Texas, part 6 of 7: Kaye in Houston, Kaye in San Antonio

Here’s a photo of me with Kaye Barnard, whom we also met in Houston. She eats almost 100% raw vegan, which she calls “God’s way,” and credits that lifestyle with her current health, despite not one, but multiple, STAGE IV cancer diagnoses in the past!

Dr. Lodi and I spoke last Saturday morning in Mesa, and his talk was about “HOW TO STOP MAKING CANCER.” The more I study, and the more people I meet like Kaye, the more I believe that principle. That while there are “no guarantees” with cancer, we CAN stop feeding cancer cells, and we can stop manufacturing more of them, with correct nutrition and other healing therapies that support a strong immune system.

In San Antonio, I met another Kaye, who has been following GreenSmoothieGirl.com since the very beginning, 4 years ago. She cured her 15 year old daughter of severe lupus with nothing more or less than raw plant foods. Her daughter is now 19 and had to work, so I didn’t meet her—she was too busy living her wonderful life. I want nothing less for Kaye’s daughter, and for you!

My friend Matthew and I decided only three things matter (in no particular order): your health, your relationships, your finances. We choose not to concern ourselves much with anything outside of those three core areas. (That’s why I don’t watch TV—it contributes to none of those things.) So we focus our efforts there. And every time we do something in our day that enhances any of those areas, we call it a success.

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  1. I would love to see both videos! Is heart attach cafe closed for good or just the day you were there? Maybe they heard you were coming! LOL!

    1. For good! Someone else in business in the neighborhood said it was a cash-only biz and the owner knew it wouldn’t last long but capitalized on the hype, planning to shut down and move on. Who knows. A google search reveals news stories that they didn’t pay their rent.

  2. Hey there Robyn! This is my third attempt to send you a message. Can’t seem to get past the captcha code. My question was about the 48 hours of refrigeration in your book, verses the 45 minutes time you gave on the blog the other day before we start to loose nutrients. Cut this one short, getting frustrated with the captcha code, sorry.


    1. 48 hours versus 45 minutes…..hmm? Not sure what the 45 mins. was. Remind me? You can keep green smoothies 48 hours at least, in the fridge. Sometimes I drink them on the 3rd day too. But after that they are starting to degrade, taste weird, too. Don’t know what glitch is hanging you up with the Catcha….sorry!

    1. Leslee, I did a video there and might post it later….but it was CLOSED! Yay, I’m glad about that. But I did part of the video in front of another awful place called Fat Daddy’s that we just happened to drive by.

  3. Jesus cooked fish and bread for His disciples in John 21:9-13. I’m all for healthy eating, but “God’s way” clearly involves (some) cooking and consumption of animals….if Jesus Himself is doing it!

    1. Kirsten, maybe! However, in the Gospel of the Essenes, they sprouted wheat and dried it in the sun and that was their bread. Sprouted “manna” bread. So who knows what “cooking” means in ancient times but many ancients ate nothing but raw food.

  4. I sat in front of Kaye in Houston at Georgia’s and was amazed at her story. She truly is an inspiration to those that have suffered with cancer. Her husband is an angel too. He told the story of making her daily smoothies and you could see so much love in his heart for her. They both were such inspirations to how we can live life to the fullest.

  5. Robyn,

    The people you meet and the stories they tell amaze me. Kaye looks healthy and beautiful. Thank you for your work, your blog, your mission. I especially liked your last paragraph. That about sums it up and serves as a good reminder to me.


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