:

      Well I don’t try to make it unreachable. I don’t own the clinic or price the services. I am just reviewing them. Unfortunately for any clinic who wishes to provide this kind of care, our medical system doesn’t pay for it. No insurance coverage. Believe it or not, chemo and radiation and surgery are far MORE expensive but they are paid for the medical monopoly / insurance system….and believe it or not every place worldwide I visited was FAR more expensive than this Swiss clinic. Which is why I am telling Americans about this particular place.

  11. raven says:

    What is a good brand of vitamin c? I’ve heard most are fake

    1. Janice says:

      Hello Raven,
      I have recently taken “the best” vit C that I know of. It is from the American Botanical Pharmacy, Dr Richard Schulz. Here’s his web site: It is rather large tablets, but his formulae are the very best!

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  13. Remove the causes…and real cures would occur. In 1976 two doctors told me that if I didn’t have immediate surgery for a fast growing tumor; they would give me no guarantees. I opted for prayer. Went home, said a prayer, and within a couple days a book came into my hands on raw eating. I was eating primarily raw for several years, but had added dairy on the advice of a nutritionist. He told me to eat lots of dairy, because I was going to nurse my baby shortly. So, I stopped the dairy; and all processed food. In 2-1/2 months the tumor was totally gone. It had been the size of a lemon. It taught me a lesson. 12 years later I got another tumor on my chest with spikes coming out of it…and I looked around and discovered the “fuel” that had caused it. Honey! I was drinking many cups of herb tea daily…putting several tablespoons of honey into them. When I stopped the honey, within the same period of time; the tumor was gone; and there was just a little pink spot on my chest. I learned nothing grows without a fuel.

  14. Ulla Devine says:

    Thank you for mentioning Colon Hydrotherapy. It so often gets left out or is even advised against by so many new bloggers and so called colon experts. It can make all the difference not only in natural cancer treatments and resetting the GI tract but also to make any detox more successful. Great article.

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    Have you looked into the Utah Valley Health Clinic? Dr. Jeffrey Wright offers a few of those things.

    1. My thoughts exactly Lisa. He and Julie Davis are amazing. Many come from other states to go to them. Some can’t travel far so it is a great option if they can’t travel out of the state or country. Robyn -thank you for your continued research and information over all these years.

      1. Robyn says:

        Yes. There are hundreds of clinics around the US who have a couple of these treatments on an outpatient basis.

  16. Rebecca Oliver says:

    Thank you for sharing!
    Getting more of the details of a few of the treatments at Al Ronc has me feeling focused and motivated to go.
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    1. In 1986 I wound up with arthritis…and knowing the universal law of Cause and Effect…took a closer look at my diet. I was in tear-causing pain in my arms. When I tried to lift them, It was agony. I don’t believe in taking pain medicine and wanted to see what would happen, if I removed a food family, the grains. Within two weeks I was pain-free. Grains contain lectins, which cause inflammation. Decided to do a test, two or three months later. Added the grains back and within two weeks the same agonizing pain. So, I stopped them forever…no more arthritis or pain. When people have pain, it is a friend, telling them that they are doing something wrong. The Nightshades can also cause painful problems; they contain lectins and solanine. Solanine is a poison that causes joint pain. It is in white potatoes, tomatoes, red and green peppers, eggplant, and paprika. The foods we are eating can cause major problems. Remove the Cause; and the Symptoms will disappear. .

      1. GreenSmoothieGirl Support says:

        Yes, for people who have severely damaged gut, auto immune disease, even healthy foods people have eaten for millions of years without problems (like the ones you have issues with) can cause reactions. Of course these conditions can be reversed. The concern with eliminating many vegetables, and all legumes and whole grains, is that you then end up eating too much meat which compromises your long term health.

  19. Dante says:

    Hello Robyn,

    First of all, let me say thank you for all your wonderful information and advice. We have actually communicated before, via a different medium. I have been seen by many doctors, both conventional and functional, but none have been able to establish the root cause of my issues. I consider myself a “self taught” functional medicine expert, due to the 3+ years of research and testing I have conducted on myself, trying to figure out what’s going on. I feel so much better treating myself, then I ever did from the various treatments/protocols given by the “so called” medical professionals. But with that said, I am still nowhere close to 100%.

    I have done a tremendous amount of research on the protocols you mentioned above, and I agree with your viewpoint on them. I have also done lots of research on a number of Biomedical clinics/doctors around the world, and I have yet to find one that offers the services, experience, and value for the money, that al Ronc offers.

    I have not been to al Ronc yet, but I am currently discussing my options with them, and plan to visit in the spring, if all goes according to plan. So far, my experience with them has been wonderful, they listen, ask the right questions, and fully explain their services and reasoning behind them.

    If nothing else, for those of you considering going to any clinic or retreat, please give the folks at al Ronc the opportunity to discuss your issues with you. They are not “pushy”, or focused on sales and profit. They actually seem to care.

    That’s just my 2 cents

    Thanks again


  20. MimiL says:

    Breast Cancer Thriver here – 4 years post DCIS stage 1 diagnosis with partial mastectomy, refused all conventional medicine treatment options due to being only 35 at diagnosis wanting to wait & watch method. Thank YOU Robyn for sharing this blog. I have used so many of these natural healing therapies. I found that a juice cleanse definitely worked best when paired with hydro colon therapy. In the end in rebuilding my immune function and lowering my inflammation #9 Acupuncture & Neural Therapy. I have had 4 of these treatments here in California (covered by my PPO insurance!!!) Dr. Elain Tong has positively impacted my healing journey immensely. Suffering from chronic infections before and after my cancer & hashimotos diagnosis I have seen first hand how significant these Neural Therapy treatments can improve overall health & wellness and reduce pain naturally.

  21. Rudy says:

    Any experience with ONDAMED?

  22. Laura says:

    Would love to hear more about all the clinics Robin visited, particularly the less expensive ones in Mexico. Also, the ones to steer clear of anywhere.

  23. Kathleen says:

    Looking forward to experiencing these treatments at Paracelsus this summer!!

  24. James says:

    Optimum Health Institute, Austin, TX does not offer any IV Therapies, or many of the other treatments mentioned above. They only do a limited number of treatments.

  25. Dante says:

    Well, I might have spoken too soon in my original post. After speaking with the rep from Al Ronc, my treatment plan went from $4500 to $11000, for a 10 day plan. I was absolutely stunned, and disappointed. I am now on a mission to find someplace else to go, and I have actually found a few that offer a similar treatment protocol for around $5000, but room and board are not included, which is ok.

    I really had my heart set on going to Al Ronc, but I really think their prices are inflated, or the extra $7K is for the view.

    If anyone knows of any reputable alternatives, let me know.


    1. Renee says:

      My chiropractor recommended Clinica Hilu in Spain. He’s had several patients/friends go there and came back cured (except for 2 because they waited too long). I will be going soon for stage 4 breast cancer. It is 18,000 euros for two weeks, housing not included. The plan they put together for me after sending in a drop of blood consists of some of the treatments described above, plus others.

      My bio-dentist did treatment and training at Paracelsus and swears by it. But that would have cost me twice as much. It’s taking some ingenuity on my part figuring out how to pay for Spain plus get some root canals and mercury fillings removed at home. It all contributes to healing.

      Good luck!

    2. Christy says:

      Have you found another place like them for less?

  26. Johan Boutella says:

    After my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 2 years ago, i stopped all the Multiple sclerosis medicines prescribed due to severe side effects, and decided to go on natural herbal approach. My primary care provider introduced me to Rich Herbs Foundation and i immediately started on their Multiple Sclerosis herbal formula treatment, this herbal treatment has made a tremendous difference for me. My symptoms including shaking, muscle weakness, fatigue, mood swings, numbness, double vision and urinary retention all disappeared after the 4 months treatment! Their web site is ww w. richherbsfoundation. com. Its just amazing!

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