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Simple Habits Change Lives

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 30, 2010 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

This was posted  yesterday. WOW! Scott, thank you for sharing this! (And YES, it is amazing to see people’s lives change for the better!)


First I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for what you do. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but you may have helped to save my life. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

I cannot for the life of me remember how I ran across your website. But the important thing is that I did. I would like to share a little bit about the impact you have had on my life up to this point.

I first found somewhere around the end of February of this year.

Before that point I was somewhere around 370 or 380 pounds. I am not exactly sure but the only way I could estimate is that my doctor’s scale (350 lb max weight) wouldn’t weigh me and I had to press pretty hard on the end of the balance point to get that thing in the middle. We guessed about 370 or 380. Not good. Obviously! I was officially “fat, forty five and ‘fraid a dyin.”

I have been in the medical field for more than half my life. I have seen people die senselessly for 25 years. All products of bad nutritional choices. And here I was heading in the same direction.

Back in 1985 when I started in this field it would be uncommon for people in their 50′s to die of sudden cardiac death. As time has gone by that age has continually dropped. Now it is COMMON for us to see patients in their 40′s go into cardiac arrest and the 30 year olds are the new 50. Uncommon, but they are now dropping dead in their 30′s. Scary.

Two months ago my friend had a 14 year old patient who was having a full blown STEMI (ST segment elevation myocardial infarction). A STEMI is a type of severe heart attack in which the coronary artery is completely blocked off by a blood clot. It’s usually recognized by an elevation of the ST segment on an ECG, which indicates that a large amount of heart muscle damage is occurring.

So back to me……..

I started reading all your stuff and decided to try the green smoothies or what I affectionately call  my swamp water. I was very pleased. And have only missed about 3 days of smoothies since I began the first of March this year.

Reading your content led me to “The China Study” which led me to “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” which led me to Dr. McDougall.

My life has been altered and changed for the better since. I no longer eat oils of any kind, meat, poultry or dairy and have not had a single “cheat day” since. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back to the dark side of nutrition.

My numbers are very impressive to date. I am down almost 70 pounds in 5 months, my total cholesterol is 119, triglycerides 59, LDL’s 64, and HDL’s 25.

I no longer take either of my high blood pressure meds. I was on those for nearly 20 years and it took all of 1 month to throw them away. Absolutely amazing.

It all started with green smoothies. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do. It must feel amazing to affect lives in such a profound way.


Scott Venezia

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9 thoughts on “Simple Habits Change Lives”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    to Jenne:

    check out . Doug Kauffman thinks that many of our issues are related to fungus, and I am now a believer. He has a antifungus diet called the Phase I diet that includes fresh veges, a few fruits and meat/fish. I have a green smoothee in the am and a large salad with some kind of meat or eggs at lunch and a large plate of green veges and a bit of grass fed, meat or fish at night. I’ve been drinking a green smoothie for breakfast for about a year, but I had to do something extra to get rid of my sugar and simple carb cravings. This combo worked for me and so far, in 2 months, I’ve lost a bit over 20 lbs and feel great at 59. I want to make my 60th year my best yet! Sometimes we need to look a bit further than one plan to find what works for us as we are all different. Might work for you too.

    Good luck, Sue

  2. Anonymous says:

    I live about 45 miles NE of Seattle and would like to find some place I could get hands on information about smoothie dieting. I have a Blendtec machine but am not sure just how to use it.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Charles, that’s what this site and my book The Green Smoothies Diet, are all about. And of course my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program takes it to a complete lifestyle with far more than just using your blender to get more greens and raw plant food in your diet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Julie, have you tried putting your greens in first with water and blending those first before the fruit and other ingredients? I have an Oster Beehive blender and it worked great at breaking up romaine, spinach, and kale for green smoothies. I did have to remove the spine from the kale to get it to blend smoothly, but for $60, the Oster Beehive blender worked for me. I only bought a Vita Mix because I wanted to make salad dressings from raw nuts. But for green smoothies alone, a simple Oster blender should be fine. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think that getting sick really pushed me into being more healthy with green smoothies! When you have strep throat…it hurts to swallow, and you only want to get better-quick! *No more eggs, bread or dairy*

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robyn,

    It’s been over 30 years since my husband and I have been working on ahealthy nutritional plan. It took 10 years of that time for me to consider myself fairly knowledgeable about nutrition and to have a “health food kitchen” with whole grains, cold-pressed oils, etc.

    Myempitus for going veggie was a diagnosis of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis). Then I met my husband who was perfectly healthy but also working to become a vegetarian.

    I remember when we first started to be vegetarians, all I knew how to prepare was stirfry. I mean I put every vegetable known together in every combination! We had sooo much stirfry that if I never see it again it will be too soon!!

    The years passed and we learned more and more and eventually became vegans. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease” and started to lose my hearing. It didn’t take long and I was wearing hearing aids turned up to the maximum hearing ability. In all the trials I had with MCTD, I never even considered I might lose my hearing.

    Thankfully, last November, a BFF emailed me your website. I immediately downloaded “12 Steps to Whole Foods”. I LOVE it and know that I could have saved 10 years off my nutritional education if I had your book 30 years ago! Of course, I know you were only 12 at the time!!

    I started in just as the book suggests to read 1 chapter a month and follow what it says. I bought a BlendTec and I was off and running. Withing 2 1/2 months, my hearing was completely restored and my hearing tests normal! I just never thought that might be a result of the smoothies and was so pleasantly surprised!

    I’m sure you know that connective tissue disorders are very inflammatory and with the grace of God and your green smoothies my Sed. Rate (measure of inflammation) went to 1 on a scale of 1-30. I can just imagine what other fabulous things it green smoothies are doing for my body!

    I feel so grateful for you and your book. I know for a fact that if we had not pursued good nutrition 30 years ago, I would not be alive today. I know that with the knowledge I have gained from 12 Steps that I will live a quality life even longer!

    Thank you, thank you,

    Margaret Kalin

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Margaret, this deserves top billing on my blog and I will post it “front and center” soon. Thank you, and congratulations! I hope all those OTHER things your new habits are doing at a cellular level will continue to manifest themselves in your health and how you feel!

  6. Anonymous says:


    No, I am not eating all raw.

    I eat lots of baked potatoes with malt vinegar and spices, whole grain pasta with (no fat) sauce or chili, beans, beans/pasta salads, grains (grain salads) and bean dips with no fat baked corn tortillas.

    Grilled and raw veggies, salads with lots of onion, mushrooms garbanzo beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes (favorite dressing- lime juice, balsamic, red wine, rice and apple cider vinegars with spices), fruits, soups (non fat veggie stock).

    Oh, and I am addicted (literally) to my morning oatmeal. That’s all I eat for breakfast. Sometimes I have it twice a day. Quaker Oats 2 min oatmeal and I add raisins and agave. Mmmm my mouth is watering now.

    And of course my green smoothies (swamp water). Hardly ever miss a day without it.

    I track my food intake on and my diet is approx 80% carbs, 15% protein and 5% fat and my fiber intake ranges from 80 to 100 grams per day

    It is so awesome to see that my story has impacted some of you in a positive way. Keep up all the good work.

    Remember it’s a journey, not a destination. Slips and cheat days are but bumps on your road to health. Get up, dust off and get back on the horse. You deserve it.

    All my best.


    Scott Venezia

  7. Anonymous says:


    I appreciate your sharing more information about your daily plan. Your story is very inspirational, and I wanted to see more about how someone that has been successful with weight loss incorporated the smoothies with the rest of their daily diet. Thank you for your response!

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