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Amazing News from Dr. Michelle Jorgenson!

Robyn Openshaw - Jun 13, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Dr. Jorgenson (featured on my upcoming TV show) wrote me this ecstatic email last week:

“We had great news today.   We’ve been thinking my husband had the Jorgensen curse.   We counted and 23 of my father-in-law’s first cousins have had heart attacks.   Both my mother- and father-in-law have high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol.   They are on statins and have been for years.   I worry about the side effects they are dealing with.  So my husband’s cholesterol was 224 in 2009 and 249 in 2010.   Understand, we eat very well [relative to the average American], so we were so discouraged.   We thought the drugs were inevitable.

So enter Green Smoothie Girl in February of this year.   My husband has finally decided to really jump on board with something and he’s jumped all the way.   Green smoothies, sole in the morning, alkaline water, stopped soda, stopped milk, etc.   He has lost 15 pounds without stopping eating or exercising more.   And today we got his cholesterol test back – it’s down to 186.   DOWN 65 POINTS!!!   That’s in three months of green smoothies [and other changes].   His triglycerides dropped by 58!   He’s a 100% believer.

Note from Robyn: the exact same thing–same numbers, really, happened to my husband when we got married. When we were newlyweds in 1988, we found a garden plot near our apartment and I made a goal to eat everything in it. We ate almost nothing but plant food that first year–sometimes he was frustrated by that, as he’d been raised with meat products at virtually every meal, but his cholesterol dropped from 240 to 185 that first year! Of course, five years later I was eating the Standard American Diet and suffering all the ill effects. I had to study it for myself and make changes–two steps forward, one step back sometimes–to find a place where I finally committed, for life.

I’m so happy for the Jorgensons!

And, last week I was filming at Total Care Dental–I did a little sprouting class for them. And I asked if JULIE’S numbers were down. She’s a cardiac patient who works out and is a healthy weight but has very high cholesterol. Sure enough, just from some simple steps that I teach, her cholesterol has dropped 40 points as well since February!

Very exciting. Dr. Jorgenson and I talked about what an epiphany it’s been for her to study what ALKALINE foods do, to alter the inner terrain. How CHOLESTEROL is a protective substance–it is protecting the arteries from acids! So eating “low fat” isn’t going to help much–low fat milk, low fat cottage cheese, etc….they’re still ACIDIC. So numbers may come down marginally, but heart attack patients following those old, lousy recommendations end up frustrated and taking statin drugs.

Your body begins to let go of cholesterol when we eat ALKALINE foods. Greens are among the very most alkaline foods there are. Sprouts, legumes, vegetables–eat them abundantly and watch your biomarkers get to a good place. Consistently and slowly–sometimes shockingly quickly.

Heart disease is so very unnecessary. As I often say at my classes, it’s the simplest thing to turn around (relative to cancer, which is mercurial; and auto-immune diseases, which are tough and entrenched).

Eat a lot of GREEN, eat a lot of RAW, eat much more ALKALINE. Avoid MEAT / DAIRY / SALT / SUGAR / PROCESSED GARBAGE….and watch your numbers come into balance. (Of course, that awful Coumadin is a problem for many heart patients, since it causes Vitamin K binding so doctors tell those who take it to avoid green food. Can you say “double-edged sword?” This is so sad, since heart patients need green food as much or more than anybody.)

And unfortunately, although heart patients are the easiest to help when they’re willing, they’re also often the most intractable, as many of them got in their predicament by eating lots of cholesterol-inducing foods like pork and beef. A heart patient friend I know went to his doc recently, who said, “Please don’t eat anything with a mother.” And my friend said, “I’d rather die than stop eating beef.”

Congrats to Steve Jorgenson, beating the odds of 23 COUSINS who’ve had heart attacks, and congrats to Julie, making incredible strides and inspiring us all!

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  1. I think that is fabulous! I too have had a big decrease in my cholesterol recently. It feels so good to get those numbers down. I was drinking green smoothies but until I made the major diet changes, then I saw the change.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My Father in law has heart problems and can’t eat anything green. He seems more unhealthy now on his meds than ever before. I was telling my husband how backwards this seems to me. I am trying my best to keep my husband off this course that my father in law went down. The funny thing with my husband is since switching the main part of dinner to a salad he has lost 15 pounds. Just from that. He hates drinking smoothies of any kind. He has consented to eat more veggies and fruits and he seems like a different person.

  3. I so wish I could get my husband on board. When I start talking about all the protein that’s in plants, and how we don’t need as much as we have always been told, anyway, his eyes just glaze over and he tunes me out. He’s normally very receptive to hard science and data, but not when it comes to food. Like many people, he has been so bombarded all his life with so many junk science sound bites from the media regarding food, he doesn’t really trust or believe it, and I can’t blame him there. One week oatmeal is a heart disease cureall, the next week, it’s worthless. How many times have we heard that with different foods and vitamins? He thinks food science is mostly bogus because it constantly condradicts itself, no matter how much I tell him you have to look at who funded the research, what’s the agenda, and what information the newsperson chose to leave out, that gives a completely skewed and incomplete impression of the findings. And I do believe he really would rather die than give up red meat. When I went completely off gluten and dairy, and gave up almost all meat, he said ‘I hope you don’t expect ME to eat like that!’ I told him all I expected him to do was die early. We both laughed, but we both knew we meant it. He isn’t changing, and I’m going to be alone if he doesn’t. He is doing green smoothies once in awhile in the morning, and has cut way down on soda, but isn’t cutting out any of the other stuff. I just don’t know if a bok choy and cherry smoothie can undo tons of red meat and butter.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Is the documentary “Forks over Knives” playing in your town? I just saw it and it presents a very convincing argument for a whole foods, plant based diet. If you can get your husband to see this movie, he might be swayed…lots of scientific evidence and real people who have seen remarkable changes in health. Just an idea. Sadly, there were very few people in the theater for the show. I had a feeling all who were there already knew and believed what was presented.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is truly something most every person with high cholesterol should know. Too bad the doctors do not require dietary changes before they agree to add medications to a patient’s life. The frustrating part is that I eat a very alkaline diet as I am vegan (and have been for seven years) exercise regularly and consistantly and don’t have so much as a ‘package’ of food in the house and I still have high cholesterol at 233. That was up from the previous year at 211. BUMMER!!!!!!!

  6. That sounds great – thanks for the headsup, Michelle. When it gets released on dvd I can pick up a copy and play it at home while I work out, he can’t help but hear it : )

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow..I was just reading this as cholesterol is 228 ,I also have a very low immune system.MY daughter and myself just bought our first blentec May 15 2011.Where the man that was doing the demo said ,I think if you take a look at that ..that would help me alot.He is so right ..Thank-you!Kim

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was at Costco a few weeks ago when the Blendtec guy was demonstrating. I was telling everybody who was standing there about They were writing it down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lynn Clark,

    If you are vegan and still have increasing triglycerides and cholesterol you may well be dealing with a mercury toxicity issue or some other form of nerve toxin. Your body us a good judge if what it needs for survival. Remember that cholesterol is not the enemy in itself, but a protective mechanism. You may find benefit if you significantly increase glutathione foods like avocados and asparagus. But if you can find some organic cottage cheese to add to your diet along with some tspoon of raw honey dissolved in your mouth you could create more galactose / gamma linoleic acid production, which your body needs to deal with or get rid of those toxins. Also some supplemental B complex vitamins can be helpful for dealing with stress to the nervous system. I’m not saying you should give up entirely on a vegetarian lifestyle but people have been living with animal products for use in emergencies of health crises.

  10. Anonymous says:

    just discovered your blog and reading all past entries. thanks for all the awesome info!! My father, 76 has been on coumadin for 5/6 years. Doctors say it saves his life.

    Could you tell me about it? Should it be avoided? Where could I find wholesome info about it?

    best regards from Italy

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