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Research on green smoothies: do you get sick less?

Robyn Openshaw - Oct 19, 2009 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

In my research I report on in detail, in The Green Smoothies Diet, I asked 175 regular green smoothie drinkers what health benefits they achieved.   Because to participate, you had to be in the habit for only 30 days or less, I had one issue I wanted to explore that I wasn’t able to.

So I have a question for you now. This isn’t particularly scientific, but I would like to know from those of you who have gone through a winter with your green smoothie habit:

Aside from any initial “cleansing reaction” (diarrhea, headaches, etc. are experienced by 18.5% in my study, for up to 2 weeks after beginning a very healthy new habit) . . .

Did you notice getting sick less after beginning to drink green smoothies regularly?

I would like to hear about your experience here, if you’ve been down the path for a while.   That is one of the greatest benefits for me and my family: before massively increasing our greens consumption, we used to get sick, and now we don’t.

Please tell us your experience.

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14 thoughts on “Research on green smoothies: do you get sick less?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I want to make a comment about our smoothy drink….my husband has mantle cell lymphoma, was diagnosed in 2007, we understand that it will come back. But maybe by drinking the green smoothies every day, we will keep it hidden as another lady put it so nicely.

    I gather weeds from our garden, stinging nettles also parsley, garlic chives, in the summer lambs quarters and dandilion. We add spinach and an apple, tastes great. I noticed that my stye is gone, had it for a year, also fungus under toenail.We are in our seventies, that is all the benefit so far. We will continue with this indeffinitely. I grow wheatgrass inside the house, we make carrot – wheatgrass juice once a week.

    Sincerely Hildegard

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been drinking Green Smoothies daily for breakfast for almost 2 years now. My green smoothies follows the following: 1 fruit, 1 -2 cups water, 2 huge handfuls of greens/lettuce. Cut out sugar except raw honey and fruits, and have drastically reduced fried foods, and down to 1 serving of animal protein a day.

    Feeling so healthy and vibrant. Have only been sick once since starting daily GS. Now I tan and don’t burn – even when on vacation in the Caribbean (where I used green powder in daily smoothies).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Cindy for all the info. I have been doing some research on goitregens and realize I have quite a few in my diet. I am altering my GS by using only greens without goitregens (i.e. romaine, celery and field greens so far) as I would hate to not have it everyday!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m in college, and what passes for nutrition in our college cafeteria is a joke/nightmare. We have more varieties of milk (4 different kinds) than we do leafy green vegetables (2–baby spinach, and an iceberg salad mix which is mostly nutritionally useless anyway). In the past week, they’ve served pork with almost every meal! There are only three kinds of juice available, but like 10 different kinds of sodas. There are typically only three different kinds of fruit available. Apples, oranges, and bananas. And sometimes they’re not great looking, and sometimes they only have apples or oranges.

    I just recently started down the green smoothie path. So far this winter I haven’t been sick. ( : I’ve shared the smoothies with several friends and they all love them. They’re so surprised when I tell them all the benefits of what they’re drinking. Most of them don’t even have a clue as to what kale is, or turnip greens, but when they look up the nutritional content they’re floored.

    Thanks for sharing so much of your knowledge with others.



  5. I have been drinking green smoothies faithfully every morning since the first week of June, 2009. I have not been sick one time since then, not one sniffle. I also take 5000 iu of Vitamin D3 daily, along with Omega 3 and a good multivitamin. One son works at McDonalds and the other is in college. I am disabled with severe nerve damage and technically am at greater risk to get sick. Except I don’t. Yay!!

    My current recipe:

    5-6 cups of mixed greens

    1 Roma tomato

    1 frozen banana

    1/3 cucumber

    1/2 cup grapes

    1 plum

    1/2 cup water

    1 Tbs. local honey

    Yummy! This makes 32oz or more, depending on how much water I put in.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi ,,i feel i need help with hypothyroid (blood test results) and high cholesterol, i am also over weight by about 20 lbs,,, will the green smoothie diet help with hypothyroidism and what book should follow for for my weight and thyroid…. i don’t want to go on medicine for it……help please….tammy

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jan McCune, Yes, I am your 2nd recommendation to do a liver cleanse. I have been through a lot of the same issues and good gracious, you will be AMAZED at what you eliminate from your liver in a liver cleanse. Hulda Clark has a great one that helped me flush over 250 gall and liver stones. May also be helpful not to combine your greens and fruits. For those of us working through digestive issues, it’s easier for the system to digest fruits by themselves…don’t combine fruit with other foods. Hope this helps.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I used to get sick constantly~ I started drinking green smoothies in June and have kept up the good habit. We did not get flu shots, hubby doesn’t drink green smoothies, he has been sick twice and I haven’t been sick since before June. I know this is making a HUGE difference~ I do hair and around people most every day~

    Karla 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just getting a good start with green smoothies. I appreciate the information you put out, it has been a great help in understanding the ins and outs of this most healthy way of eating.

    I have subscribed to several other sights but rely mostly on your information. Thanks for being so willing to provide this information.

    I am a retired seventy six year old who can use all the help I can get to keep my health. once again thanks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Have been doing GS all summer, fall to date and have not been sick this year in spite of my whole family getting sick.

    I used to have sinus problems and would get an infection that would last for months. I contribute this to my daily green smoothie as well as breaking free of wheat (which I found I am alergic too through the process of illimination).

    Now starting the day with a green smoothie has the same effect on me that the 4 cups of coffee had previously with no side effects! Best decision nutritionaly I ever made!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have not been sick since I started this 5 months ago. I work in a building with about 600 people and we share the same break room. I made it through flu season with no shot and no flu while I was seeing people go home daily, sick as sick can be. I have lost 30 lbs. I sleep better with needing less sleep. I have always thought of myself as a healthy person but have never felt this good. I drink three quarts a day and staying about 70% raw. give or take a little due to the holidays. This is also the first holiday season in my life I did not gane weight. I wish I had started this 20 years ago.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all this information about eating whole foods! It has truely been a blessing for my family and me.

    But after being on the green smoothie (1 quart a day) then eating fairly healthy with no chemical additives and little animal protien in my diet I am still feeling pretty sick all the time. Dizzy, almost passing out, nausiated, headaches, and migraines, etc. Each of one my symptoms is in your green smoothie book in the detox section. I understand I am detoxing, but would like to know on average how long do these symptoms tend to last?In the book it says short term, but after two weeks I still feel the same.

    I can already tell a big difference in my body already! Although I am coughing more, I can tell my asthma is clearing up, air is “soaking” in my lungs easier. I can tell my body is really craving and needing greensmoothies and healthy eating so I don’t want to quit, and not to mention if those chemicals are making me feel this way to go off of them I obviously should not keep ingesting them. But I would like to know how long others have felt this way. Is there anything I can do to make this transition period easier?

    Thanks in advance for any tips!


  13. DenRA says:

    When a person has a green drink regularly they will benefit in many different ways in overall health which will benefit not only flu but everything! I have been extremely busy until recently and see this post was 2009 and ha ha! its 2013! I get alot of e-mails and was just today searching for something else and ran across this! Green drinks have all the nutrients our blood require so they build the blood up when people are anemic and have a cleansing ability also as well supplying massive amounts of vitamins,minerals and enzymes .Thank you for what you do! 😀 ~~~

  14. Darlene says:

    I am 65 years old. Since menopause, I had issues with an overactive bladder. Could not quite make it to the bathroom, in the middle of the night, without some leakage. I have been on organic green smoothies made from kale and pineapple, for about a week now. After the first day, that issue was 85% better. Now I rarely have a problem. Has any one else experienced relief from urinary incontinence after being on GS?

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