Making fun of Green Smoothie Moms, for your laugh of the day

Do you watch Kid History? Brett Roberts is a neighbor of ours here in Lindon, Utah, and the Roberts family is such a sensation I heard they’ve moved away to make a real show of what was a just-for-fun YouTube lark. They’ve just made Episode 6 featuring their lovably wackadoo, health-nut mom and GREEN SMOOTHIES. Enjoy it HERE!

My kids constantly quote Kid History and watch the episodes over and over, so maybe you can be cool and introduce your kids to it. Someday, you might find yourself fortunate enough to be the butt of your adult kids’ jokes. Because you brewed nasty cultured stuff in your pantry while their friends’ moms were supplying them an endless supply of stale Red Vines. Because you sell them in a sing-songy voice on the virtues of glasses of green goo you want them to drink.

(Once my six brothers, my sister and I made a movie years ago called “What About BobDad.” It’s our effort to cram as many of my dad’s one-liners and idiosyncracies into 20 minutes as possible. My brother Spencer was a dead ringer for BobDad—complete with baseball hat perched on his head, obsession with Shoe Goo, a one-liner for everything—Academy Award stuff, really.)

If your kids leverage your earthy crunchy ways in a highly public and humiliating way? Just act grumpy, purse your lips, and say, “I’ll be happy to accept a royalty check for the excellent health that enabled you to make those videos!” Pretty sure that’s what my mom would do.