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Video: Margaret Says Green Smoothies Brought Her Hearing Back—and Its Effect on Lupus?

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 23, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Check out what Margaret told me after my class in Carlsbad, California. She is an elegant, classy lady who has more than her share of suffering from systemic lupus and many other problems. Her husband, equally patient to wait and talk to me after my book signing, says in their 30+ year marriage, there has been no year she was not hospitalized until now. Margaret is so energized by the health gains she’s achieved by small and simple ways! Check it out here:

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6 thoughts on “Video: Margaret Says Green Smoothies Brought Her Hearing Back—and Its Effect on Lupus?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These stories are amazing. I’ve been doing the green smoothies and eating 80% raw for four months. I’ve also been a a gluten free diet as I’ve heard this can be related to skin issues. However, I am still struggling with seborrhea and rosacea on my face. I’m hoping you will have a suggestion of something else I can do to help these conditions.



  2. Anonymous says:

    I love hearing all these stories it’s amazing. I’m still awaiting to be blessed with Robyn’s eyesight (fingers crossed). I seem to be going through major detox unless it’s just the stress. I went through a huge mess with constant bouts of acne and I thought after the coconut oil and smoothies it was healed. My face broke out but this time it’s lasted over a month and so very red and concerns me. I have been keeping my face clean only using small amounts of some coconut oil and trying to eat well. I’m getting lots of sleep and water but for some reason it has been very slow to heal. It looks like my body is having a fit fighting something that’s gong on inside. I thought all the detox happened quite awhile ago and thought it was done and over with. Is it normal to have this kinda detox pop up even though we have been on our green smoothies for a very long time? thanx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, I head a team of green smoothie lovers on I just posted the link for this video so others could watch and marvel.

    Thank you for your dedication of spreading the good news of green smoothies.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could have this posted BEFORE the video….”EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS!” 🙂 But instead I’ll just celebrate Margaret’s wonderful success (and Robyn’s total committal to a health revolution in our country) here with those who watched it! Thank you Margaret for sharing your story. I would love to hear more from her- has she gone mostly raw or vegan? I know she references the 12 Step Book– I need to get that soon so I can know more about the whole program. Thanks for everything Robyn!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Autumn, Whenever I have a detox problem I get a colonic. I made sure I went to someone from a reference. My chiropractor suggested someone. They have really helped me. I do colonics because If a person does a cleanse or detoxes and “it” doesn’t come out of you, then the stuff and toxins get absorbed back into your body. Not good! Just make sure you take probiotics so you can replenish the good bacteria. Diane

  6. Hi again,

    I needed a bit more motivation so i came back to visit=) Love the cancer testimonies videos. I am passing them along. My 6 kids have been trying the daily smoothy moments. One child has been slowly getting on board as well=)

    I am still pooped all the time unfortunately but am hopeful that as we continue it will get better=) I looked up energy smoothies. I do pack mine with spinach=) Not sure how long it will take. We do have a cheap blender?? Maybe that is it? Not sure=)

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