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Treatment modalities at Oasis…..part 3 of 4

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 18, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Ultraviolet Light. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI) eliminates bacteria in the blood, and Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen won a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903 for successfully treating 300 lupus patients with UV light, a modality still used and accepted in Europe.

What happened to it, then—for lupus, and in general? A century of American obsession with antibiotics eclipsed it. A few doctors and scientists are now back to looking at research that, for instance, as early as 1928 treated septic infections with UVBI, with spectacular success, since we must conclude that antibiotics will not save us.

Dr. Contreras states that the combined effect of ozonating the blood, then treating it with ultraviolet light (through quartz glass), is greater than the sum of its parts.

How does it work? American scientists E. Knott and V. Hancock concluded, from their research, first, that a “vaccination effect” occurs when UV-treated blood’s bacteria and viruses die and are returned to the bloodstream. The immune system identifies the dead bacteria and seeks out and destroys it in the rest of the body.

Second, when the small amount of irradiated blood is reintroduced, it spreads throughout the entire volume of blood in the body. These cells give off secondary radiation, which destroys viruses, bacteria, and toxins, as well as activates white blood cells.

After six sessions of UVBI treatments, East German researchers found that the number of chromosomal mutations diminished, leading them to the conclusion that UVBI therapy stimulates DNA repair.

And the treatment is safe. A Russian study of 2,380 UVBI sessions revealed a rate of only 1.2 percent of patients experiencing mild side effects.

The potential is exciting for a cancer patient wanting options that are scientifically documented but don’t destroy the human being along with the tumor.

Laetrile. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, amygdalin, or Laetrile (Vitamin B-17) was all the rage in cancer patients, and they lined up out the door at Oasis of Hope, hundreds every day. The cyanide released by amygdalin is deadly for malignant cells.

Cyanide! Are you kidding me, you say? Everybody knows that’s what killed Socrates.

Keep in mind that 130 foods, including strawberries, apples, and pineapples, contain the natural compound cyanide. Your body can’t function without it. That doesn’t mean that taking massive doses of synthetic cyanide won’t kill you, because it will. Tiny doses in a whole-foods source is not toxic.

This kind of thing is how the allopathic statement that the difference between a CURE and a POISON is in the DOSE, came to be.

The problem with this logic is, while that’s true in principle, and I just gave you an example, some things are just poisons. Never cures. Even if they shrink a tumor. I understand when a tumor is threatening the human life, that it must be reduced at almost any cost. But for the vast majority of cases, my studies lead me to the belief that the toll is not justifiable, and that people who survive live in spite of chemo and radiation, not because of it. I believe that most people submit to it only because they are offered no options, and they are pressured into the treatment when they are most vulnerable and terrified.

And the reasons they are offered no other options have absolutely nothing to do with efficacy. They have to do with three things, as I see it. One, medical schools’ exclusive focus on the “Big 3” (surgery, chemo, radiation) with relation to biochemistry, giving rise to an army of doctors who know nothing else unless they take massive professional risks, educate themselves, and operate in modalities far less profitable.

Two, the medical profession’s obsession with the tumor—rather than what caused it and what inevitably remains even if the tumor is de-bulked, and (3) the fact that insurance companies pay only for the Big 3.

Back to laetrile, a natural substance that the body needs in microscopic amounts, even if a big dose killed Socrates. June deSpain did a study giving three groups of rats white bread, whole-wheat bread, or laetrile. After three months, 75% of the white-bread rats were dead and those still alive were comatose. The whole-wheat rats were in good shape. The rats who ate Laetrile were all alive and in the best condition of the three groups. The point is, laetrile is not to be feared and white bread that most Americans eat every day is far more toxic.

My grandmother crossed the border for the still-not-FDA-approved Laetrile treatment, which she believed had a powerful role in curing her cancer, along with an all-raw vegan diet that involved lots of vegetable juice. The idea is that the cyanide is released inside malignant cells, depleting the supply of cysteine. The major decrease in cysteine means glutathione is not produced intracellularly, which desensitizes tumors to treatment.

As I talk to practitioners now, some of them continue to use it but feel it is an adjunct therapy, not a cure in itself. Much has happened in the past 50 years: our environment has tens of thousands more chemicals in it, and food is far more nutrient deficient and more refined. We may need bigger, badder treatments.

Laetrile by itself is not a cure, but is an anti-tumor agent and a helpful adjunct, with other potent nutrients like Vita D, melatonin, Vita A, and Vita C.

Bicarbonate Therapy: Put simply, the patient drinks baking soda. This is to reduce acidity and give the body a more alkaline environment, because so many studies show that cancer thrives in acidity, which makes malignant cells more aggressive and protects them from the efforts of the immune system.

Drinking baking soda has no discernible impact on blood or normal tissues, but it normalizes pH in tumors according to the research of Dr. Gillies in Florida, who evoked tumor suppression in mice with bicarbonate in water, and is in process of completing a clinical trial. This looks like something that will not harm people and may be worth a try, costing virtually nothing—but needs more clinical evidence.

Cyclophosphamide in low doses. This is a chemotherapy drug, mild enough that side effects are rare, which precedes administration of the lymphocytes via a blood donation from an unrelated person. This is done a month apart, three times, using a different donor each time so the patient doesn’t develop antibodies to attack the imported lymphocytes. The idea is that along with other immune-stimulating treatments, killer T cells are activated, and tumors are blocked from growing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Robyn you said UVB was used successfully for lupus patients. I have lupus myself so am very intererested, as I think a hefty dose of actual cyanide would be preferable to the treatments currently offered for lupus sufferes.

    PS–I should say I am not currently “suffering” from lupus. I started eating a vegan largely half raw diet back in Aug after the worst lupus flare so far had me calmly planning my suicide. Tho Christmas goodies set me back somewhat, today I feel better than I have since my early twenties, the last time I switched to a vegan diet. I want to thank you for this blog and your website, which were instrumental in saving my life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Quick question about the infrared sauna…. can it be installed inside a garage? Or does it need to be inside a house? Just looking at possibilites. Thanks much for all your contributions!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Patti, garage YES. My friend Denley has his in the garage and I’ve used it, works great.

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