Is running good for you? How about marathons?

This opinion may have some people mad at me.

Ooh, I’m bracing for it . . . My thoughts on whether RUNNING is good for you, and how about Iron Man, marathons, and extreme sports? Just a short video, check it out.

8 thoughts on “Is running good for you? How about marathons?

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  1. You got guts, girl! Questioning conventional wisdom…you’ve got your nerve! (lol) As a former marathoner, I agree with you. Walking exercises everything in the body in balance, running overexercises certain parts. Just doesn’t make sense. When I exercise now, its for fun, not this grit-your-teeth, gotta-get-this-done ordeal. Something that tells me I’m on the right path is the last month, when I’ve been on a lfrv eating program, with multiple green smoothies every day. Actually haven’t exercised at all, and people are asking me if I’ve been working out. Never got asked that when I was eating high fat raw, and going “nuts” exercising.

  2. Love this! I certainly agree! I have no knee or back problems, and I exercise only 3 x’s per week and of course drink my quart of green smoothie! I’ve never ran a marathon and I have no desire too. I did however do a sprint triathlon and I felt like an Iron man. Thank you!

  3. I agree and I think Dr Stutman said it best in his book “Walk Don’t Die”. Too many bad things can happen to you when you run. A heart attack could be one of them, but beyond that the strain on your back and other joints compounds over time. I recall someone saying once, that if God wanted us to run, we would have hooves, not feet. LOL. Thanks for your inspirational messages.

  4. yay….I have one more reason to not feel bad b/c I hate running…well, unless something/someone is chasing me…then running is totally justified. 🙂

  5. I have completed many marathons, ultramarathons, and long distance adventures. When asked if they are healthy, I always reply “no” and quite agree w Robyn’s response. Though they most likely shorten my life, they also enrichen my life and give me a good reason to follow an extra-healthy lifestyle. And I find there is something special about pushing oneself to the limits and seeing what can be seen inside. I wouldn’t be afraid of recommending them, as long as one lives a healthy lifestyle that supports the activities. If you need anti-inflammatories or other drugs to do them, think seriously about not doing them or getting healthy first. As far as healthy exercises, I quite think yoga, tai chi, and gardening are the healthiest.

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