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Back in the day, I ate peppermint patties every day

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 14, 2014 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

It took me the longest time to figure out, in my 20’s, that the reason I was sick and fat was because I ate toxic food every day. I try to remind myself of this, when I meet someone who is barely starting to think about the connection between their disease states, and their sugary, fried, chemical diet.

That you don’t know, until you know.

How would they know, the folks who show up in my audiences, at age 40, 50, 60, having not yet made the connections? If everyone around them eats the same kind of crap. If they’ve never tried anything different.

I had a meeting in an office where this big bowl of my former favorite food sat on the reception desk. Welcome to our office, eat some toxic crap that will make you sick!

I sat there and stared at these little goodies I used to eat two bags of a week. And felt a little moment of triumph, that I am not even slightly tempted by this any more.

(Am I tempted by things that aren’t good for me? Yeah. Some things. But LOTS of things that used to sound good to me, just don’t any more. Pizza, burgers and fries, ice cream, candy bars, soda–these are foods in my past, not my  present or future. These are things I never eat, nor do I fight cravings for any of them.)

After I stared at this bowl of candy, I took my cell phone out and took a photo, right in front of the receptionist. “It’s a long story,” I told her. “I used to eat bags full of these things.”

You can play a little game if you want, and find the other two types of candy bar, besides York Peppermint Patties, in this candy bowl photo. Sadly, I used to eat a ton of both of them—also former favorites, right up there with York peppermint patties.

I learned years ago, that my lifelong ANXIETY became totally manageable if I completely, totally stay away from CORN SYRUP that is the main ingredient of all these candy bars.

I learned that the more raw plant food I ate–juices, green smoothies, salads–and the less processed and animal-based and even cooked food I ate, the better I felt.

I didn’t know, until I tried it. Thousands of other people have discovered the same thing. Our body loves us for eating nutrient dense, easily digested food. Our emotions sing when we stop zapping them with chemicals-added fuel. Our mental acuity is sharp when we eat brain food.

Take a good, long look at this bowl of candy. Does it tempt you? Would you believe me if I said that if you follow a whole-foods lifestyle, in a committed way, there comes a point when your addiction demons have little or no power over you?

It’s really possible. And so exciting when it does.

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11 thoughts on “Back in the day, I ate peppermint patties every day”

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  1. mooreganics says:

    My culprit is Junior Mints 🙁 At least I beat the soda addiction….working on the candy as I am doing my 3rd GSG detox currently!

  2. Shannon says:

    Too funny you post this now…I have been wanting these all week! With life in my current state I wasn’t able to participate in the Detox this time, and 2 months of back sliding have caught up with me:-( Food is a constant battle…it is so frustrating! I continue to follow you and I so appreciate all that you share.

  3. Tiffany says:

    baked goods. my nemesis. I can say no to candy bars, soda, potato chips- anything store bought but baked goods will have me…………..workin’ on it.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Mine used to be those yummy Hot Tamales. I would get a 5 lb bag for Christmas and eat them all! Of course I shared with my co-workers! I gave up diet soda earlier this year, best thing I’ve done! Finally starting to feel like myself! Hard to explain, I knew that I wasn’t going to lose weight – just wasn’t going to happen, my body felt like it belonged to someone else. I snuck in a sip of diet soda a few weeks ago, just as a little treat, and I was amazed that it wasn’t a treat! I could taste it for what it is, a glass of chemicals! So glad I stuck with this! Everyone who’s drinking soda – you can do it! Trust me!

  5. Sharlene Gygi says:

    My nemesis is other people always judging the change I have made to whole foods. I don’t know if it jealousy or what, but I find that to be the most challenging. I go I birthday parties and bring my own food. Maybe it is just me feeling bad I can never eat what the hostess has prepared. Oh well. Sometimes you are on a road by yourself. That is why I enjoy reading others thoughts on Thierry journey to health, knowing I am not alone…

  6. Sheryl says:

    So true – those foods aren’t appealing anymore. Even if you do cheat, they don’t taste as good as you think they used to taste, so why bother.

  7. Roberta Lallas says:

    I really appreciate all that you are doing to change the world. I live in a mind set that there are no accidents. I can see how manifested your valued resources of knowledge, almost by accident, except it wasn’t by accident at all. It was perfect the teacher is there when the student is ready. I started a Life Coaching Certification over 6 months ago and came upon knowing about you through a random search on how to skin brush. My 27 yr old daughter had heard it was good for the body, so I doubt it to read more. I had already been on a journey for 4 yrs on healing my body. I moved to Orem Utah 2 years ago from Hawaii where I had been seeing a naturopathic doctor and wanted further healing after my move to Utah. It wasn’t until after I went to your website that I learned that you were based right out of Orem. “How cool is that I thought.” I felt compelled to take action with green smoothies as part of my healing journey knowing that this is part of my calling in Life, to learn more and inspire others. I am fulfilling my dream of being a health coach. I know my experiences are a part of my journey.
    I recently started physical therapy. Several weeks into it I started your detox program. After getting halfway through the detox my therapist was amazed to announce that the detox had reduced inflammation in the bursa’s by 75-80% and I had no cravings. I thought I was eating pretty clean before the detox, however the detox was amazing! And I lost 10 lbs. I just bought the 12 steps to whole foods and am excited to add this to my journey of moving forward on to a new step in health.
    Roberta L

  8. Kris says:

    OMG I was sure this e-mail was referring to me! I have a peppermint patty in my fridge right now and ate one earlier today as well…..sigh…not sure what the addiction is, but I just cannot seem to get past the sugar thing and it is SO depressing and makes me sad 🙁

  9. Michael R. says:

    I’ve lost 60 pounds since starting my journey with GSG but CHEESE still calls out to me every day. You can’t grow up in NM and eat Mexican food every other meal without loving cheese. Curse you dirty stinking cheese!!!!!!!!

  10. BrittanyDavid says:

    It’s not sweets that are my problem nor have they ever been. It’s salty, fatty food. Popcorn, potato salad, Doritos, peanuts….ok, now I’m hungry!

  11. Susan Walker says:

    I’m glad I read this post. I’m currently participating in Katie Couric’s Fed-Up Challenge (no added sugars for 10 days…nada, nothing, no substitutes, no honey, nothing artificial, nada). Instead of 10 days, my sister and I are doing it for 6 weeks. I have had chronic pain for over 20 years (and I’m just 49). The worst of it after 3 car accidents in the past 7 years+. Most days I can barely move. The pain is so bad at times that I take pills all day long and it wouldn’t bring me any relief. And when I ate starchy, sugary foods (soda/juices too), my pain was greater. Well, this is day 5 of the challenge and I feel like my pain has lessened about 50% of how bad it use to be. I’m still in some pain but it’s not excruciating or deep throbbing. And I have more energy! I knew that there was some connection to my chronic inflammation and food, but I wasn’t ready to give up my sweets…until now. I can totally relate to your post and I know that I will NOT go back to my old eating habits. I want to continue to feel good and get better as I make better food choices. I made a banana bread and banana ice cream w/o any type of sweetener and I didn’t even miss the added sweetness. It was fine on it’s own.

    If you are ready to release your body from sugar captivity and are ready to feel better day by day, just start with the challenge and I promise you that you will want to eat better all the time!

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