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Type 1 Diabetes: Is it a Life Sentence? Part 2 of 2

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 02, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

As I have mentioned, I get hate mail when I talk about diabetes using words like “reversal.” Traditional endocrinologists have convinced Type 1 diabetics that there is absolutely nothing you can do if given that diagnosis. (I doubt they have ever tried to heal the pancreas.)

However, Logan’s father, in the blog entry I pointed to yesterday, says that in WEEK 2 on the raw, plant-based diet, “a blood test…showed Logan’s insulin production was in the normal range. His pancreas was healing. Yes, it can do that.”

If you’re interested in learning more about what happens for diabetics when they eat a raw, plant-based diet, you must review the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. at Tree of Life in Arizona. He did a documentary of 30 diabetics eating raw called SIMPLY RAW: REVERSING DIABETES IN 30 DAYS. Here is a 10-minute synopsis of the film, which features the comments of some of my friends and heroes, David Wolfe, Fred Bisci, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., and others.

By the way, Dr. Cousens will turn 70 this year. Take a look at him in this video and see what a raw, living, organic diet does for a person. He is still in his PRIME.

Raw, living plant food is naturally very low glycemic. Dr. Cousens said the pancreas of 88% of Type 1 diabetics are still producing insulin, but the auto-immune condition is attacking the pancreas. Another thing that green, live foods apparently do is protect the pancreas from further immunological attack. Dr. Cousens says that the body can create cells in the Islets of Langerhans—and this, in fact, reverses Type 1 diabetes if you can create more cells than the body is destroying in the cycle of the auto-immune disease.

The average American eats 150 POUNDS OF SUGAR A YEAR. If toxic refined-sugar consumption has put us into the diabetic coma we are collectively in, why do people get so fired up about the idea that getting off refined foods might play a role in getting us OUT?

Why do two-year olds get Type 1 diabetes? I don’t know, but my theory is that as we damage our DNA, then pass it on, for four generations now on a processed, high animal-protein diet, we have younger and younger children with bigger and bigger degenerative disease.

See my short video interview with Dr. Kirt Tyson, a type 1 diabetic who no longer needs insulin (except on a rare occasion he gets a virus), HERE.  (He was one of the diabetics who went through the SIMPLY RAW program.)

Do not reduce or discontinue your insulin if you are not under the competent care of a (preferably holistic) physician.

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8 thoughts on “Type 1 Diabetes: Is it a Life Sentence? Part 2 of 2”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been an extremely brittle T1 for almost 23 years… this is the first I’ve ever heard of this possobility. is it possible that this could work for me?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You couldn’t possibly know how inspiring and special you truly are, seriously. Please ignore any and ALL hate mail, EVER!! With information like this, it keeps me on the path to making great choices for myself and my young children. I found your site 6 months ago after both my parents were diagnosed with Diabetes. That makes my risk 50%. But with the changes you have helped me make, I don’t have to live in fear or sit around “waiting” to get it. I feel GREAT about my future health. Thank YOU!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hate mail over this sort of thing is proof of what the Bible says: ‘The darkness does not love the light.’ When you shed the light of truth on dark, outdated ideas and science, expect attacks. Add the astronomical amount of money ‘lost’ if people discovered the truth, and you get a whole machine behind the hate. Never stop, Robyn – I know you won’t. I think the shelf life of these kind of entrenched ideas is running out, at long last – I think the protests from old school doctors and Big Pharma are in their last , very desperate waning days. A caught pig squeals louder then one on the run – and Big Pharma is definitely ‘caught’ these days. But they are going out with a terrible racket. Ten years from now, everyone will look back and say ‘How could we have denied the science – why did we make such a fuss about change?’ I think alot of this stuff will go the way of doctors doing cigarette ads in the 40’s and 50’s, telling you smoking is actually good for you.

  4. Robyn,
    Thank you so much for your posts! I know that Type 1 diabetes is a very controversial topic with very passionate mothers with Type 1 children and others [I have 2 sisters-in-law and 2 young nephews with Type 1]. From this mom of a newly diagnosed 22 month-old, I appreciate you and applaud you for always bringing topics that need to be addressed to the table. I know that right now insulin is vital to my little girl, but I also believe that our bodies were created to regenerate and we have the opportunity to seek healing through whole food nutrition and other methods.

    I LOVE the documentary, Reversing Diabetes in 30 days. I actually have owned it since my husband was diagnosed with Type 2. Thank you for the reminder…I needed to watch it again. It brings so much hope and light to the topic. I wish I had the means to take my daughter to Tree of Life, but thankfully I have a great team of people-family, friends, doctors, healers and GSG.

    I am recommitting my family to following your 12 Steps to Whole foods. I really felt like we were eating healthy, but then I read the manual and remember things I have overlooked or let slide for my children. We have step one down great, but now onto more purposeful eating with the rest of the steps.

    The way I look at it, no matter what Diabetes is a life changing diagnosis. However, we can choose a vibrant and energetic life with great nutrition, while being proactive about our health. Or, we can choose to believe “a carb is a carb is a carb” and “eat whatever you like and fix it with insulin” and then wait for the ADA to announce they have finally found a cure. Not for my little one and not for my other 4 children, who the endocrinologist has already pegged as future diabetics. I cannot wait for the day when we can share our story with you of how we reversed our little girl’s Type 1 diabetes!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Luv ur blog. After reading it have started to make changes in diet & lifestyle. You have been a big inspiration to me.

    When is your next group buy? I bought some stuff in the last one and things are really good quality. Would like to order more as am running out of some stuff.

  6. I have been an extremely brittle T1 for almost 23 years… this is the first I’ve ever heard of this possobility. is it possible that this could work for me?

  7. AnnoyedHistorian says:

    Congratulations, this is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about type 1 diabetes! As a reward I’d like to offer you this relevant short film:

    My problems with this:
    1) “(I doubt they have ever tried to heal the pancreas.)” You clearly have absolutely *no* understanding of science or the history of science.
    2) Kirt Tyson very easily could be LADA (type 1.5), an issue you mention in your video but allow him to completely avoid.
    3) Starvation diets (which he could very well be in if his food is limited) can keep type 1 diabetics alive with normal levels for a couple of years… Again, if you had ANY knowledge of the history of diabetes you’d know this.
    4) Prior to the discovery of insulin, they tried more types of diets than you can shake a stick at. Surprisingly, doctors tried *everything* to prevent diabetics from dying. Did they try this diet? Almost certainly. The good diets could keep type 1 diabetics alive for maybe 4 years, the bad diets much less. You know what they all had in common? They all resulted in death. So I wish Kirt well – he might get fa couple of insulin-free years, but I can guarantee you that this is no cure.

    1. jayroo says:


      You’re completely overlooking the factor that money plays in medical research. (Your video completely ignores it, too. And, although I’m personally not convinced about homeopathic, that doesn’t nullify all other natural treatments.)

      In order for a substance to be considered a ‘cure’, there needs to be FDA approval. That takes lots of time and money. A pharmaceutical company isn’t going to invest in a non-patentable cure. It happens in the food industry as well. Coca-Cola and Pepsi could put stevia in their drinks, but they needed FDA approval. So, they each developed their own patentable version, which they could market.

      This is a basic concept, not just something concocted by the natural health industry. Money and power corrupt. Here’s an excerpt from a recent NPR article on antibiotics.

      “And you can imagine, if you’re in drug development, if you create and invent one of these drugs that can tackle a chronic disease that people will take forever, the return on investment for the drug companies to develop those big blockbuster drugs … that became irresistible.”

      “But think about antibiotics. If they’re taken properly, you take them only for a short course, a couple of weeks maybe, and then you stop and you forget it, you get better. … So the economics of making antibiotics wasn’t going to make these big profits for the drug companies. And slowly, but with increasing frequency, they begun to pull out of research on antibiotics.”

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