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10 Healthy Popsicle Recipes for Sneaky Moms!

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 08, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Healthy popsicles in assorted flavors

It’s August! Is it as hot where you are, as it is here in Utah? Ohhhhh my. I’m melting.

I loved opening the freezer and yelling, “Popsicles!” in the summer. Kids came running. Not all of those kids were mine!

Little did they know I hid all kinds of greens, veggies, and superfoods in their frozen treats! Remember that quote in Water Boy? (I can’t believe I’m quoting Adam Sandler.) “What Mama don’t know won’t hurt her!”

(One of my children may or may not have this tattooed on his backside. I don’t even want to know why.)

What my kids don’t know might actually do them some good! I’m about to share some of my tricks with you. Don’t tell my kids, because I’m going to pull these out with grandkids, one day!

Unhealthy popsicle full of corn syrup, food dyes and GMOs.

Typical popsicles are just sugar on a stick.

The typical popsicle has corn syrup, food dyes, and even GMO ingredients. Even the “fruit juice only” popsicles are cooked, pasteurized juice. Did you know that a cup of 100% orange juice (from concentrate) contains the sugars of 8 oranges–with none of the fiber?

So, these recipes I’m about to share with you are full of the whole food, with all the fiber, and my ninja recipes sneak in some crazy-healthy stuff. The best part? Your kids won’t even know they’re there!

Just for now, we’re sharing 40% off our vegan, raw, organic protein, and our 100% whole-foods, raw Superfoods Blends that make excellent popsicle mix-ins. When we send the recipe collection right to your Inbox, your 40% off coupon will be there for you, too!

Grab our Sneaky Moms’ 10 Healthy Popsicle Recipes–it’s on us. All of the recipes have only 3 or 4 ingredients! You’ll be the most popular mom on the block when you open the freezer and yell, “POPSICLES!”

Tell them they can even have seconds! You’re generous like that.

Then walk away, throw your head back, drop your voice an octave, and go for an evil laugh, since you know they’re really eating spinach or carrots. “Muahahahaha, none the wiser!”

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4 thoughts on “10 Healthy Popsicle Recipes for Sneaky Moms!”

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  1. Dalene says:

    What brand of molds do you use, your popsicles look fantastic!

  2. Stella Johnson says:

    Question about the Rejuvelac. My adult son has celiac and can’t have gluten. In fact he doesn’t eat grains anymore. Would he be able to eat the sprouted wheat or other grains without worrying about the gluten? He also has an allergic reaction to Stevia. Would raw honey be ok in some of your recipes?

    1. Robyn says:

      Stella, you can make rejuvelac with any non-gluten grain. and yes, you can always sub raw honey for another sweetener!

  3. Kevin de Choisy says:

    Thank You Robyn, have just discovered your site after googling Lymphatic Massage (Brandi and Yourself – Thank You Brandi). UK, diet not as bad as US (lived in US for 7 years) but at the age of 62, have been struggling with serious Auto Immune inflammation and the damage caused by submitting to conventional medicines (Pharmaceuticals, especially steroids and NSAIDs – Yes I was one of those who ended in A&E after pouring out about 3/4 pint of blood from the bowel).

    Make my own Yoghourt and Sprout so it will be an easy step to move to Rejuvelac.

    Thank you for your kindness and goodwill


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