{VIDEO!} Rebuild Your Gut Health for a NICKEL–and this takes 5 minutes!

What if, with things you probably already have in your kitchen, you could really begin to rehab your digestive issues….with a five-minute, five-cent habit?

With just a handful of grain, I can show you a way to get lots of living, probiotic organisms repopulating your 35 feet of gastrointestinal tract to help restore your gut health.

Add this ONE easy habit to your diet, and lay off the white flour, excessive animal protein, and acidic foods like soda. You can begin to make very fast progress towards repairing leaky gut, Crohn’s, IBS, or any other inflammatory issue causing constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, and tummyaches.

Just taking a probiotic pill doesn’t rebuild your immunity–most of which is in your gut!–because probiotics can support a healthy microbiome, but not rebuild it!

woman suffering with pain from digestive issuesAmericans are suffering from an epidemic of inflammatory bowel diseases, and most of us are suffering from the symptoms without being diagnosed yet!

I had gut health issues, too, in my 20’s, and resolved them with a whole-foods diet shift. I didn’t give up delicious food, or my pleasure in eating. I just discovered new foods, that were inexpensive and easy. I’m teaching the 12 Steps to Whole Foods that I discovered, on my own journey back to excellent health.

And the class is free! Sign up to attend here. This is my favorite subject to teach, because 99% of America has no idea how avoidable, and how easily reversed, many, or even most, of their health conditions are!

Our health problems over 20 years ago ended up being one of the greatest blessings of my family’s life. Because it led to some education, some foundational knowledge, and some easy habits that have us all now thriving and living a life I couldn’t even dream of, 25 years ago!

Good bacteria can help restore your gut healthSign up for the free class, and also, grab my $0.05 recipe and video tutorial right now, for a very easy idea that can get your gut health going back the right direction. That is, towards a healthy internal population of 10 healthy organisms, for every 1 bad organism (bacteria or virus or yeast). With the right balance, the “good guys” can keep the “bad guys” in check!

(Most Americans, unfortunately, according to the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, have the exact opposite–10-to-1 bad bacteria! What this means is that you’re wide open to getting a serious bacterial infection–or worse, a difficult-to-correct candida overgrowth, or even cancer.)

After all, 85 percent of your immune function exists in the microbiome, your “second brain,” the gut.

Dr. Ann Wigmore
Dr. Ann Wigmore was an early pioneer in the use of living foods for detoxifying and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Just tell me you want it, and I’ll send you a quick video tutorial, and a recipe that can be used in something simple you do every day, to get back on a path to good health. It’s free just for the asking, and your Inbox will instantly receive the video and recipe. And my class on Sept. 1 is free, too, that you can attend online at 12 Noon, or 7 PM MST.

Most of what I see, being sold to rehab the gastrointestinal tract, is very expensive and doesn’t even work. This habit has been an important part of my lifestyle for many years, and I learned it from the amazing Dr. Ann Wigmore, who beat colon cancer in the 1950’s with a healthy diet.

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    1. Sally, I’d recommend making it a long-term habit, for a healthy gut. After all, you’re not likely to give up ALL processed food, forever, that cause gut issues, so this is an important and helpful preventative and rebuilding practice. When you do it, it becomes very easy and takes almost no time at all. And it’s so cheap it’s practically free!

  1. Robyn, you wrote: “Just taking a probiotic pill doesn’t rebuild your immunity–most of which is in your gut!–because probiotics can support a healthy microbiome, but not rebuild it!”

    Could you explain that sentence or write a blog on it? I didn’t realize that I couldn’t rebuild my immunity with probiotics. And that is exactly what I need to do. How do you rebuild your immunity? Thank you….as always!

    1. cindy, that’s what the cultured foods are for, living, natural colonies in perfect balance…..that video and recipe is a start. i tell people with serious gut issues to do any THREE of the habits in step 8 of 12 steps to whole foods. they all harbor different strains of probiotics. as with most things, pills can help but food does the heavy lifting.

      1. Robyn, Thank you SO much for your reply. I always prefer (whole) foods over a pill, bc as you pointed out they may not be fresh, etc. I consider rejuvelac, kefir, etc to be probiotics, just in food form, so that’s why I was confused. Your probiotic supplements, however, I trust completely. I need to buy a bottle to try. I’ll check and see if you have them in stock right now.

        I’ve had two candida specialists (all natural, not MDs)tell me not to eat fermented foods during their program as it may trigger the wrong immune response (correct order: kill fungus, then bring in probiotics to rebuild. They say if you don’t kill the fungus first, then there isn’t room for probiotics to set up office in the gut), and bc there’s yeast/bacteria in the air, it may get into whatever you’re fermenting, and it may not be the strains you want. That’s why I’ve felt confused/conflicted/not sure what to do.

        Time to pull out the 12 steps book and have a look at what I can do. Your answer did help, even if my reply was a little topsy-turvy. The brain fog that comes along with candida, certainly doesn’t help. Thanks for the help!

        1. Additionally, just read someone recommended making their milk kefir (or other probiotic food) by including a high quality multi-strain pro-biotic. That way you end up replicating even more strains, including those you want!

  2. It’s 6:25 PST (my time) so 7:25 your time, and I just realized I was late for your 7pm class. I signed up, and figured I’d enter late. I don’t see any way to do that….

  3. OMgosh, I am SO glad you posted this. I haven’t watched the video yet (that’s next). I am guessing it’s the rejuvelac video, and I had forgotten all about that. I am SO making this tomorrow and going to try it (see if I can handle it) and then or when I get rid of this stupid candida, have for the rest of my life. I have made it before and I forgot why I stopped. Maybe it’s bc I like the other fermented foods better. Did you know that the two health professionals (one is Dr. McCombs (chiropractor turned candida specialist for last 25 years) and one is a raw chef and works with Russel the raw chef–she had mild candida and her nutritionist told her the same thing that McCombs told me) that we shouldn’t eat fermented food while working on getting rid of candida. Their concern I believe is that we need to have specific strains to start the rebuilding process. And if all we do is have fermented foods, then we might not have the MOST important strains we need to heal from candida. Once we are rid of candida, we can eat all the fermented foods we want. Since there are thousands or millions of different strains of bacteria, we only stand to gain by adding fermented foods, as we will invariably have other strains colonize and set up office in our gut. I know you are addressing a much wider audience–not people who have candida! I would love to hear your take on what they’ve said though…

    I learned from a friend recently that if a probiotic (pill) is doing you any good, you should know it. You should feel your symptoms getting relief. I have taken one probiotic (not yours yet) that has given me some relief. Most probiotics I take, I feel nothing, no relief of symptoms. Might as well take a placebo. I am going to order yours and more of the other one that I had discontinued and see if I can get more results and more relief now that I understand probiotics better. I am also remembering that milk kefir gave me symptomatic relief, and I knew it was the probiotics. I had to discontinue it because the dairy was backing up my colon (bc of the meds I am on). Now that I have the ionized water though (thanks all to you), I may be able to have the kefir again too.

    I have more to tell you at some point, but it will be a while. Don’t hold your breath!! 🙂

    I am DEFINITELY sharing this post in some of my facebook groups 🙂

    1. cindy, one problem with probiotics is how LONG they’ve been in the supply chain. we’ve made only 3 small (a few thousand bottles) batches, they sell out fast, and then we’re backordered….bc i want fresh supplies!

  4. MST is an abbreviation in the united states for mountain standard time. There is an 8 hr difference between paris france and utah. France is ahead, the class that I know of is going to be thursday 12 pm MST. Which means 4 am paris time. I believe the 2nd class is in the evening sometime

  5. This is really fascinating. I shall come back to this site often.
    Am recovering from adrenal fatigue and severe muscle and joint pains.
    Could you mention the time, of your class on september 1, in Brussels or Paris ? I am not familiar with the abreviation “MST”

    1. MST Mountain Standard Time. Look on the computer to see the difference between MST and the time in Brussels or Paris. Probably 8 – 10 hours.

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