Relief for intestinal gas and bloating . . . part 5 of 9 on ELIMINATION

A healthy bowel produces minimal flatulence, none of it foul smelling or causing pressure, swelling, or pain. Gas is, as Dr. Jensen describes it, “putrefactive fermentations” of undigested proteins. In other words, proteins sit in the gut and become hosts for undesirable bacteria.

The problem is, when converting people to a high-fiber, GreenSmoothieGirl diet, some people who didn’t have gas before, now do! If they ate Coke and donuts before, they had no flatulence, and then when they start green smoothies as Step 1, they’re gassy and miserable. They might even want to quit and go back to when they felt “better.”

Dr. Jensen likens this to when you sweep a dirty basement: as you sweep it up, a lot of dust is kicked into the air. His research indicates, however, that people, even while experiencing gas problems, report softer stool and easier passing of the gas. It gradually lessens, he said, until it becomes minimal after about three months. Be patient and don’t quit good habits as you seek relief for intestinal gas and bloating.

As you get through that initial period, drink 1 ounce of water for every 2 lbs. of body weight, which will help.