All I think about is cancer…Dr. Max Gerson

Yesterday over 10,000 people read the blog, and I’m grateful for the comments made here, especially by those who have battled cancer, or been the primary support for a child, spouse, or parent. I am deeply moved by your stories.

Possibly the most fascinating figure in “alternative health” for cancer treatment is Dr. Max Gerson, who escaped Nazi Germany (though most of his family died in concentration camps) and came to the U.S. He cured his own debilitating migraine headaches with a dietary approach (raw vegetarian, lots of vegetable juicing), and then he began to put that same regimen to work to eliminate lupus and tuberculosis in others.

In his first clinical trial, he was able to completely cure 446 of 450 end-stage tuberculosis patients. He became wildly famous in Europe and ostensibly, many TB sanatoria were put out of business.

The first three cancer patients to approach Dr. Gerson were cured, even though the first had been diagnosed with “incurable” bile-duct cancer. Although he was well published in Europe, the U.S. was hostile to Gerson’s efforts. In 1958 he wrote a book on his results with 50 cases of curing patients who were labeled “incurable” by the medical profession.

The Gerson Therapy involves treating the body with organic vegetables, including 13 fresh-juiced fruit and vegetables daily. He also prescribes iodine, bioidentical thyroid, B12 shots, and other supplements. Several coffee enemas are administered daily, because the caffeine administered anally travels the hemmorhoidal vein and opens up liver and bile ducts, allowing them to detox quickly and thoroughly into the colon.

After Dr. Gerson died, researchers Dixon and Webb discovered that potassium is a catalyst for enzyme production, with almost all enzymes. Unfortunately, our soils are potassium depleted, and thus our foods are. Dr. Gerson said that loss of potassium from the cell system is at the root of all chronic disease.

And sodium, or salt, is an enzyme inhibitor (a poison or toxin). Yes, the body needs salt, but vegetables provide plenty. When you artificially add salt to your food, your body has to go through a series of processes to try to contain and eliminate it. It cannot do so when it is potassium depleted.

So part of the modern Gerson Therapy is to supplement with potassium salts, and eliminate all sodium, to bring the cellular system into balance so the body can heal itself.

In addition to treating cancer, Gerson had high success rates with migraines and TB, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and diabetes. He believed that cancer and many other diseases were the result of consumption of pharmaceutical chemicals, tobacco, and alcohol, along with processed, chemically fertilized foods, and many chemicals and pollutants in air and water. (I recently read a study that a baby, in 2011, is born with over 150 toxic, foreign chemicals in her body.)

You can google to find the many famous people treated and cured by Dr. Max Gerson, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his wife and daughter (cured of diabetes and TB).

As you can imagine, many practicing the newly popular allopathic (drug-based) medicine were angered by Dr. Gerson’s controversial teachings and popularity. In 1959, at the age of 78, he was poisoned with arsenic and died. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, passionately carries on his mission.

The reason I’m fascinated by her is that while most in alternative health tread very carefully with regard to ‘claims’ and ‘success rates’ (the FDA breathes heavily down the necks of anyone who dares treat cancer with anything but chemo/radiation), Charlotte says exactly what she thinks, and exactly what’s wrong with the modern cancer industry.

The Gerson Institute, and other clinics, have been driven into Mexico so that they can practice medicine as they choose. It’s frustrating to me that our FDA is happy to approve increasing numbers of toxic chemicals to inject into the veins of cancer patients, but they have routinely persecuted, prosecuted, and even imprisoned anyone who wants to administer non-lethal, gentler forms of treatment. (You can read about the persecution of Dr. John R. Christopher, for example, but there are many others.)

You can read about or view on film patients who used the treatment to beat Stage IV melanomas, colorectal cancers, even pancreatic cancer, with the Gerson Therapy. One woman was five years past a rare ovarian cancer diagnosis with a 100% mortality rate—the only known survivor of the disease, and she beat it with the Gerson therapy.

I will be attending the Restoration Clinic run by the Gerson Institute later this year, whose purpose is partly to train others in Gerson techniques so that more may benefit.

(Right up my alley, that goal! You know how I constantly say, “Now that you have this information, please teach it to others!”)

You can read in the comments from yesterday’s blog people who have reversed late-stage cancers with the Gerson therapy and other non-toxic, immune-supporting means. I will be documenting my experience and how these important principles—virtually as old as allopathic medicine is!—may be able to help cancer patients whom you or I care about.