the recalcitrant spouse . . . part three (of four)

FOUR, just put more nutritious foods in the menu without taking any kind of soapbox stand about it.   Just do it with no fanfare, and have a rule that it’s bad manners to criticize the cook.   (You don’t want your kids leaving your home and turning their noses up at others’ cooking anyway, do you?   This is a good time to teach that.)

FIVE, tell DH  how much his support would mean to you.   Tell him in plain English how important making changes is to you, and why.   Tell him you care about HIS health–and if he says he feels great now even with subpar nutrition (which he might, if he’s young and  bad habits haven’t  caught up to him yet), tell him you want to be travelling, doing service, playing with the great-grandkids, and living a vibrant life with him when you’re 85!   He’s not dumb: he can look around himself and see the health of most people he knows who are even 65 and decide he doesn’t wanna go there.

Ask him to read  12 Steps to Whole Foods (or China Study, or Eat to Live) because it has changed your worldview and you want to be in harmony with him.   He can do that for you–many husbands will.   He doesn’t have much time to read?   That’s the thing about 12 Steps—it’s boiled down to just a short reading assignment once a month–each chapter takes an hour to read at the most.

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