When Green Smoothie Girl Meets Red Meat Boy

One of my favorite subjects (I might write a whole book) is how to get the kids or spouse on board, eating whole foods.

I get notified via Google Alerts daily about what people are saying about GSG on the web. I don’t usually go into most of them, but here’s one today I think is pretty great called When Green Smoothie Girl Meets Red Meat Boy:


Her 10 tips include

10. Make two versions of meals
9. Make green smoothies purple with berries
8. Don’t be a martyr
7. Don’t be a bitch
6. Go grocery shopping together
5. Give in where it doesn’t matter
4. Find out the limits
3. Share your knowledge
2. Don’t be a soup Nazi
1. Have him watch Food, Inc.

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  1. Robyn, I am so with the raw diet and green foods. I did it cold turkey and love it. My family on the other hand is the hardest part. I think I could get them to drink the smoothies if it did not have banana in it. Do you know of a good replacement for that. The rest of it I guess we will get worked out. Since I am the cook and if they do not eat what I cook, they can starve. LOL

    To Health,


  2. Robyn, I love the green smoothie idea! Since we’re feeding our cells what they really want, FIRST (and in delicious ways), it soon becomes unnecessary to make two versions of meals. Your tongue is happier with whole foods (with a piece of white bread on the side for awhile for those carb-burning men if it’s absolutely necessary) and isn’t searching desperately for its needs (in all the wrong places, driven by cravings) because your body is so happy!

    Kris, I’ve experienced that cleansing reaction too, and there is a great light at the end of the tunnel.

    To get there sooner, you might consider: are you eating good salt and are you getting good fats in your diet (raw nuts and seeds, avocados, etc)? I haven’t found a better recipe for beautiful skin.

    When my water needs have been at their highest (pregnancy, after the flu or after a long hot run) good salt seems to make a big difference in restoring electrolytes and keeps me from feeling waterlogged but still thirsty.

    Have a bright day!

  3. I’m so happy I’ve found this site. I’ve been slowly moving over to whole foods and getting my kids and husband on board too. It’s a little hard since my husband was born and raised in Hungary, so getting him off white bread is not easy. One of my daughters has allergies and I’m going to start her on local raw honey and my other has terrible eczema and I just can’t continue giving her steriod treatments anymore, so I’m hoping diet and coconut oil will be her answer. We have always been big fruit and veggie eaters BUT not too much in the green area.

    OK – so I have a question. I’ve been drinking green smoothies now for about two weeks and I’ve noticed that I am SUPER thirsty all the time (and I drink a LOT of water), my skin is a little dry AND I seem to have a lot of mucus and congestion down the back of my throat. Just curious if this is NORMAL and will it resolve itself OR is there something else I need to do?

    I would love some advice!

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