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What Changed When We Switched to Whole Foods

Robyn Openshaw - Oct 02, 2008 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

My publisher for The Green Smoothie Diet, to be released next spring, wants me to tell my “story” in the beginning of the book.   I’ve been compiling a list of what happened as my family transitioned to a diet of whole foods.   It was certainly a sea change, to go into my pantry and dump all the Tupperware labelled flour, sugar, cornmeal, spaghetti . . . and relabel those same containers with things I’d never heard of before: quinoa, spelt, Kamut, oat groats.   And to fill up the fridge with produce instead of milk.

It’s helpful to make a list like what follows so you see the gains you’ve made (12 Steppers, I nag about this all the time, right?!)   Please feel free to share YOUR list or any part of it!   I know you are experiencing profound gains, because you email me all the time about this.   Sharing here helps others.

  1. Kids’ asthma more or less disappeared, never again a steroid prescription or an emergency visit
  2. I lost pounds I’d been carrying for several years and achieved my ideal weight, easily and without dieting or deprivation
  3. I regained energy I’d lost in my 20’s
  4. My really scary migraines (right arm going numb, unable to see or talk for several hours) stopped
  5. I needed 2 hours less sleep at night and no longer had insomnia
  6. I didn’t crash into coma-like 90-minute naps in the afternoon anymore
  7. I bounced out of bed in the morning instead of needing 20 minutes to drag myself out
  8. Panic attacks / anxiety I’d had since childhood gone (only returns if I eat sugar)
  9. Digestive problems gone: all of us totally regular, all the time, no hard or foul-smelling stool, eliminations complete
  10. Nobody gets sick anymore, besides an occasional mild cold (no strep, bacterial infection, or flu in 10 years)
  11. All four kids grew strong and tall and dominate in competitive athletics
  12. Menstrual irregularity gone, PMS symptoms dramatically lessened (I didn’t get so cranky, didn’t have cramps any more, didn’t break out)
  13. I loved people more naturally and purely, and I took frustrations with people in stride, even when their behaviors are negative–instead of wanting them to just leave me alone!   My siblings and parents commented on the dramatic change in my personality.
  14. My nails lost their white spots, grew quickly, and became strong and flexible
  15. Cravings for bad foods lessened (not gone, unfortunately, but lessened)
  16. People in the family who had warts lost them (they just went away)
  17. Nearly all of us had eczema, and it went away for everyone
  18. Two of us had hayfever, which dramatically decreased, no longer requiring drugs
  19. I used to be a terrible runner and hated it; now I look forward to running 15-20 miles per week and sometimes run races
  20. My hypoglycemia (since childhood, causing me to be unable to fast for even one meal, and causing me to not dare even going for a walk without an apple in my pocket while pregnant) . . .  GONE.

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6 thoughts on “What Changed When We Switched to Whole Foods”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am 73 and my “liver spots ” which were quite severe hav all disappeared 🙂 I wonder if my silver grey hair will get darker ?? I am in teriffic shape for my age and am as sharpe as ever I was at 37 !

  2. Robyn

    I agree with you about the plastic containers, My wife and I knew that we shall stay away from the number of recycles is 3. 6. and 7 those are really posion but all other 1,2 4,5,8,9 are safe but, I dont felts comfortable about this containers and now about “tupperware”, I was suprised and wondering if we all have to dump that plastics stuff out of it, we need to get a glass bowl with cover rubber lid. we can store the onion breads, flax seed crackers, pudding, etcs… what your recommend about store the foods into refridgators? the one most bothering me about the rubber lids on the top of glass, that should effect our health problem… still puzzle and figure it out!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It looks like it is helping my sugar count. Have not done it long enough yet to be sure. But hoping…

    Would it really get rid of my liver spots? My goodness. that would be great, a little too much to hope for, but one never knows.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn. Thanks for this topic. I have only been doing this for a few months, but have lost 25 lbs. fast at first and now slower, but am on a path that I will not be getting off. The smoothies are my favorite. My insides like the constancy of the fiber. I too am 73 and would love to see the sun spots disappear, but have to say that my skin is a lot better. I am not sweating at night. Never did know what that was about, but it was a lot of sweating. My heart is mostly beating normally. I thought I was going to die every night when I went to bed because of the horrible palpitations. I was losing hair at such a rapid rate that I thought I would go bald and I always had a lot of hair. I was going to blame the hair color and stop coloring, but this last few weeks I stopped losing my hair and I thought I’d try one more time. It is not falling out and I hope that is from the diet. Also before I colored it this time, I couldn’t notice the gray/white as much. I’m going to watch that to see what happens. The cramping diarrhea and constipation that I have suffered from forever are mostly under control and don’t occur as long as I am consistent about the food and water. The horrible “acid reflux” I lived with and was medicated for is mostly gone. I maintain the raw diet and stay away from a couple of fruits that I am a little sensitive to. Greek yogurt can call to me and my elimination seems to be better when I eat it, but it’s a lot of calories and a lot of fat. I don’t want the non fat. It is Better than when I take a probiotic pill. I really don’t want to eat any dairy any more, but I worry about alcohol content of homemade rejuvelac and I don’t know how to find that out. My joints are better and the bumps on my thumb joints have gone down considerably. As long as I stick to it, I have a lot more energy. If this continues, I will be a happy girl. So far, so good. Lynn

    1. Robyn says:

      Lynn, great work, fabulous results! The rejuvelac alcohol contents are well under 0.005, which is negligible.

  5. Joyce says:

    I have played around with greensmoothie (what was available youtube) after juicing brought me to a plateau, I am scheduling to attend a seminar in Jacksonville FL. My interest is has anyone delt with parkinson and seizures from a brain tumor removal?

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