Utah Valley’s 50 Most Fabulous

Here’s Utah Valley Magazine’s 50 Most Fabulous, the Mar./Apr. edition just out:


(And the way you can flip pages in this program is so cool.)

Anyway, I don’t know if I really qualify as fabulous, but it is fun to be in that magazine. Also check out my friend Kathy Headlee Miner, who founded Mothers Without Borders and my former Brigham Young University student, Ryan Di Lello, a So You Think You Can Dance finalist, both of whom made this list.

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  1. Robin, I would LOVE to buy your book “Green Smoothie Diet”, but I can’t see paying $11 for shipping on a $12 book!!! If there was another way to get the book (regular postage, or from another vender) I would love to buy it. Any suggestions?

    1. Something is wrong in the store–working on it, sorry! (Meantime, non-autographed copies are at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, etc.)

  2. Robyn, you absolutely are fabulous. And interviewing you for this article was so fun! By the way, your tips have revolutionized my morning smoothie making – it is now an essential part of my morning routine!

  3. Cool! I’m gonna check it out! Btw guess who was at my dinner eat raw food last weekend? None other than Shelly Abegg’s nephew! He is here on a mission. Let me tell you it is so awesome to feed an elder who knows what a raw food diet means! YAHOO!

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