Gratitude, the magic elixir

Kristin’s on vacation all week, and I’m on vacation all next week. She left me the Perfect Suitcase as a Christmas gift. I’d been telling her I had a great one for weekends, and a giant one for 7-14 day trips. But I didn’t have one for 4-6 day trips, which most of mine are. With it was a card, detailing how she feels about our friendship. It starts out, “I’ve discovered that Gratitude is the magic elixir.”


So Thursday, I was chained to my desk because I have a lot to do and have been mostly saying NO to friends wanting to do fun things.

And I was overcome with thankfulness. It just overtook me, for no good reason!

I pushed back from my desk and said all of this out loud:

“I love my life! I love all these rows and stacks of books in my office, they’re everywhere!—because I can’t wait to read them all, even if it takes my whole life–I will never run out! I love my food, that I can eat whatever I want….while I read books if I want to.

“I am thankful for this Pumpkin Spice candle Shari gave me because it smells good. I love Baby Jesus. I love salsa. I love Enrico’s Organic Salsa that I just found at Good Earth; I want to drink it.

“I love that my kids are gone right now and I can get something done. I love Synergy Kombucha, the Multi-Green kind. I love that my job is whatever I decide it is, every day when I get up. I love that I don’t have to sell hamburgers on roller skates for a living. I love hot baths, and my heated mattress pad, and my hot sauna. And I love skiing at Sundance. I love my spiky black high-heeled boots. I love Costco.

“I love writing. I love that sometimes people read stuff I write, and write me back. I am thankful that I don’t have cancer. I love my to-do lists; I would not know what to do without them. I am thankful for grass, and that I can’t see it in the winter, which makes me appreciate it later. I love the garbage man because he makes it so we don’t get piled in garbage.”

I know this little rant was a little too food-focused, but I think it’s okay to be thankful for food. Don’t you think it’s cool that you or I could have gone on FOREVER, because there are SO many things to be thankful for?

I know Thanksgiving is past, and it’s CHRISTMAS now, but that’s what I’m feeling. Merry Christmas!!