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The Quotable Dr. Thomas Lodi

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 18, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Sunday I want you to meet Christine, a patient at Oasis, who did a massive amount of homework before choosing to work with Dr. Lodi.

Today I’m giving you some nuggets from Dr. Lodi’s lecture after mine in Mesa, plus other things he said last week during a patient education session, and talking with me privately. (He might be the most quotable person I’ve ever met.) Here are a few:

“Your first 50 years are free. You have to earn the second 50.”

He says the best way to earn your last 50 years is a 42-day water fast, since the body will go into ketosis and consume every abnormal cell first. (You don’t have to eat tons of bacon and eggs to achieve ketosis, per Dr. Robert Atkins, imagine that!) Dr. Lodi give me a bibliography of half a dozen books on water fasting and feels it is very safe. But he monitors people on it for their own peace of mind, and you can stop, if dipping for ketones tells you the body has begun to consume muscle.

(Note: I just read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, an author who has been bedridden with Chronic Fatigue for many years and has not met the subject of her book. It’s the phenomenally written and meticulously researched, incredible story of Olympic runner Louie Zamperini’s WWII experience. He crashed a plane in the ocean and lived 47 days on a raft without food or water, except what they were able to catch during rainstorms, or occasional birds/fish they were able to grab and kill. Louie and his pilot survived and were caught by the Japanese, Louie weighing 67 lbs.

They were tortured and grossly underfed with less than 500 calories daily, for several years in miserable POW camps that disregarded the Geneva Convention about humane treatment of prisoners. He was injected with syringes full of chemicals by the Japanese. They survived beriberi and dysentery, gangrene, lice, leeches, fleas. He was beaten and tortured countless times. When he came home, PTSD sent him into five years of nightmares, sleeplessness, rage, and alcoholism, until a lecture by Billy Graham changed his life. I read a quote in a news article where he said, “When you have a good attitude, your immune system is fortified.”

Did you know that the #1 factor leading to longevity is extreme thinness? Perhaps Phil and Louie lived because their body didn’t have to focus on Dept. of Maintenance, eating so little food. I’m not saying that a 500-calorie diet is ideal. But all Louie’s body’s energy was able to go to Dept. of Defense, for 2 1/2 years of extreme deprivation. If you went around here looking like the folks in this world who live to 120, people would be constantly asking you if you are ill, and they’d worry about you, because Americans are almost never that thin. Louie Zamperini is alive and well at 93.)

More Dr. Lodi quotes:

“The body has a wisdom beyond our comprehension. The body has infinite wisdom.”

“If you eat according to your biological requirements, you can achieve optimal functioning.”

“It’s a lie that health is impossible, disease is inevitable. Health is our birthright!”

“Cancer is not a big deal. It is a word, not a sentence. It is easily gotten rid of.”

In answer to the question, “Should I do chemotherapy?”:

“High-dose chemotherapy should never be done. It hits everything equally.” He then described the IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) that I talk about tomorrow.

In answer to the question, “Should I have surgery?” Dr. Lodi said don’t have surgery first, because it weakens you and it isn’t a local condition anyway. (Cancer is a failure of the immune system and burning the bump off does not remove cancer. Usually the killer is the organ the cancer metastasizes to—not the original lump or bump.)

Even if you “debulk” the tumor because it is cutting off a vital function (patient Frederick’s neck cancer was impacting his ability to swallow), the bump is a symptom of the cancer, or the tip of the iceberg. Without dealing with the underlying cause of it, which is causing organ damage as well, “You have to change your habits or your body will keep making cancer.” Dr. Lodi recommends that you go 100% raw first, doing a juice fast, and THEN have surgery only as a last resort.

That’s the opposite of what most people do. Most panic, bring in all the nuclear warheads, and then, later, with Stage 4 cancer, they may consider the gentler alternatives to try to rehabilitate immune function.

Another great observation, more paraphrase than quote here:

“Those who come to my clinic to care for their loved one with cancer discover what I call ‘second-hand health.’ That is, they live according to the same principles and nutrition, and their own health issues start to fall away.”

After listening to my green smoothie show where I teach a preventative diet, he said:

“The 80/20 principle leads to a long, happy life. But if you’re facing a serious illness, go 100%. Don’t see it as deprivation of anything. See it gratefully. See it as, ‘I just learned how to live!'”

“The best thing about treating cancer is that the patients stop negotiating.” (Heart disease patients, he says, want to know how much they can eat and get away with it.) “Cancer patients are very compliant.”

Dr. Lodi says one of the nice things about opting out of the modern-medicine rat race is that he has been able to continuously learn about biochemistry because he doesn’t have to spend all his time studying about drugs. He says other docs hate talking to him because their lack of knowledge in that subject quickly becomes glaring. That’s because their post-graduate education tends to default to nothing more than pharmacology.

I was supposed to go up, at the end of his lecture, and tell him we had to stop, to be out of the building. But I was so mesmerized, I sat on the stage and took notes instead, even though we filmed the whole talk. He is so bold in his speech against the establishment, a few times I gasped out loud. But far from angry or paranoid, Dr. Lodi is dealing with Oncology’s castoffs every day. He’s earned his righteous indignation when he says,

“The medical profession isn’t negligent, or ignorant. It’s evil. Doctors are mercenaries.” (Mercenaries: a hired army, paid to kill.)

“Ask your doctor what health is. If they can’t define health, tell me how they are going to restore you to it. They know only disease.”

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10 thoughts on “The Quotable Dr. Thomas Lodi”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is too bad that good doctors like Dr. Lodi feel they have to resort to such sweeping generalizations and inflammatory language as this: “The medical profession isn’t negligent, or ignorant. It’s evil. Doctors are mercenaries.” (Mercenaries: a hired army, paid to kill.)

    It just turns off reasonable people who are earnestly seeking the best information possible. It makes the alternative practitioners look fanatical and paranoid. I know a number of doctors who are not evil at all and are really trying to do their best and probably a lot of other people do, too. This kind of rhetoric and ad hominem attack does nothing to advance better care for patients.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Andrea, i told him I can’t get away with saying the things he does. His rhetoric and mine may be different, but if you knew what he deals with every day—the broken, burned, maimed, mutilated—you might see how he came to develop such strong views. So i don’t judge him for that because like i said, I think he’s earned the stripes to have the right to speak out. I don’t think anyone would deny that there are plenty of good doctors in that they are nice people and some of them keep administering chemicals and hoping that the situation will improve, toxicity will decrease, outcomes will improve. The modalities they use and the systems they work in are broken. People are dying needlessly. Blacks didn’t get the vote by everyone making nice—there was a March on Washington. You know what I’m saying? In that vein, I believe a revolution is brewing and I kind of secretly thrill at revolutionary language, even if I modulate my own. It is a valid perspective that may help change the world for the better. His scientific papers are neutral and scientific. His feelings are incendiary, however.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Robyn! For all of the research you have done thus far and continue to do. I doubt most of us would have the opportunity to do what you are doing, and we are forever grateful for your guidance to a better, healthier life. I’m glad to know, should I or a loved one ever need treatment, that I now have knowledge of the best places to go.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see the video of his lecture. Will you be posting it?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Annie, the video is too long for streaming/posting. When we assemble a full information product on cancer, which is going to take a while, we will figure out how to deliver it (DVD, etc.). Sorry about that. I will have two shorter vids by Dr. Lodi next week, and you can see other videos of his on YouTube. Gloria, i hope you do go 100% raw and that you eliminate or massively reduce sugar intake. Chris and Deandra, thank you for your comments. We are JUST WARMING UP! The best stuff from my Oasis trip is yet to come, in the next week or two, and I’ve got some other cool places to visit and report on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    After being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma I chose to go the chemotherapy route mainly because of two things: 1) We did not have the money to pay for alternative treatment (insurance took care of chemo); and 2) My family and friends would not have supported me; when you are sick you need a support system.

    I found this website when I wasn’t progressing in regaining strength and energy. The green smoothie has made a huge difference. Now I’m wondering if I should go 100% raw. Right now I have one foot in my old way of eating and the other foot in attempting to add more fresh, raw food into my life.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I admire you for what you are trying to do to help people heal and live a healthy lifestyle. I’m so excited that your message is going mainstream! Keep it up!


  6. Anonymous says:

    After watching 2 friends die this year from the harmful effects of chemo, I would say that Dr. Lodi’s language is perfect. In both cases, it wasn’t the cancer that killed them, it was the chemo!! I wrote about one of them earlier in the year. The other just happened last night. After a double mastectomy, the doctors decided she should do chemo because her lymph nodes had a trace of cancer left in them. It was a borderline case!! She was almost 70 years old, with diabeties and other health issues and, since January, has had a nagging cough. Right after the first treatment (out of 4 planned), she came down with pnemonia and lung inflamation. She was in and out of the hospital 3 times, and in a care center for 10 days until insurance ran out. Her depleated immune system was never able to fight off the infection. It is all so sad, and was so unnecessary. But since “Doctors know what to do”, she followed what they said. Go Dr. Lodi!!!! And Robyn too!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Robyn I am SO impressed at your open and respectful sharing of information – even in the face of naysayers that respond rudely. I am a huge supporter of the methods and information you share in these blogs. I sometimes become concerned that at some point, the “system” will learn of the information being shared here and will remove the blog from being publicly available. I hope and pray that never happens and will continue to read with great interest all that you share with us. Again, I am thankful that you share courageously, respectfully and with conviction.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I discovered Dr. Lodi back in June. His videos, articles, and interviews have really inspired me. His messages (superb blunt quotes) have helped me get to a new level in my relationship with food. I really like his way of looking at food and the artificial unhealthy ways we behave in today’s world.

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