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The Rest of the Story with Rich the Pharmacist. Part 2 of 2.

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 08, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I don’t buy that baloney. (In more ways than one.)

If you eat hot dogs and soda on a regular basis, you’re almost certainly spending lots of money on doctor bills. Or you’re about to, as springs start to break loose in your internal box spring.

Your health insurance company is going broke, too. I may buy bulgur and quinoa and collard greens instead of hot dogs and Mountain Dew, but guess what. Mountain Dew ain’t cheap. And neither is a lot of what my reader claims is all America can afford.

Legumes and whole grains, and many vegetables and fruits, are cheap and don’t hurtle you towards cardiovascular disease and cancer and 100 different auto-immune nightmares. Let’s learn how to use them!

Maybe some aren’t ready to hear this. But what you can’t afford is to have your chest and abdomen weigh so much that it’s crushing vital organs so you can’t breathe all night and are exhausted all day. THAT is what you can’t afford. It’s crushing more than lungs. It’s just crushing, period–literally and figuratively.

It crushes vitality. Hope. Your sex life. (C-pap at night? Your partner loves that. It’s like the scene in the trailer for the recent movie where Tina Fey asks her husband, Steve Carrell, if he’s in the mood, and she then offers to remove her retainer and does so, drool everywhere. Sorry to be blunt, but obesity isn’t pretty in the bedroom, and neither are medical devices, digestive disorders, or immobility.)

Sorry for the tough love. But hot dogs just might be ruining your life.

A friend of mine in his 50’s who owns a runner’s shop and sometimes hosts my lecture saw an obese woman in the crowd as he ran past, running a marathon. He said to her, “YOU SHOULD BE OUT HERE RUNNING WITH US.”

She was shocked. (Who says that?!) They became fast friends as she snapped out of her dream fugue and decided to change her life. Join the race. Show up in his shop. She’s now a normal-weight marathon runner and I read her story in the paper, quoting my friend who said that to her and changed her life.

It can be done. It starts with a tenacious statement like Rich’s, in yesterday’s post. Read his “no holds barred” paragraph and see if it inspires you!

Watch Karen Wilbert when the first GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover film clips come out, as she cries in frustration, telling us how her friends in the neighborhood run races together, while she stares at the trees outside her window, through all four seasons. Like Rich, she’s younger than me. She hates that other people are living life while illness, loss of energy, and depression have drained her own life to a tiny slice of what she once enjoyed.

Eating M&M’s does NOT stand in for a life. What a sorry substitute. Start visualizing the price for eating cancer sticks (hot dogs–also bacon and sausage) being $200 a bite. How does it taste now?

After we completed some filming at Samantha Cornia’s today for GreenSmoothieGirl Makeover, Kels, my filmmaker, was telling me about his mom doing my 12 Steps program, in her second bout of chemotherapy against ovarian cancer. He says she’s sick of the devastation of chemotherapy, and she’s motivated and excited to try something different.

I told him to make sure she gets a juicer (in addition to her new green-smoothie-blending habit) and juice beets, carrots, celery, parsley, apples, and wheat grass in huge quantities. And I told him, “Tell your mom to visualize, as she drinks it, that beautiful, powerful, high-oxygen, high-antioxidant super-powered drink starving EVERY CANCER CELL into oblivion, exploding, obliterating them into nothing. Have her imagine the healthy cells kicking butt and taking names.”

She’ll be blasting the hell out of cancer while strengthening the muscles of her immune system. Rather than nuking everything in sight like chemo and radiation do.

David Wolfe said this, last weekend, about watching animals heal themselves–we could learn a lot from them:

“You can heal almost every condition there is by hiding, sleeping, being quiet, and not eating.”

I totally agree and suggested to Kels that his mom just eat little or nothing for a while after chemo is over, just juice and green smoothies and lots of water. Give cells and organs a chance to rest, repair, rebuild.

You, my friend, reading this:


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12 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story with Rich the Pharmacist. Part 2 of 2.”

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  1. Anonymous says:


    What juicer do you recommend? When I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago I had to hunt down a place to get green smoothies. I found this crazy vegan supplement store that juiced everything. I tried some and have been dreaming about it ever since! I need a juicer and want to buy one that will actually last.

  2. I swear you wrote this for me. Guilty of all the bad above, the diet soda, the M&Ms, the c-pap (which I hate and struggle with every night). I should know better. I watched my sis-in-law who was very sick heal herself by juicing and completely changing how she eats.

    I’m getting in the race! Wish me luck!


    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Teresa, YOU GO GIRL!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love it!

    Is the marathon lady the one who wrote Running with Angels?

  4. Holy Moley girl!!! You just said everything I think or feel. I want to be as powerful and driven as you. Let me refrase that: I will be as powerful and driven as you! Thanks for the continuing support & helpful reminders.

  5. Robyn Openshaw says:

    Brooke, Running With Angels….I think so. It was a newspaper article I read several years ago, can’t remember the details now. Michelle, I think the Champion Juicer is the sturdiest, a really old company, great machine. I’ve had mine for well over 20 years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Teresa, congrats to you on your new journey! And as you begin, its always good to let go of beating yourself up over the past. It never helps us progress; it is just our old brain pattern that tends to go there… But you can ignore that and it will go away 🙂 BTW: I use to drink Diet coke, too, until I found out that rats (whom will eat absolutely anything!!!) won’t touch nutrasweet. No kidding. That was my clincher. I wish you all the best on your new journey!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Amen!! I wish so many people I knew could read this. You put it is a way I can’t; people don’t understand my lifestyle.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So help me understand between juicing and greensmoothies. I felt like I was getting it all with my greensmoothies. What does juicing have that the greensmoothies don’t? Is one better then the other?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      You are doing just fine, with green smoothies. The only way I’d undertake the MASSIVE amount of effort that juicing requires, is if I had cancer or some other really serious illness and needed outstanding, CONCENTRATED nutrition, as fast as possible, to starve out those multiplying cells. Concentrated nutrients is what you get from juicing. It’s a big headache to clean up, and only the most dedicated will really do it long-term. (You also throw out all the FIBER, so don’t juice in LIEU of green smoothies, okay?)

  9. Awesome and empowering post! You need a FB/twitter share link on your posts so people can spread them around even more! I just experienced that “be still and heal” phenomenon yesterday. I was so drained from flying to Utah and California and back to Texas and I finally had some quiet time so I just laid down on my bed and went quiet.

    About two hours later I got up and felt amazing! It was like angels were pouring spirit energy back into me and I was feeling so much better! Resting is awesome! I look forward to more fasting when I finally am able to wean my son…I love nursing him, but I’d like to do some cleansing before starting to conceive again, which I was hoping to start soon!

    Ok, sorry if that was TMI…

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