“what do you eat in a day?” [and more true confessions]

Every now and then I do a “what do I eat on a typical day” blog. It’s been a while! And I get asked this question constantly. So here’s what I ate yesterday, below. Since I’m doing True Confessions, here’s more. I don’t count calories, but long ago I did. I learned from logging everything I ate into DietPower, and also logging my exercise, that I need 1600 calories a day with NO exercise to maintain. I am just over 5’8″ and weigh 135 lbs. My body fat is 20%, and my BMI is also 20%.

I actually eat 2000 calories or more because I burn 400-800 a day doing 2 hours daily of cycling, running, playing tennis, doing yoga–and I’m finally back to weightlifting after an almost 2-year hiatus. (It went by the wayside when I started playing 4 seasons a year of competitive tennis.) (NO, you don’t need to work out that long! I do it because it makes me happy, as I’ve played sports since I was very young.)

Anyway, I give you all of this to compare, if any of those stats are relevant to you. For quite a few years, I have not gotten on the scale more than a few times a year. When you reach ideal weight, only addictions are going to get you into trouble. Sugar, white flour, caffeine, chocolate, meat, fried whatever, salt. Whole foods aren’t addictive, so generally you don’t overeat them. (Some people with heavily addictive patterns can overeat even complex carbs like oatmeal. Nobody really overeats greens, vegetables, fruits–hard to do!)


So this was my yesterday:



Hot Pink breakfast smoothie (Ch. 10, 12 Steps–1 quart, about 400 to 450 cals., 10% protein, 10% good fats)



Orange-Banana Squash (banana squash with orange juice, dates, cloves) (Junk Food Dude’s Yummy Healthy Recipes, not yet published, stay tuned)

1 pint green smoothie

Some black licorice (get a good kind at a health food store or Costco, sometimes you can find a brand with whole-wheat flour–the sweetener should be molasses only, no HFCS or sugar)


1 pint green smoothie

Hot cocoa” (coconut milk powder, really nutritious cocoa)


Green salad with romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, orange bell pepper, sesame seeds, and Sun Drenchers Asian dressing

Big baked potato with some salsa and cashew-based “sour cream”