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Are your power company’s smart meters harming your health?

Robyn Openshaw - Sep 10, 2014 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

smart metersThis is a new subject few people know anything about. But power companies are installing “smart meters,” and they can apparently be very damaging to human health.

Arizona GSG reader Marianna Hartsong wrote me about her retina tearing, when 6 smart meters were installed, triangulating her and devastating her health. THIS is an article you can read about it. You can contact your power company to learn if they have installed smart meters in your area, or if they plan to.

The ideas in this article range from talking to the power company, organization petitions, all the way to civil disobedience (finding and smashing the meters with a hammer every time they are installed). I’m not condoning those actions. Just sharing information here. I wonder how many health problems of “unknown origin” are because of the chaotic energies caused by these meters? It’s best to be educated!


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  1. Sabina Smith says:

    some useful sites…
    We opted out 🙂 Thanks for posting this Robyn!

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